Holy Heretic Batman!

Wow. This is truly unbelievable.

This is a video by the Rev. Joseph Patrick Breen, pastor of St. Edward's Catholic Church in Nashville TN. This video is posted by the pastor on the parish website.

In this video Fr. Breen, as communicated to us by a reader commits multiple counts of video heresy and hits most of the heretical bases.

Women's ordination - Check!
Reversal of the Church's teaching on artificial contraception - Check!
Divorce - Check!

He then goes on to slam (married) former Protestant clergy who convert and are ordained Catholic clergy,

He shows open disdain and insults the Pope, the Roman Curia, today's bishops, today's seminarians. About the seminarians he says they are intellectually inferior to those of yesteryear and are probably from dysfunctional families.

And there is even more! Watch!

As it turns out, Fr. Breen is a serial offender and a promise breaker.

Back in 1993, Fr. Breen disseminated a letter covering much of the same territory. He was sanctioned at the time by his Bishop, Bp. Edward Kmiec ordering him not to speak publicly about "optional celibacy or other issues involving church teachings or discipline." Bishop Kmiec went so far as to have Fr. Breen sign a pledge that he would not speak again to the media or media representatives.

So much for promises.

In 2006, Fr. Breen sent a letter to Cardinal William Levada - who he addresses as Cardinal Bill, once again covering much of the same heretical territory.

It is time for Fr. Breen to go.

If you are interested, you can reach Fr. Breen's Bishop here and let him know what you think of Fr. Breen's statement.

The Most Reverend David R. Choby
Bishop of Nashville

The Catholic Center
2400 Twenty-first Avenue South
Nashville, TN. 37212

Update: Father Breen Retracts Statements -- Saves Job

Update: As of Sunday August 9, 2010. Fr. Breen's heretical video has been removed from the parish website! That's a start!


  1. I've never heard a more ignorant or errant pastor. I'm sorry to say it, but Fr. Breen is what is wrong with the Church today.

  2. And I should add: what bothers me is that even if he makes the right observations, which is certainly not always the case, he draws the wrong conclusions.

    And he paints a horribly inaccurate and straw-man picture of Rome.

  3. I agreed with his opening sentence: "We're in very difficult times." After that: not downhill, but right off the cliff.

    He seems not to approve of "men in their 70's" running things. He also does not like the new young priests. I'm left to wonder if age is really his concern here.

    Speaking of which, the temptation is to let the biological solution work itself out here. Fr. Breen himself is, well, a man in his 70's, by all appearances. Nonetheless, the scandal given is too great for his bishop not to avail himself of the full range of canonical sanctions should Fr. Breen refuse to repudiate his statements here.

  4. Hey well if he wants to reverse the Church's teaching on contraception, bring him on up here to Canada and our beloved Winnipeg Statement! He'll fit *right in* - Manitoba is probably even as dry as Texas.

  5. The blue blazer is a dead give-away. Standard heretic apparel.

  6. Writing a letter right now. Checked the website. Sad and scary...

  7. So, if as Fr. Breen says, as adults we owe our obedience only to our
    conscience and to the 'spirit of God', and since Fr. B. clearly is impatient
    with the pledge of obedience to the Pope that bishops render upon their
    consecration, how is it that he can be complaining that there is no
    leadership in the Church? If we're all Popes now, what does leadership
    from a bishop mean? I'm betting that for Father good leadership from
    a bishop or Rome means letting Fr. Breen do whatever he feels like

    While that might be paradise to a five-year-old, that's not a mature
    understanding of what leadership is about.

    And I'm less than two minutes in on this video...

  8. Just finished the video--wow, that was just sad.

    I'd like to sit across the table from Fr. Breen and ask a whole slew
    of follow-up questions, because I'd like to hear how he got where
    he is on so many things. As 'anonymous' mentioned above, even
    when he makes a good observation, I do not see how his conclusions follow. Much of his view seems grounded in frustration and
    bitterness. The more I watched, the more I pitied him.

    However, I did not pity him when he made his swipe at today's
    seminarians. "Intellectually inferior" and "'dysfunctional, from
    dysfunctional families"? Has he met a seminarian recently?
    What on earth could prompt him to say something so small and
    cheap and, well, stupid?

    If the freshly-ordained Fr. Breen of decades past could be brought in
    to meet the priest he'd become today...

  9. Fr Breen has created his own worldly theology. He has taken the secular view of conscience not what the church teaches. Even as a former Lutheran my teaching was in line with the Godly purpose of conscience.
    Calling us back to Him through Jesus. Though wayward, he is one of our Blessed Mother's children. I will do as she ask and pray for him to return to Truth and the Fullness of Faith. Peace of our Lord be with you all.

  10. I would encourage people please to be respectful in letters to Bishop Choby. I have met him, and from what I know of him, he is a good man and an orthodox bishop.

    There are many good things going on in the diocese of Nashville. The number of seminarians has increased from a small handful up to a current count of 19, since Bishop Choby was installed as bishop. The diocese has many orthodox, faithful priests. It has a terrific order of religious sisters -- the Dominicans of the St. Cecilia Congregation. And it has many good Catholic schools.

    The diocese does have its problems too, as does just about any diocese. But again, I would urge people to keep the big picture in mind and to be respectful when contacting Bishop Choby.

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  12. He said if anyone has any questions about what he said to call him at the Church!

  13. Good thing this is on video so the higher ups can intervene...Oh wait. Never mind.

  14. Whoa. WHOA!

    I have never really heard anything quite like that. It is so sad that he has such a deep seated bitterness towards his bishop and the Holy Father. It seems like every other thought was about how the bishops and the Curia and the Pope are bad for the Church. I almost expected him to say something like "they're not the boss of me!"

    And what was with his little diatribe about foreign priests who don't speak English? And then he went on to blame the loss of Hispanic Catholics on the fact that they can't find any priests who speak Sanish, so we need to let married Hispanic men (or women!) be priests. What?!

    I almost feel like I need to pray for his conversion.

  15. Ugh... This is SO sad.

    BUT...We have another chance to fight for someone's soul. Let's pray for his miraculous conversion - along with Christopher Hitchens, Nancy Pelosi, etc., etc., etc.

    I would really like to see that sit down between this priest and "Saint Michael the Archangel". Perhaps you could write to him and see if he would be willing to have an on-live theological chat?

    Clinton: I loved your line, "We are all Pope's now." Wow! That really sums it up.

  16. If their families are dysfunctional, it's because of the hippy dippy BS that Fr. Breen's generation embraced in the 60's and 70's. By the grace of God, today's young seminarians realize how foolish their parents' generation was.

    Also, nice jab at "foreign priests". What a jerk.

  17. This priest is a perfect example of why Jesus says, "Get away from me you evil doer, for I do not know you"

  18. Hysterical sad and predictable.

    If you go to the pastor's page on the website, you'll see a photo of him with B16. Playing all sides!

    The thing is - I will bet you. money this guy runs his parish like a true autocrat.

    This guy is a type - a priest in his 60's-70's, usually of Irish descent - powerful presence in his parish and in the diocese - these guys are a real thorn in the sides of bishops. Everytime you feel like complaining about a supposedly orthodox bishop who is puzzling you with his inaction - look for the Fr. Breens. They have far more power than a bishop who's been there a couple of years.

    The fundamental theological question is, though - "why should we honor Fr. Breen as Pope, and not, you know...the Pope?"

  19. We in Nashville have known this for years. The Bishops have done nothing.

  20. Check out the bulletin on the website... They have "robed eucharistic ministers" and "assistants". So I guess everybody gets a turn to play dress up.

  21. Also, the parish runs a school in Nashville. The parishes and Catholic schools in Middle TN are dens of heresy, sadly, and I say this as a former parishioner of St. Edward's Church and an alumnus of Father Ryan.

  22. I'm watching a Mass webcast. The lector (layman) starts out with a little homily of his own. How nice.

    Ooh, the gospel is about Sodom... can't wait for Fr. Breen's homily...

  23. check that - first reading about Sodom, not the gospel

  24. Responsorial psalm sung in harmony... which part is the congregation supposed to follow?

  25. Millstone anyone?

  26. Hmmm... that deacon reading the gospel has a distinctly foreign accent...

  27. Anon, if it's the normal deacon, he's Filipino.

  28. This does not surprise me. On a trip home from the beach, we happened to go to this parish for mass. There were many liturgical abuses. I wrote what I thought was a polite letter to Fr. Breen. The reply he sent me was, well, not very nice. I've avoided this parish ever since.

