Graham Voted for Kagan Because of...Jesus?

Lindsey Graham is saying that Jesus' Golden rule inspired him to vote "yes" for partial birth abortion zealot Elena Kagan. What? Maybe he should've also read the part of the Bible that says something like "Thou Shall not Kill." I thought that part of the Bible was kind of a big deal too but I guess ol' Lindsey didn't read that part.

CNS reports:
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that Jesus’s Golden Rule inspired him to vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court and suggested it would be a good thing for his Senate colleagues to also ponder Jesus’s words as they prepared to vote on Kagan.

“It is divine in its orientation, and it is probably something that would serve us all well if we thought about it at moments such as this,” Sen. Graham said on the Senate floor, as he pointed his colleagues to the Golden Rule and counseled them to look to the wisdom of “somebody far wiser than I am” as they cast their votes on Kagan.

As an associate counsel in the Clinton White House, Kagan was an architect of the legal and political strategy that President Bill Clinton used in vetoing the ban on partial-birth abortion. Her nomination by President Barack Obama in May was instantly endorsed by Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s leading advocates of legalized abortion
So covetous is Graham of his "centrist" and "moderate" label that he will vote for a radical pro-abortion judge to sit on the bench for decades to preserve it.

You know what though, at least leave Jesus out of it please. Don't pretend you're making some great moral stand and have the gall to preach to us about Jesus inspiring you to vote for this pro-death oligarch. Word of advice - when taking the low road Senator Graham, at least hang your head a little because it'll make me think that there's still some vestige of a conscience within you.

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  1. Our President of the United States had a great couple of months;

    1. Financial reformed passed, thanks to “Tea Party Approved” Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)
    2. AZ SB1070 (written by Neo Nazi lover, Russell Pearce and private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) lover, Jan Brewer, both “Tea Party Approved” ) fails in court when legally challenged.
    3. CA Prop 8 (financially supported by San Diego businessman Terry Caster, owner of A-1 Self Storage, Company, San Diego businessman Doug Manchester owner Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Grand del Mar, Church of Latter Day Saint (LDS/ Mormons), Catholic Church, both “Tea Party Approved”) fails in court when legally challenged, the judge appointed by Ronald Reagan.
    4. Elena Kagan Confirmed to Supreme Court, (63 to 37, with the help of Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Judd Gregg, and Richard Lugar, could they all be “Tea Party Approved”? I wonder.
    5. Another Birther lawsuit (Captain Pamela Barnett, V. Barack Obama) and “Tea Party Approved”, was dismissed.

    Happy Birthday Mr. President, even though belated, keep going, you are doing great and I am personally enjoy that the so called “Tea Party” is taking it so well. Love it.

  2. I think I would be embarrassed by my lack of intelligence if I were Linda and I had re-read my comment. To be proud that a state can't even follow federal law (because the federal government is not enforcing it); to be happy that a proposition (which was overwhemingly voted in by the residents of a state) could be overturned by a partisan judge seems so unAmerican...The Tea Party movement is made up of all types of Americans who just want to see this county succeed. The movement will probably go through some growing pains but I for one am rooting for it.

  3. Ah if only Kagan followed the Golden Rule, or would she want someone to abort her.

    Though good ole Lindsay reflecting on scripture will always end in disaster. The golden rule certainly does not mean to ignore evil.

  4. Ugh... I am getting really tired of politicians and novelists hijacking Jesus.
    I know it's been going on for forever, but really! Who's the real Christian around here anyway?!

  5. @Linda: The president's so called accomplishments is nothing to crow about. The economy is still in shambles - 9.5% unemployment after getting the trillions that he asked for and still coming up with nothing other than lies or blaming Bush. Anyone can lie, bribe and disregard the Constitution; a true statesman shows his skill by serving the people not just his interests. As a Tea partier, I take it in stride. I hope the POTUS will also take it well when we stick it to him this November.