  29. Can't say I disagree with much. Rome IS out of touch, leaving some of us to discard the Church as our liaison to God, and get in direct touch with The Big Guy. For me, raised as a Catholic and educated in Catholic schools (14 years, right into college), it's a sad state of affairs (no pun intended). I have had my faith tested and the trust I placed in my priests, bishopsd and church violated again and again. Enough's enough.

  30. As disgraceful as this priest is, the deacon who sits next to him shaking his head in agreement is just as disgraceful. I will be ordained God willing to the permanent Diaconate this year and I can tell you in my diocese a man who agreed with this fallen away priest would be out of formation quicker than you could say hello.

  31. This priest is indicative of the secular humanism that has saturated the faith in America and Europe since Vatican 2. It breaks my heart to hear the way he talks about Holy Mother Church ,the magisterium, and the Holy Father. Why is this man even in the Catholic Church, muchless a priest?! He has bears no allegiange to the vows he took at all. I don't understand why he remains in the faith, why doesn't he just join a liberal Episcopalian church? I cannot believe the heresy he is spouting! Doess this priest's positions on doctrine excommunicate him from the church?
    He needs a great deal of prayer, and a healthy dose of humility and obedience. Heartbreaking.

  32. Soon to be Deacon Anon:

    Middle TN is heretic filled. The worst are St. Ed's (this parish), St. Rose, and St. Ignatius. Two of these have schools. The teachers at the Catholic high schools in TN go to these parishes, and Fr. Breen is highly respected at those schools. Bishop Choby has been told about these heretics before, and he has done nothing.

  33. A very "interactive" homily so far... wonder if he'll talk about the readings at all...

    Oh wait, it's a tag team homily. Deacon's turn, maybe he'll actually give a reflection on the reading...

  34. JMJ Oh,my Jesus!What hole did this man crawl out of?!Definitely the hole of Satan!How evil!I can't believe the bishop has let him get away with this heresy..and to think his hands are consecrated?!Men like him are the reason so many are pushed away from Mass.I feel so sorry for the parishioners he's intentionally brought down with him to the pits of hell,because they believed his sacriligious ideology.My prayers are for him to wake up and make amends with God the Almighty before he dies.The Church is and always will be APOSTOLIC...apparently Mr. Breen never got it and should never be wearing the Holy collar.

  35. +JMJ+

    "Obedience to the Spirit of God" = "follow your conscience"?

    That seems to imply that our conscience is always in line with the Holy Spirit, and whatever I think is what the Holy Spirit thinks.

  36. Fr. Breen is pretty old, he had better repent soon. Post a response on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDoRcVodFNM&feature=player_embedded#!

  37. I was wrong, Bishop Choby did end the Eucharistic salsa bowl at St. Ed's. That's something.

  38. This is very very sad but true! Being raised a devout Catholic myself I know these statements to ALL be True! Having said this, I would not take for my Catholic up bring. I now call myself a follower of Jesus Christ and attend a Protestant Church. Yet, I do see a distinct difference between my views on God and my fellow Protestants. Being raised Catholic we are taught about the TRUE MAJESTY of GOD that Protestants do not seem to get. They think and feel that GOD is their buddy and there is no consequences for their actions (The fear of God is Lost) True Catholicism teaches the sacraments and respect for Our Father in Heaven. That He is the perfect God and Father, Holy and pure as we too are to be Holy and pure and that there are consequences for our actions (fear of God) What is missing from the Catholic Church is The Word of God and taking it upon ourselves to seek and find out for YOURSELF what Gods Word says! Most Catholics do not even know what they believe because of their lack of scripture knowledge! The TIME HAS COME FOR THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST TO STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE!!! Thank you! Rev. Joseph Patrick Breen for doing this! And May GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU!

  39. I get the impression that he DOESN'T KNOW he is being heretical. I don't think he believes that he needs any repentance. So while of course he does, and we all do, can WE say that he does?

    Question: What is in his heart? I don't know. I do know that his words are wrong, his actions are wrong and that he may be leading people to sin through his influence.

    But that is not enough for me to know that he is doing this intentionally. Please, someone correct me here if I am wrong about this, but should we be able to judge the state of his soul based on his actions? This may seem like a dumb question, but I am being serious.

    Perhaps he is doing this because he wants to take the easier way out, he knows that, and is making convenient excuses for himself. But what if that is NOT his motivation?

    Here's the thing: I think he is a devoted believer in his own line of reasoning. He said so himself - that he is following his own conscience. So will God say to him at the Pearly Gates "You should have known better! You knew what was right, then you rejected it!" Or will He say to him something like "My son, you were wrong, you made a mistake but I have forgiven you."?

    I sure don't know. Please, someone with more theological expertise correct me here. Can we say that someone needs to repent or must we say, "it sure seems like they must repent"(Excepting of course that we all need to.) "Or that is heresy and wrong he should correct himself"? Is there really any difference? Certainly he needs our prayers either way. Thanks.

  40. I sent an email to the Bishop of Nashville, the Most Rev. David R. Choby, about this priest. I must say that I was incredibly shocked and pleasantly surprised that the bishop responded to me in just over two hours. Here is our correspondence:

    "---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Bishop David Choby
    Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:34 AM
    Subject: RE: "Fr." Breen
    To: Dwight

    Mr. xxxxxx,
    Thank you for calling this to my attention. I am aware of what is happening and plan to address this with Father Breen personally.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    +Most Rev. David R. Choby
    Bishop of Nashville

    From: Dwight
    Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 9:15 AM
    To: Bishop David Choby
    Subject: "Fr." Breen

    Your Excellency,
    I am appalled by the beliefs espoused by Rev. Joseph Breen of St. Edward in Nashville. Our own priests spew forth this filth and nothing is done to stop it, and yet people wonder what is wrong with the Catholic Church today... He has an entire parish under his influence and is teaching them heresy after heresy. It is time to remove this man from priestly duties, Bishop.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Dwight xxxxxx"

    Thank you, Bishop Choby! :)

  41. I am not surprised by the pastor's comments, being as my husband and I attended a Mass at that church in 2006 and the Holy Communion was more like a 'chip and dip' snack: the extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist held a stoneware dish with a bowl in the middle where the Precious Blood was held, around which were the Consacrated Hosts. The poeple were encouraged to dip the Host in the Holy Blood. (which we did not do). All this time the presiding priest was sitting down not distributing communion. At the exit after Mass, I questioned the presiding priest (not the main pastor) and he responded that this was the way the pastor wanted it done. By the way, all the vessels were stoneware, not precious metal like they should be. Other irregularities were done, but this was the most disturbing to us.

  42. We have a job to do - to protect Jesus, His Vicar on earth, and His Holy Catholic Church. Let's get to work, and get rid of the Judas' !!

  43. Dwight, I hope you will encourage the Bishop to make the correction at least as public as the offense was.

  44. The response from the Bishop is a canned message sent to all the Fr Breen writers.

  45. So basically what he envisions the Catholic Church being in 5 years is Anglican ...um, yeah, 'cause it's worked out so well for them.

  46. I wondered that, anonymous, but if the message is canned that may be a good thing, meaning that the bishop may be getting slammed with emails about this guy and can only respond with a canned message. (I hope that's the case, anyway.)

  47. Dwight:

    That's the same message he's been sending out about Fr. Breen since he was given his seat in Nashville.


    The "chips and dip" communion is mainly gone now. I call it the Eucharistic salsa bowl.

  48. This is a big part of why the Church can't be "One". The Roman Catholic Church tolerates heretics in her midst for decades for the sake of "unity", and the Orthodox Churches fission off into mutually-not-in-communion parts in the name of "right belief". The faithful are discouraged, the unbelievers laugh, and Christian witness falters like a guttering candle.

    Some evils can be cast out only by prayer and fasting. Let's not wait for our bishops to grow spiritual backbones, let's work on our own. St. Maron, pray for us! St. Josaphat, pray for us!

  49. I agree with the gentleman poster who is up for permanent diaconate ordination (God bless you!) that this Deacon incurs culpability as well as this priest. Shameful and gross heresy that leads those Catholics with weak faith astray and grossly misrepresents the Catholic faith to non-Catholics. What this must do to Our Lord's Most Sacred Heart. May the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for the souls of this priest and deacon, as well as all of the souls they are leading astray.

  50. If the mainstream media finds out about Father Breen, he will become their "go-to" guy for "the Catholic view" on Church issues. The MSM has an uncanny knack for this.

    I hope the scandal is contained and repaired. I will also pray for Fr. Breen.

  51. It is truly sad to see a priest criticize the church. The church has enough problems today with the pedophile problem and lax and crazy liturgical procedures in the Mass. He must have an ax to grind because his attitude is defiant of church authority. The church has enough enemies without priests destroying the Faith from within. He was speaking of Bishops that are week and this is the only thing he has said that I agree with. The Bishop of his diocese should ban him from speaking to news organizations. If he promotes further heresy in public or at his church he should be defrocked.

  52. Praise God that these old priests are dying off. They are what is wrong with the Church, and one wonders how this happened since they grew up in a time of very orthodox teaching. The web is wonderful to spread good news and TRUTH, and unfortunately it is also subject to misuse by some who want to undermine Truth, Goodness, Beauty, etc. May God have mercy on this priest-I pray he repents before he meets the Lord on HIS judgment day. May Mary, Mother of Priests, enlighten his conscience and soften his hard heartso that he comes to his senses. Perhaps he is getting dementia???

  53. If Father is incorrect it is not our place to judge him. True Catholics would pray and offer sacrifices for him. As to everyone calling him a heretic that remains to be seen. If he is a heretic in a instant he can recant. If we judge him we sin. His could be a mistake our judgment on the other hand is willful. Let us pray and refrain from all the anger. It is a lack of faith in pray that makes us think that our complaints will avail more than our prayers!

  54. Hello Clinton,

    "However, I did not pity him when he made his swipe at today's seminarians. "Intellectually inferior" and "'dysfunctional, from dysfunctional families"? Has he met a seminarian recently? What on earth could prompt him to say something so small and cheap and, well, stupid?"

    Presumably they are "intellectually inferior" because they don't groove to Teilhard de Chardin, Rahner or Schillebeeckx.

  55. Father said "it was not his opinion" but that he heard from seminary staff that seminarians were inferior etc. While what he stated may not be too charitable, he has made a generalization and often people do this yet are not considered heretics. Father also talked about optional celibacy and only those ignorant of Church history think this strange. I must point out that the past (JPII) and present Pope seem to be courting the Orthodox (whom many would call schismatics and heretics since they do not recognize the Immaculate Conception or Papal Infallibility)and they have optional celibacy.

    Don't just react to what you think is incorrect and criticize a priest. Whether a layperson or a deacon we are called to pray for priests and hold off on the criticism. His bishop will decide and we should pray.

  56. Dear Fr. Breen,

    My heart goes out for you. As our Lord Jesus said as He was dying on the cross. "FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO." You are one of OUR LADY'S SONS........I will lift you in prayer today. Every time you offer the Holy Consecration of Holy Mass, you sir are at the foot of the cross on Calvary with Our Lady and Saint John.

    I pray the Blood of Christ covers you this day. And the Holy Spirit Third person of the Holy Trinity open the eyes of your heart sir.

    a wounded catholic who loves our Lady's sons.

  57. This priest is a prime example of why so many Catholics have fallen away....this wishy washy brand of Catholicism, with no clear understanding of church teaching, and the utter lack of backbone when it comes to preaching the Gospel and a Catholic doctrine, and worst of all, his utter disdain for the Pope, and the 70 year old Cardinals, (which excuse my frankness, but he doesn't look much younger than they, so if they're old and out of touch, what does that make him?), and the fine young men who are entering the priesthood today. These new young priests are the very ones who will bring us back to the truth of the Roman Catholic Church. People have hungered for authentic Roman Catholicism for years, and priests like this have driven them away in droves. I'd like to suggest that "Fr." Breeen take his light blue blazer, and his heretical ideas and amble down to the local Episcopal Church....he'd fit right in. He completely misses the point of why the large number of Anglicans and Episcopalians, and those from other denominations are coming "back" to the Catholic Church....which is, that they sought out true doctrine, not some religious club, where the rules change with the wind, according to the world and its errors.

  58. I am appalled by the ignorance and the hysterical religiosity in this article and by those who have responded here. Fear and ignorance is a deadly combination. It is people like you who burned the likes of Joan of Arc. You are not about building up the faith, but about building up your spiritual pride.

  59. If people prayed for their priests as Our Blessed Mother has asked us the we would have fewer errant and scandalous priests.

  60. How does he criticize priests for coming from dysfunctional homes and yet, ten minutes earlier, he was supporting divorce? He wants to promote the acceptance of dysfunctional homes, but not to accept anybody from such homes to his new version of the priesthood?

  61. Okay... let me get this straight... we are all grabbing our pitchforks and torches to go after Fr. Breen and demanding that he Bishop go after him INSTEAD OF addressing the issues that Fr. Breen brings up.

    Fr. Breen pointed out publicly that the Emperor's (Pope/Bishop's) New Clothes are no clothes at all, so here we have a merry band of minority highly conservatives demanding he be disciplined...

    I think it is high time that everyone looks in the mirror and recognizes why the Church is in such a tail-spin AND ADMIT that the Church Leadership CAN and HAS made mistakes and has royally dropped the ball.

    More importantly, the turn-around time for the Church to come to a conclusion and do some thing about MUST DROP from decades and centuries to weeks and months... the painfully slow, infighting riddled, ineffective Vatican Bureaucracy has to to end.

    Until such reality checks are done, I think that this and other such issues are not going to serve a constructive purpose.

  62. Masrcella is most mistaken in speaking of ignorance hysterical religiosity. There is nothing hysterical in being grounded in truth, and the problem lies in the fact that many refuse to accept truth, since it would cause them to radically alter how they live their lives. It is much easier to be like Fr. Breen, and to try to fashion the Church after their own misguided ideas, then to bow down and humble oneself to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I recall another who refused to do so, and quote him, prior to his being cast from heaven,"Non serviat".

  63. Fr. Breen is on the endangered species list. His type of priest are like dinosaurs and are headed for extinction. He knows this at some level. It was guys like him that helped create many of the problems in the Church today by their lack of fidelity to Vatican II. They don't read the documents. As one of the younger priests for which he expresses such hatred...I have experienced it personally. Frankly he is not being honest. If he followed his conscience he would leave the Church, he actually already has, and join the Episcopalians. Instead he lives a lie and knows it. No wonder he is unhappy. I do hope his bishop applies the appropriate canonical sanctions. Fr. Anon

  64. There have been so many comments, I doubt that anyone should read this one. However, if you do, please do pray for the people of Fr. Breen's parish.

    Over at LifeSiteNews, Mr. Deal Hudson, worthy of respect, opines that Fr. Breen should not be removed if he retracts (though considering past offenses, how could that even be trusted?). However, I would like to draw attention to the faithful of this priest's parish. Does anyone imagine that over the last 26 years he has not been infecting his people with similar ideas?! Sure, leave him because he retracts. Leave him because he is almost done. Leave him for whatever reason you want, but in the end he will continue, and has already, lead his portion of the flock toward the cliff, while he leads the way!

  65. Marcella,

    I am afraid what "appalls" you is not the "hysterical religiosity" of the posters here, it is that there are still those who will speak out and defend the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

    What you find offensive is what so many "cafeteria Catholic's" find offensive, that the teaching of the Church, regarding the principles and articles of the faith, handed down through the ages through the apostolic succession of the chair of Peter established by Christ is objective and unequivocal. This offends the subjective reality of those who cannot or will not find the humility to accept what might be of personal difficulty or struggle to them. Instead of abandoning your will to the will of Christ in humility and supplication to His Holy Church, you look to "change the rules of the game" as the priest in the video would profess.

    To those of us who choose to adhere to the Church s objective realities I just look at the present age as the evil one "rattling the gates" but that's all he can do because he is vanquished and his time draws near. Until then pray for the conversion of souls, pray for this priest and his deacon that they might see the grave error they have fallen into.

    -soon to be Deacon

  66. If only this were a new sin, we could arouse ourselves to a new ire. However, since there is nothing truly new under the sun, it is just more of the same old arrogance and sinfulness. The Pope has always been a bone of contention. The Pope and his authority sent the Orthodox into schism. He gave Martin Luther an excuse for his arrogance. Here we are again paraphrasing that famous line from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," "Pope, Pope? We don't need no stinkin' Pope." God forgive us, and continue His promise, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against her."

  67. "For me, raised as a Catholic and educated in Catholic schools (14 years, right into college), it's a sad state of affairs (no pun intended). I have had my faith tested..."

    How sad that one could go through so much schooling and yet learn nothing of value. Catholic schools are not what they once were...