  6. Is Linda auditioning to be one of Satan's cheerleaders?
    @Linda, can you say, "Gimme an S, gimme an A,...

  7. Do you realize how extreme and unreasonable you sound?

  8. Linda, can you pass the Koolaid? I'd love to be proud of the state of our Country, but with high unemployment (I live near Detroit...9.5% doesn't even begin to come close), an increasing transition from democracy (or representative republic with threads of democracy) to oligarchy, a continued shift towards socialism as the government takes over businesses (or micromanages them, which is effectively the same thing), and more and more poorly qualified people being placed in positions of authority (some with life terms), I find it hard to do.

    So I'll have what you're having, thanks. 'Cause whatever it is, it somehow allows you to take joy in the things that worry me the most.

  9. Linda-- what drug are you on? It must be LSD if you can't recognize the damage this president is doing. Aside from that, as the economy flounders taking us into a depression he and his wife take extravagant vacations (going on #8 in the last seven months.) I guess they are getting everything they can while they can (you don't see greed in this). Wake up woman.

  10. Linda, since you're looking for friends, you might as well remember Stupak and Brownback!

    And with how they've acted and voted, you can have em'! I've spit them from my mouth!

  11. Matthew Siekierski: SOMEONE take responsibility for the Bush/Cheney DISASTER. Fess up to all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, deregulation, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, corporate welfare, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

    And even after the American PEOPLE were just starting to recover then the ghost of Bush/Cheney oil drilling deregulation comes back to haunt the Gulf coast Red States. Y’know, those right-wing nutcases were chanting “drill baby drill” and get the government outta of their lives like they belonged to a fanatical cult. That oily disaster in the Gulf was NOT AN ACT OF GOD! It was the result of incompetent, scandalous government bureaucrats allowing the Oil Drilling Industrial Complex to cut corners… Collusion/Collaboration BETWEEN the Oil Industry and Federal Regulators? WHAT THE #*/!
    NOW these hypocrites are blaming Obama/Biden for not saving them from BP’s oily disaster.

    The Republican/Conservative culture didn’t take the time to consider our coastal borders could be breached (you listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of Greenpeace), people misplaced and natural environment destroyed for decades. All those tax dollars put into Homeland Security and we let Halliburton, BP and TransOcean do the equivalent of nuking the whole Gulf region of our nation. Oil radiating around Florida to reek havoc on the entire East Coast. AND FORGET ABOUT EATING THE SEAFOOD! AaaaaGgggggghhhhhhgggeerrr!

    I’m going to make sure the history textbooks show what a bunch of silly stupid, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic COWARDS you Conservatives wackos turned out to be (1980-2010). “I’m wondering if those who support that so-called Tea Party Movement really know where Republicans are leading them? It seems like the Tea Party rank and file are being used by a bunch of vain, self-serving, evil, power mad, greed stricken, K-Street Con Artists. The scum of the earth who hide their hideous faces by using Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin as spokespersons. Just look at their agenda items. It‘s like Ken Lay’s or Jack Abramoff’s wet dream:
    1) Repeal Health Insurance Reform
    2) Privatize Social Security or abolish it.
    3) End Medicare
    4) Extend Bush Tax Cuts for wealthy and Big Oil
    5) Repeal Wall Street reform
    6) Protect those responsible for Gulf oil disaster and future environmental catastrophes
    7) Abolish or cut funding to Department of Education
    Abolish Dept. of Energy
    9) Abolish Environmental Protection Agency
    10) Repeal 17th Amendment
    11) Rewrite Bible and school textbooks,
    12) Replace JESUS with Glenn Beck, Frank Church with Joe McCarthy…
    13) After USA is destroyed by Republican Party low grade thought processes, BLAME Democrats/Liberals…”

    Remember when the Soviets used to say “America would be destroyed from within”? Who knew it would be the Republican Party to make the Commie’s dream come true. Is there REALLY Americans out there who were ignorant enough to vote for these Republican LOSERS?

  12. 11) Rewrite Bible...

    Huh? Who's talking about re-writing the Bible (I mean after Martin Luther did his editing job on it)?


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