  68. God gives each of us FREE Will. Fr. Breen should have used his FREE Will to leave the Catholic Church years ago when he was censored (?1993)to try out his own experiment with all those whom he mentions in his talk. If he has a following at his St. Edward's Parish, then begin his own Church elsewhere in Nashville to take in all of those who are unhappy like him, but DO NOT continue with these cheap shots at us who are the Catholic Church and love being faithful to Rome. Amen

  69. Besides his comments on women priests and Humanae Vitae, I don't see any heresy in what he's saying. Calling for married priests is not a heresy! I'm for it an a lot of conservative Catholics as as well. He's right about the divorce statistics. He's right on about the quality of seminarians. And, yes, the Anglican clergy that are coming to Rome are leaving Canterbury over women bishops and gay ordinations. He's calling it like it is, whether you like the status quo or not.

    Look, Catholics should support their priests and preach the doctrine. But don't tune Fr. Breen out for painting an accurate picture of the situation. The Church is in a mess right now. Denial about the state of the laity and clergy isn't going to make a bad problem better.

    If you want to get Fr. Breen for heresy, get him on the comments over women's ordination and HV. Everything else that he has said is not heresy, just his opinion. You can disagree with him, but he's not a heretic for having a "liberal" POV.

  70. Also, when did CMR and other conservative blogs become the arbiters of correct Catholic opinion? It's rather arrogant for any Catholic blog to take onto themselves the task of branding heretics and enemies. Throwing a fit over Fr. Breen will only give him more publicity. You don't want MoDo to write an New York Times editorial on Fr. Breen. Many more people read Maureen Dowd than CMR. Don't get this into an international newspaper.

    If you want this to die down, just let Fr. Breen post his ramblings on youtube. His views will just fade to the background without all the free publicity you've given him.

    Remember, he might have to recant over women's ordination and HV. The rest is his opinion alone regardless of conservative Catholic punditry.

  71. Besides his comments on women priests and Humanae Vitae, I don't see any heresy in what he's saying.

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    Also, when did CMR and other conservative blogs become the arbiters of correct Catholic opinion?

    Are you saying that the Catholic Church does not have a set of core doctrinal principles - something called the Magisterium? If an individual spouts opinions that directly contravene Catholic principles, it isn't Patrick or Matt Archbold who are sitting in judgment, but rather presenting true teaching as upheld by centuries of Church teaching. It is Fr. Breen, in denying dogmatic teaching that is setting himself as a kind of arbiter. So save your hissy fit for the man who truly deserves it.

  72. he needs prayer to protect his soul.

  73. What Dogma did Father Breen deny? In order for a heretic to be a formal heretic there must be obstinacy in the heresy once there is sufficient knowledge of the heretical statements.

    Learn the Faith before you criticize.

    Both matter and form of heresy admit of degrees which find expression in the following technical formula of theology and canon law. PERTINACIOUS ADHESION to a doctrine contradictory to a point of faith clearly defined by the Church is heresy pure and simple, heresy in the first degree. Next, a doctrinal proposition, without directly contradicting a received dogma, may yet involve logical consequences at variance with revealed truth. Such a proposition is not heretical, it is a propositio theologice erronea, that is, erroneous in theology. Further, the opposition to an article of faith may not be strictly demonstrable, but only reach a certain degree of probability. In that case the doctrine is termed sententia de haeresi suspecta, haeresim sapiens; that is, an opinion suspected, or savouring, of heresy

    Let's let the bishop decide!

  74. Paul Zummo said:

    Are you saying that the Catholic Church does not have a set of core doctrinal principles - something called the Magisterium? If an individual spouts opinions that directly contravene Catholic principles, it isn't Patrick or Matt Archbold who are sitting in judgment, but rather presenting true teaching as upheld by centuries of Church teaching.

    I understand what you're saying -- doctrinal/dogmatic dissent trumps personal observations. In other words, dissenters must be silenced regardless of the value of their other opinions. Dissent voids all other statements. From this viewpoint, Fr. Breen is a formal dissenter and must be removed despite anything else he has said. Many will also argue that Fr. Breen is unfit to pastor a church since he does not teach Church teaching. Fine. The wages of public dissent is ecclesiastical discipline. If a Fr. Breen can be convicted of dissent in an ecclesiastical court, he should pay the associated penalties. Nevertheless, Fr. Breen can't be silenced or excommunicated "just because" a group of people disagree with his personal opinion and conflate his opinion with possible charges of formal dissent.

    It's wise to refrain from calling anyone (Fr. Breen or otherwise) a heretic without first resorting to the channels that the Church has erected for dealing with these situations. CMR and others have called for such an investigations. I have no opinion either way concerning Fr. Breen's discipline. However, Fr. Breen's possible dissent and his personal opinions should not be conflated into a lump-sum charge of "heresy".

  75. Why is this jerk still a priest? Other heads, not only his, should roll over his continued apostasy.

  76. This guy does not think with ideas, he thinks in slogans. It's difficult to believe that this old dinosaur is as unaware as he sounds. Why hasn't be been excommunicated?

  77. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, After watching this video, and reading these posted comments regarding same, I wish to share this reflection. . .

    Fr. Breen is, at least, being honest with what HE sees wrong with the present church - and there is ALOT wrong with it. He would, however, do better by following the servants of God example of obedience to his bishop in all matters - allowing the Holy Spirit to guide his steps.

    Reading all of your hate-filled, putrid and judgemental remarks made my stomach turn. You all lack humility in your strong, sarcastic judgements posted here. How can any of you escape God's wrath? Scribes and Pharisese, the blind leading the blind. Listen to you all. . .
    and you wonder why people are leaving your churches? WAY too much judgement here. Hum....taking God's place, are you?

  78. Blessed are the anonymous...for they have not the courage of their strongly worded convictions.

  79. Priests are other Christs for us. Jesus wants us to pray for erring priests. I was going to write something derogatory about Fr. Breen, but I don't think I will. I don't believe these comments here are "judgmental", but reveal that the faithful are tired of abuse of our religion and want it to stop. We don't want to hear from all the negative people wearing a collar or a veil getting in front of a camera to cut our religion down. We want our holy Catholic Church's clergy to speak of fidelity to the Pope and love for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  80. A first class interview which clarifies and meets, head on, the issues that many feel are currently not being properly addressed. The closed minded superiority of many posters here is breathtaking and another indication of why the Catholic Church continues to decline and decay. I guess even Jesus Himself would have problems getting into most of these churches with so many closed minds and superior attitudes based on the teachings and opinions of men! The future is not looking bright however, Fr Breen should continue in his quest to bring enlightnment to those who are victims of outdated and opressive thinking the serves the few and keeps the masses in bondage and ignorance.

  81. Phil,

    You and Fr.Breen and his deacon are free to believe whatever you like. You are all free to belong to whatever non Catholic christian tradition you care to, one that suits your personal belief system. What you call "closed minded superiority " is nothing more then adherence to belief's that you do not share. That makes "us" close minded" and you illuminated. The universal Catholic Church is growing, but what you decry as "decline and decay" in the United States is indeed so, but the decline and decay is a result of secular humanism and moral rationalization. When you say Jesus Himself couldn't get into the Catholic Church you betray your anti-Catholic sentiment and dismiss the Magisterium as the "opinions" of men. You impune the workings of the Holy Spirit with that dismissive comment. Fr. Breen is not just a disgruntled parishioner sounding off he is ordained clergy who when he received Holy Orders at his ordination made a solemn vow to God almighty to uphold the teachings of His church. The one that was established through the precious blood of His Son for whom all things were made, including you and me. He has not done that, and that has brought scandal to him and his deacon. There are about 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, all of us apparently in your opinion kept in "bondage and ignorance". I would offer the definition of bondage as an arrogant and prideful attack on the belief system of others in an attempt to qualify my own moral failings that I refuse to look outside of my own opinions to address.

  82. I wonder a few things about Fr. Breen. I wonder, first of all, how much he has bothered to read about the issues that he says trouble him so much about the Church today. I wonder, too, how seriously he has bothered to criticize his own position on those issues prior to taking a stand against the Church on them. I would also like to know how open he is, not just to criticism of his position by others, but, as a pastor, how well he sits through criticism of his policies and positions by his associate pastors, staff and parishioners.

    My experience of people, particularly priests, who, like Breen, chose to take public stands against the Church they represent is that they are rarely as open to the return of their serve as they would like you to think. They make me think of a rejoinder I once overheard someone make to another person like Fr. Breen: "We know the Pope can't be infallible, because he disagrees with YOU."

    Fr. Martin Farrell, op

  83. Fr. Martin Farrell,
    I read a post by you wanting to go to the Conference on the Dominican Rite...I don't know how to contact you regarding this...

  84. Pope Benedict XVIIAugust 7, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    The Catholic church believes that God is revealed in scripture and tradition, and the history of the church is rich in tradition.

    Unfortunately, both "conservatives" and "liberals" often pick and choose from among conflicting traditions.

    James, the "brother" of Jesus, was the leader of the Jerusalem church, and he mediated disputes between Paul and Peter. In fact, there is no historical evidence that Peter was recognized as the first Bishop of Rome or pope.

    For many years, the Bishop of Rome was "first among equals" and papal primacy has evolved over time. Papal infallibility was established as late as the nineteenth century.

    In the early church, bishops and deacons were selected by the people, and many were married.
    Historians believe that some deacons were women.

    Priests came later, and celibacy was not enforced for the first one thousand years.

    We can respect apostolic succession, realizing that there were anti-popes and bad popes, as well as popes who were subservient to kings or who inherited or purchased their offices.

    We can respect papal infallibility, realizing that there were heretical popes and popes who erred in matters of faith and morals through simony and other unsavory practices.

    We can respect the guidance of the Holy Spirit, realizing that He probably did not suggest or support the burning of heretics, the censuring of Galileo, or the launching of the Crusades.

    We can respect the teachings of the Magisterium, realizing that they have changed over time and that a cornerstone of Catholic theology is the supremacy of one's conscience.

    Father Breen would not be called a "heretic" by the first Catholics, who worshipped with married bishops and ordained deaconesses.

    He speaks for many reverent Catholics, who believe that the Gospel of love and tolerance has been hijacked by an autocratic clergy who can appear unloving and intolerant.

    Many Catholics do not believe that when God delivered the Ten Commandments and Jesus delivered the Great Commandment, He expected these simple standards to devolve into an 800-page catechism and a lengthy code of canon law.

    We can all spend more time clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless and less time persecuting our fellow Catholics.

    That's my two cents. Thanks.

  85. FYI... apparently the bishop has gotten to Fr. Breen. The video has been removed from the parish website. It remains to be seen if some sort of public redress of this occurs, though. It seems to me that the public nature of Fr. Breen's dissent demands either a public retraction or a public reprimand by the bishop. Justice would not be served by anything less.

  86. Paul Ledbetter,

    Contact me at martingfarrell@yahoo.com

    Fr. Martin Farrell, op

  87. Welcome to Secret Lover No More Website.

    Hello, my name is Marcella Paliekara. I embarked on a journey to write a blog called The Apostles Wives' Club which led me to create a new website, Secret Lover No More. Why? What is The Apostles Wives' Club blog and what is Secret Lover No More, the website about?

    I am a women who married a former Roman Catholic priest, and I had so many unanswered questions about this part of my identity. What I had been through, and what I continue to experience because of my choice was unsettling sometimes and difficult to come to terms with, and I wondered how other wives of priests dealt with this part of their identity, and what their stories were like. On August 8, 2008, I started a blog, The Apostles Wives Club, for that purpose. My blog focused on how I felt about being married to a priest and how I felt about the Roman Catholic Church’s treatment of wives of priests throughout its history. I also talked about how I felt the celibacy rule encouraged priest to have affairs and secret lovers, and punished the priest who left to marry and raise a family.

    However, I didn’t hear from many wives. I heard mostly from unhappy women involved in forbidden and secret relationships. As time went on, my focus then changed. Women where asking me for advice, my opinion, and consolation, but they were still wrapped up in secrets. They didn't want to share, but to learn. I came to see that there was a need to create a place where women who were involved in secret relationships could come to find information. That is how the website, Secret Lover No More, came into being. It is also where my blog, The Apostles Wives Club, came to its conclusion. I closed I felt that I had explored my Apostles Wives Club down in December of 2010.

    While I support the need for a married priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church, I don’t support secret and forbidden relationships between priests and women. It is one thing for a priest to leave and marry, but quite another to carry on a relationship with a woman while remaining a priest. I have come to see that dating a priest is like dating a married man. I believe these types of secret relationships are lopsided and dysfunctional and can do immeasurable harm to the women evolved and to children who are the real innocent bystanders.

    My fucus on the website, Secret Lover No More, is to help women to examine their relationships and to gather the strength to leave. Whether you are involved with a priest or a married man, or with a man with any authority over you, staying in these kinds of relationships diminishes you in so many ways. Some people never recover. If you are looking for a place that will help you convince the man you are involved with to marry you, or encourage you to stay in these relationship, this is not the place. If you are involved in a secret relationship, or a forbidden relationship with a priest, married man, your boss, your therapist, your teacher, or any other unequal relationship, waiting, hoping and praying for answers and ways to change your life, I hope that this will be a starting place to find your way out..

    I want to point out here if the priest was your confessor, pastor, spiritual counselor, it would really be considered abuse. Please read Why It Is Not An affair and Sex In The Forbidden Zone and More Sex In The Forbidden Zone for a start. This would also be the case if he met you in another way but then acted in any of these capacities simultaneously.
    I am very concerned about what is still an accepted secret in the church, the mistress and children of priests. I am hoping to publish my book, The Apostles Wives’ Club, which will include the contents of my original blog, The Apostles Wives’ Club and my own experience writing it. I am available for speaking engagements. If you would like to know more visit Giving Back , or cvontact me at eveapostle@yahoo.com.

  88. In my opinion Fr Breen hits it right on the head on all the topics covered. He speaks about the facts in an intellectual manner. It seems that this is what infuriates all of those in opposition to him. The reactions to his opinions are reminiscent of modern Islamic attacks on the west. They react vehemently in a way that monotheists have in the past when change is suggested. Primitive monotheists in their need to fill their life with certainty search out what to do and how to think. Any change in the certainty of outcome, threatens them and their life outcome to the core. Any disagreement with what they have been told and you have to go, whether you are defrocked or beheaded. This kind priest has been very good for my family's well being and my health in particular. He has visited our house and our family members in the hospital. It will be a tragedy for St Edwards Church and School and Nashville in total when he is gone whether by voluntary or forced retirement.


  89. Anonymous posters: The sadness or pity here should not be for Father Breen but for you who are too afraid to post your name. As a long time friend and supporter of Father Joseph Breen and also a parishioner of St. Edward Catholic Church since 1984, I am so very proud to have him for a pastor. He is in touch with today's world unlike the Cardinals in Rome who actually elect our Pope. Maybe Catholics should vote for our Pope much like we do our President. The beliefs in the Vatican are from medival times and outdated. These so called men in robes have no idea what it is like to support and raise a family today in this world and economy. Can you not love God and a family too? When you cradle Catholics wake up one Sunday morning to attend Mass and there is no priest, it should not come as a surprise. As for the issue of birth control; why should anyone bring a child into the world they could not support emotionally, physically and financially. Is it better to practice birth control by abortion? You know the answer to that one...As a cradle Catholic with six children and eight grandchildren, I am intelligent enough to understand that the world has evolved in many ways. Won't you please examine your conscience and support Father Breen to accomplish making these changes. Soon we will have no Catholics, not as many come to church as in the old days. The one thing that sets Father Breen apart from other priest is his open door policy to listen and accept all. May God bless him in his struggle and he has my full unconditional support and love. Guess what....I AM SIGNING MY NAME..

    Melanie Hall Hughen

  90. Is Fr Breen right in his comments, or is Fr Breen wrong ? If you ask the Bishop's or Rome, they will answer YES. If you ask the Catholic people, both active and in-active, may may get a very different answer. We all know that through the years the Catholic Church has evoled into what is is today. There have been some very good Pope's, there have been very bada Pope's. Some that ordered people to be killed, (I think that is against one of the Commandments). But the thing we should remember is that the Church has survived. A reporter who was interviewing Mother Thersa asked her "What is wrong with the Catholic Church today" after a few moments she replied "I am what's wrong with the Catholic Church today". Fr Breen points this out clearly. We must say what we believe to be wrong, if not "We are what's wrong with the Catholic Church today".
    Do I believe that the Pope is always right, concerning the teaching of Jesus, I can only pray that he is guided by the Holy Ghost. Rules that have been made by man, I think he is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. That has been shown to be very true as of late. Priest not being allowed to marry, that rule was made so that the families of Priest would not get the valueables that he had, the Church want the monies. Fr Breen has done nothing wrong, he promised to follow the rules of the Church for Priest, he has done that. He choses to speak out on what he believes is wrong, no rules broken there. God Bless you Fr Breen.

  91. You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves talking about him this way. It doesn't matter what he's saying now. He is a priest people! He knows a heck of a lot more than we do, rather were man enough to admit that or not. He's older, wiser, and just because you all don't agree with him, does NOT give you the right to "hope he dies". I mean holy smokes are you calling yourselves Christians who say this? I am amazed at how truly stupid a lot of you are

  92. There was one comment made that was inappropriate above, "Praise God that these old priests are dying off", but other than that, no one else seems to be saying that they hope he dies. A bit of an exaggeration, to be sure.
    Looks like this got around at the parish today...not surprised to see his supporters flocking to comment. Rather than defending him based on what he has done for your families, how about commenting on the video, and his professed disregard for many of the Church's teachings, which he vowed to uphold? How about the letter he signed, which he promised to not speak of these things?
    If I worked for a company, and put a video out in which I showed contempt for my superiors, how long would they continue to employ me? Fr Breen certainly has the right to voice his opinions as he wishes, but he will now have to face the consequences, just as any of us would.

  93. Paul you're such a sheep

  94. If sheep means I believe in the Church teachings, and try to follow them as best I can, I'm proud to be a sheep. Christ called his followers sheep, so I should be in good company.

  95. Annette Dreifke - Nashville TN - parishioner of St Edward, married mother of 3 that are a product of St. Edward Catholic school and Fr. Ryan HS.

    At the dinner table this evening, we had the video from Fr. Breen playing so that all could listen.
    I am of the opinion that what Father Breen has stated is spot on, the Catholic Church is in dire need of change, including married priests. Many are thinking exactly what he is not afraid to say. It will be a sad day when Father Breen is no longer a part of the St. Edward Community, we that know him respect him and support him during this time.
    When we moved to Nashville nearly 20 years ago, I went to mass at St. Edward and was welcomed and although I entertained other parishes St. Edward is home and the main reason is Fr. Breen.
    He has been to my home on occasions during times of illness of my husband, has spent time at hospitals with my husband as well as with me. He knows my three children and has spent time with them at our home, encouraging them to always do what is right and do their best.
    Although I did see and speak with Fr. Breen this morning, he did not participate in mass.
    In America, there is FREEDOM of SPEECH....I guess that doesn't come into play when you are an ordained Catholic priest who chooses to publicly express concerns and want for long needed changes.

    Annette Dreifke

  96. It is so unbelievable how stupid some of you people are. You act like this man deserves the same treatment as the sexual predators. Father Breen is trying to save the church. If you people are too blind to see that then there really is no hope for the Catholic Church. This blogger is a homosexual too, we should burn him at the stake with all the other heretics...

  97. Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church, so I think we can rest easy that It will survive, despite Fr Breen's attempts to bring us all to our senses. Not only is there great hope for Christ's Church, but there is certainty it will continue, and thrive. Fr Breen's desire for the Church to change it's disipline (which it can change) can be tolerated, even discussed. But he crosses the line when he asks the Church to change doctine, which the Church does not have the authority to do.
    I wonder why those who disagree with the Church try without ceasing to change it to their viewpoint...why don't they seek out the many thousands of protestant churches, and find one to their liking? Isn't that how the many protestant churches started in the first place, by people who were protesting the Catholic Church?

  98. As a parishioner at St. Ed's for the last 17 years (all my married life) I have grown to love and appreciate Fr. Breen for the good that I believe to be in his heart, even while I disagree with him at times regarding some (not all)of the issues he speaks of in this video. He is not a perfect human being, not a perfect priest, and there are things that have certainly frustrated me over the years. However, those of you who presume that our whole community is being led to hell really frustrate me. He encourages us to love and accept one another, to be a true community who take care of each other, and to truly welcome those who are visiting our parish or who are new to the parish. There is a warmth in our parish that is palpable, and didn't Jesus teach us to love one other above all else? I ask for your prayers for our priest, our parish, and our bishop as he decides what action must be taken. Not all of us who attend St. Edward conform with Fr. Breen's opinions 100% of the time, but neither is it up to any of us to vilify him.

  99. Rember, Father breen is talking to YOU, not the Catholic Bishops of America. If you are practicing birth control and don't think it's a a big ole sin...call your Bishop and explain. If 85% of the priests in your area are at, or past, retirement age...tell your Bishop we have a problem here, and is it possible that energetic, devout women can solve it? Aren't we the scandal of the world because so many of our nation's Bishops covered up those intellectually inferior priests that were given a pass through our system. Did your Bishop ask your opinion on how best to handle the sex crimes? Isn't it a struggle to sell your children and grandchildren on the idea that you would be delighted if they became a priest? Not many parents have conversations of that kind anymore. Father Breen is talking to YOU about protecting the viability and future of the Church. I have known Father Joseph Patrick Breen my whole life. He is an outstanding clergyman, community leader, and counselor. I love him!

  100. I would remind those who carp "you're being judgmental" that there is a vast difference between rash judgement and making a perfectly obvious observation. It is demonstrably true that this priest is teaching in a manner that is opposed to the true teachings of the Magisterium.

    I would also counter his silly claim that what the Church needs is married priests and women priests. Let's put to rest the notion of women priests first because there is an infallible teaching that the Church has no power to ordain women. As for married priests, I belong to a parish run by the fathers of the Fraternity of St. Peter, and they have many vocations to the priesthood. So many that they are having trouble keeping their seminary large enough to fit them all! If you don't know who they are, they are an order that exclusively uses the Latin Mass. There theology is in perfect accord that the mind of the Church. If they adhered to Fr. Breen's dubious novelties, our church would be as barren as Fr. Breen's is.

  101. Those of you posting negative comments obviosly have never experienced a marriage, baptism, death, family emergency or crisis with Fr Breen. He is a wonderful priest and a very kind & loving man. St Edward church & school bring people and benefactors from all over. The church DOES need change - I am a cradle catholic and I fear for the church if things don't change. Most priest probably feel the same way - the difference is that Fr Breen is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

  102. I agree with Allan above. In areas of the country where "progressive" Catholics dominate, vocations are very low. Orange county, Ca, last time I visited, had a whopping 2 seminarians. In Denver, we have 50 times that.
    It may feel like the Church is fading away at Fr Breen's parish, but in the areas with orthodox bishops, defending the Faith as A. Chaput does, the Church is thriving.
    The FSSP is another good example, as are the Society of St John, the Norbertines, etc. I chuckle for the people that post that they "fear for the Church"! In a couple of decades, they may find it difficult to find priests of Fr Breen's ilk, but they will be the better for it.

  103. not our will be done in this matter,but the will of god...
    I know Father Breen and he is caring,loving.willing to give help when needed
    and a great personality and always the 1st to be positive in a negative enviroment....so instead of bashing anyone you should be praying for them.. in any situation....

    Dave Sumner Nashville,Tn

  104. No doubt, he needs to be prayed for. But when one of the Church's pastors, in a position of authority as Fr Breen is, attacks the Church, we also have an obligation to defend It. We base our defenses on the time tested teachings of the Church. Fr Breens defenders seem to ignore this, and defend him based on his personality...I'll pray for him, and criticize his attacks on Holy Mother Church.

  105. I am proud to say that I grew up in St. Edward's parrish. My family is one of the founding families of the parrish. I have moved to several cities around the south including Atlanta, Knoxville and Chattanooga. I have never found a more open and welcoming Christian community than St. Edwards. Father Breen has counciled my family for years. When I was in the hosptial on my death bed 3 years ago Father Breen offered to come to Chattanooga and pray with me. He has supported me and my family time and time again!

    Further more I believe that he is correct in his statements about the Church. There are many outdated laws that people are asked to follow. The last time that I checked the only laws that God directly passed down were the 10 Commandments. Are we not supposed to be open and welcoming as Christians? Are we not supposed to forgive and forget? This public bashing of such a Christian man makes me sick!!!

    Since moving to Chattanooga I have found many fallen Catholics. I have often asked them why they have left the church. Time and again they have stated the same reasons that Father Breen outlined in his video! I am proud of Father Breen for standing up for what he believes!

  106. Heresy is heresy whether we like the guy or not. If a person has private opinions on certain issues they're to be kept well, private, how hard is that? Through our Baptism, we're called to transmit the Faith that has been taught unchanged over the centuries and to listen to the Magisterium, which God has ordained to keep us pointed towards heaven. If you don't like it, leave, plain and simple. The Truth is not determined by a democratic vote, nor opinion polls. The Truth is the Truth, plain and simple.

    Joe of St Therese O de M Postulant

  107. Well hello there all you parishioners of St. Edwards! Finally made it over here to post. Welcome! First of all - God bless you all! It is clear that Fr. Breen in well-loved and you are coming to his defense because you believe in what he says. Good for you!

    Now... the problem:
    So far, by all account this priest sounds like a great guy to have around if you need some counseling, some compassion and heck maybe even a hug. I am sure that God looks down on him and smiles at this.

    On the other hand, if Fr. Breen told you one day that the 10 Commandments are incorrect, would you believe that and follow him? Most of you, I assume would not. But why not? Is there an authority that you trust that is higher than Fr. Breen or isn't there? It THAT authority sometimes right and sometimes wrong? Would God create a Church and ever allow it to be wrong? (I don't mean individuals within the Church I mean the fundamental teachings of the Church.)

    Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God? Do you believe that Jesus, who walked this earth as a man, is also God?

    If you believe these things, why do you NOT believe in His Church?! Jesus - GOD HIMSELF - established ONE church, with St. Peter at its head so that we might have guidance and know right from wrong.

    So, dear friends, here's the question(s) for all of you who say that Fr. Breen is "spot on" and that you agree with him and so on...

    Q: How do you know right from wrong? On what basis do you form your conscience? Is it based on how "you feel". On what "everybody says" or on what "seems right?" I hope not.

    I hope that your conscience is based on the Word of God! The Church is the sole authority entrusted BY GOD to interpret that and teach us what is right and what is wrong. Are we all able to make up our own mind about what is right and wrong? If so, then why can't we do that about the 10 Commandments?

    In my life, I have seen a lot of people commit horrifically evil things in the name of some other good. It happens all the time. That doesn't make it right - even if it seems so.

    The bottom line: If this priest is teaching you something that is contradictory to the teaching of the Church then, no matter how GOOD it seems, he is teaching you something that is wrong.

    I pray for Fr. Breen and all of you in that parish. May God be with you all.

  108. You anonymous people who have never met Fr. Breen should be ashamed of yourselves for all of the terrible things you have said about him. Fr. Breen is the most caring person you could ever hope to meet. Until you have known him as we have here in Middle Tenn. just keep your ugly thoughts to yourselves. Bobbie Duke

  109. In America, there is FREEDOM of SPEECH....I guess that doesn't come into play when you are an ordained Catholic priest who chooses to publicly express concerns and want for long needed changes.

    Sorry, I know this thread has pretty much reached the point of diminishing returns, but I just had to highlight this one particular comment to demonstrate the complete stupidity of the sheep (to borrow a term used by one of them) that have come over to defend Fr. Breen. You can tell a person has absolutely nothing useful to contribute once they trot out this old trope. What on Earth does the prohibition against Congress impinging on free speech have to do with whether or not a Priest is uttering heresy? This is equivalent to someone throwing in a non sequiter about Fox News or the neocons.

    No one is challenging his political right to free speech, but rather his judgment as a Catholic priest.

  110. Actually, Fr. Breen and those of like mind with him are the REAL Papists.

    They say that truth is not something true in itself (for example, issues such as divorce and remarriage, ordination of women, et al) but because the Pope says so.

    Think about it.

  111. Fed up in NashvilleAugust 9, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    WHY do heretics like this keep their jobs? WHY aren't they FIRED for insubordination??

    There is NO excuse for this.

    Hey, Bishops, get off your butts and CLEAN HOUSE!! Oh, wait, they would need backbones to do that...

  112. It's amazing how people who don't even know this man personally are criticizing him here. As my pastor, he is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He has, along with the parish, raised tons of money for outreach and to buy a nearby church to give our growing Hispanic population a place to worship.

    He is what is RIGHT about the church. For the person who mentioned Father Breen is against Vatican II, Father Breen wishes there would be a Vatican III, IV and V. The "way it's always been done" attitude of the conservative wing of the Catholic church will cause its downfall if they don't embrace some of the changes Breen is in favor of.

  113. i go to his service every sunday and i just want u to know that fr. breen has more spirit in his little finger than all of u jerks combined.

  114. Too bad some of that spirit didn't rub off on you....

  115. All of you should go to confession!!!!!
    Most of you do not know what is going on in the
    catholic church today.Changes are being made and not for the good of the church. Priests should
    have been punished along time ago for child abuse,
    sexual abuse and so on.Why punish the people for
    their sins. This is the 21st century,we should be
    making progress instead we are regressing.
    Father Breen is a wonderful man a great friend.
    He should have the right like anyone else to
    speak his mind. I have known Father Breen for
    many years, he is a very loving priest and when
    he speaks ,he speaks from the heart. It is time
    for the people to speak up instead of sitting on
    their butts. The people have a right to know what goes on in the church. The people have to
    have a say. The Catholic church should be a
    church of the people .

    Vicki J.

  116. It's very sad to see the ignorant excuses Breen's defenders are using to defend his disobedience. Breen and his followers are the blind leading the blind. He is ignorant of the reasons for Church doctrine and where it comes from, and he is disobedient to boot. Smug in his ignorance. Unfortunately his flock were taught by him and his ignorance has formed their conscience. Christ had severe words for those who dared to change His doctrine. If you love Fr. Breen, pray that he will end his rebellion before his death because he may be a nice fellow, but he's a very bad priest.

  117. It is very disheartening to read many of the comments on this blog. Can we no longer engage in a meaningful discussion without a loss of civility and name calling? Father Breen is not a heretic; he is not a bad man; and he is certainly not ignorant. He is a saintly man, a tired man, a man frustrated with the status quo and a man with opinions. Obviously, many of you have opinions too, and that is a good thing.
    The thoughts that Father Breen shared in the video are difficult to hear. We Catholics love our church and the comfort and security we have enjoyed as Catholics over the years. Open your ears and hearts to his message, as times, they are a changing. If you disagree with Father Breen’s ideas, you have Bishop Choby’s address and for those of you who are not middle Tennessee residents, maybe you have your own bishop’s address. Write them, but rather than berate a holy man trying to make a difference, tell the bishop what you will do to lighten the load of your parish priest.

  118. All this whoey about magisterium and other gobledegook...I thought all that stuff was thrown out the window by Pope John XXIII years ago. Are we Catholics or have we become so hung up on legalese that we can't even discuss problems anymore. How many angels did we decide could sit on the head of a pin, anyway..I forget?

  119. "I'm Shocked!!!! There's gambling (heresy) in here....(Substitute Rick's Place for St. Edward's Parish) Claude Rains, Casablanca

  120. Really? I mean, really? There are still masses in Latin? Now there's a prime example of the Church needing an upgrade to Vatican 3.0. How much inspiration can one receive in Mass when the majority of those don't even understand what is being said? Even if the laity is informed, how welcoming is that to guests or visitors?

    And, there are those here who are saying Father Breen's views are pre-Vatican II? Really? I thought Latin masses ended with Vatican II. Hmmmm...

    And, really? Comments about the color of the man's jacket? Getting bent out of shape because the vessels are stoneware? Really? Really?

    Or, that Father Breen in an "interactive tag-team" homily, as one observer noted sarcastically, welcomes visitors and shares a few words of encouragement before the deacon addresses the readings? It's called a personal touch...and, being "in touch" with the people of his parish. My wife and I often tell others he should be teaching new priests in the way of really "connecting" with others. The Church needs more leaders like him who reach out to others rather than alienate and condemn them.

  121. I began attending St. Edward 4 years ago because the first time my family and I visited, we felt welcomed and at home. And, every Sunday we drive 30 miles to attend Mass there even though there is a Catholic church less than a mile from our house. I have never felt the Holy Spirit at any other Catholic mass the way I experience it at St. Edward.

    I, and obviously many others, appreciate the way Father adds a personal touch to the Mass with stories and, oh my, even humor on occasion. From the comments above, I suppose most here would prefer the more somber toned priest who must read every word during the Mass from a book. There are other Catholic churches in Nashville one can attend if that is one's preference. It's just that...a matter of preference, I suppose, or maybe just a difference of opinion in how to conduct the worship service. Which, incidentally, is all that Father Breen is guilty of...a difference of opinion.

    Or, really? Are we really going to point out that the response psalm at St. Edward is sung in unison? Really? Do we REALLY think Jesus would stand up in the middle of our worship and tell us we're doing it wrong?

    If I'm not mistaken, Jesus was crucified for taking on the "established" organized religion at the time. Have we become that religion that persecutes and condemns so quickly? If so, perhaps I need to look elsewhere for my spiritual guidance. Is that the purpose of these hateful comments? To move people away from the Church? If so, you may have succeeded, because I'm not sure I can be a party to a Church that has such adherents to the LAW, that they forget about Christ's teachings of LOVE. I certainly haven't seen much love in the majority of these posts.

  122. Consider this. The reason Father Breen shared his thoughts so freely on the web is his love for the Church and his desire to see it THRIVE, not just survive. To appeal and be welcoming to the majority, not just the "creative minority." By the way, in Father Breen's "barren" church (as one comment noted), our attendance typically overflows into the lobby when Father is celebrating the Mass.

    And, a PUBLIC denouncement? What possible good reason would there be for that? So you can feel better about yourselves? So you can brag to your golf buddies or your congregation about how your comment on a website caused a PUBLIC outcry to "save" our Church from an "evil" out-spoken priest in Nashville. A people with a healthy self-esteem don't call for public floggings. Scared, insecure people do. That's why so many empty souls religiously watch celebrity gossip shows. The members of the mob can feel better about themselves when they see someone else fail or fall. Do YOU not trust our infallible leadership to handle the matter in a private manner? Are you curious about the outcome? Or, just plain nosy?

    How about this concept: Can't we denounce the child molesters in our Church first? When we ignore that 800-pound gorilla, yet call for defrocking of a priest who has dedicated his entire life to helping people, I can't help but hear faint cries of "Free Barabbus!" Have we lost our focus here? Or, lost our minds?

    Really? Ladies and gentlemen, the headline at the top of the page says it clearly. This is truly unbelievable!

    One of the happy parishioners of St. Edward, who is apparently going to hell because my pastor wears a blue jacket. COME ON! You all can't be for real. This is almost comical, if it wasn't so sad.

    P.S. Glad we are helping CMS increase their web traffic. Maybe someone will buy something or decide to advertise with their increased exposure. CMS, be sure and send a thank you letter to Father Breen if you make a few bucks off this. LOL

  123. Wow. Father Breen...

    I met Father Breen nearly 25 years ago. We went to St Edwards for years. In fact, my wife grew up in the parish and attended the school.

    Father Breen is a good man. However, as much as I do truly like Father Breen, he is not a good priest. A good priest does not air these issues publicly. He takes on his issues privately to his bishop. Father Breen has instead shown his hubris and publically come out against Church doctrine. He has done this time after time.

    The problem with coming out publically like he has is that it sends the wrong message to those that look to him to for guidance. A priest should not be telling his parish that a specific act is OK if his bishop/Rome have taken the position that the act is wrong.

    A priest must instead spread the message that he has been directed to give. That is his very job. A priest that is not willing to do this should no longer be a priest. Father Breen has, time and again, shown that he beleives that he is more important than the Church. His bishops have repeatedly had to correct his behavior. It is time for him to quietly retire or be removed.

  124. I live in Nashville, and I support Fr. Joe Pat wholeheartedly. While I am not a parishioner at St. Edward's, I attend mass there often, and you will not find a better priest. And while I don't agree with him 100%, he does make some good points. Most of our pastors here in Nashville are very old, and there aren't enough seminarians to replace them. Is it like that in your diocese? I'll bet it is. We have to change something or we are not going to have any clergy. The church's views are sometimes archaic and the rationale used to develop some of our dogma has long since became obsolete. I am not saying that we lose our way or the core tenets of our faith, but I AM saying that our church must get with the times or we are going to end up extinct. And I don't want that. I think our faith deserves better than that. And we need MORE priests who are willing to not only address the elephant in the corner of the room but also offer solutions for how to get rid of it.

    I guess my biggest point is this. I see that a lot of you are not from Nashville. Stay out of our business. I don't go around trying to get your priests fired, so just let it be.

    Now, I'm off to write a letter to Bishop Choby as a Nashville Catholic in support of Fr. Joe Pat.

    And if supporting him means that I'm going to hell (ha ha ha) then I guess I'll be in good company.

  125. After reading the posts from Fr Breen's flock, if the bishop does retire him, which he should, the one I feel sorry for is the priest that will replace him. I hope that this is a minority of his flock that we are hearing from, since, as a whole, they seem utterly clueless as to the actual teachings of the Church. It's very sad.
    If the replacement priest really wants to have a parish rooted in Catholic teaching and values, he will have an uphill battle with this flock.

  126. Utterly clueless? I would think that those responding from the parish would be in the best position to speak to this issue, not some agenda driven site that labels and brands.

    No one that has posted here is orthodox. No one follows the teachings to the letter... no one.

    The priest that has the uneviable task of replacing Father Breen will be welcomed warmly by this extrodanary parish. If you knew the parish, you would know that.

  127. That is wonderful news. I hope you are right. I guess we can only wait and see...if he is a priest who actually upholds the teaching of the Church, and teaches it, and the flock there embraces it, that would be a small miracle, but a welcome one.

  128. You are making some really poor assumptions here. This is not the back and white issue all who disagree with Fr. Breen believe.

    This priest does uphold the teachings of the church, he also speaks out on things that need to be addressed. Following his conscience, also something the church is very clear about.

  129. The Church teaches that we should follow a "well informed conscience", based on Church teaching (Vatican 2).
    It seems obvious that Fr Breen's conscience does not include following the solemn vow of obedience he took at his ordination, which binds for life, or keeping the promise he made in 1993 not to speak about the things he covered in the video again. Not really sure how his followers can justify these actions.
    I hope that Fr Breen sees how serious these things are, and sincerely repents. Then he can begin the task of teaching his parishioners, as it seems they really care for him, and would listen to him, more than to any other priest that could come in from the outside.

  130. Father Breen likes to be on TV - that sums it nicely.

    He is an example of the reason that over the past 30 years, many morally and culturally conservative Catholics have left the Church to try to find decency and common sense in a conservative Protestant denomination or in Orthodoxy, and very few morally and culturally conservative Protestants have entered the Church. His desire is for a Catholic Church that blazes the path of the 'spirit of Vatican 2' right into being another liberal Protestant denomination. He resents the young men in seminaries today because they are more conservative and have far more common sense than he and his generation.

    Like any spoiled brat, he cannot see how the very entity he despises and blames for not indulging him to his own and his sheep's utter destruction, Rome and the Papacy, is the reason he and his ilk have done so much damage. They have run roughshod over the Traditionalists, who have been punished for not worshiping novelties and blindly following priests and bishops like Fr. Breen.

    It is long past time for the Augean stables to be cleaned.

  131. My name is Melissa C.

    My grandparents loved Father Breen. They would still love him this day, but they are dead. My grandmother died in 1997, and my grandfather died in 2003.

    I knew Father Breen when I was a little child, and he was a very good man.

    I just wanted to say what happened to loving one another. What happened to compassion? Father Breen shared his opinion of issues and struggles that where splitting the Catholic Church. He was also stating that your G-d and Christ come before the pope. Does not the pope take an oath before G-d, Christ, and people that he will represent G-d's ways? If he does not represent G-d's ways, he is breaking them; and you are not obligated to follow them. Also, does G-d promote human life and safety? And does G-d allow freewill?

  132. The above poster is afraid to write God's name, but thinks schism and heresy is okay, go figure.

  133. My name is Melissa C.

    To me it is a Holy Name. It is a sign of respect not to write it out. The name should only be fully written out in Holy Scriptures.

  134. I know Fr. Breen. He is a beautiful soul, and an honorable pastor. He is STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT - even if he is standing ALONE. Isn't THIS what GOD wants from all of us? It kills me to see you all judge him the way you are. I have NEVER been so proud to call myself Catholic after seeing this video! You ROCK FR! Thanks for this and trying to get others back in the church without judgement. I know this makes MY Lord Happy!

  135. I love your letter Katie. :-)


    Melissa C.

  136. Father, I just want to thank you for being a spokesman for all of us who want changes made in the Church. But why stop at just the things you mentioned? This is only a start, right? After we get these changes enacted, could you make a video decrying the laws of the Church regarding marriage among relatives? I mean, close relatives. I don't see any reason why the Church should interfere in my sister and my business.
    Heck, you're one of the wisest men I've ever seen on video. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine can't hold a candle to your wisdom.
    Thanks again!

  137. Amen, Amen, Amen!! What wonderful pearls of wisdom from Fr. Breen. I grew up in a large Catholic family and attended excellent Catholic schools. However, I feel the Catholic church is so completely out of touch with today's people. What percentage of Catholics refrain from birth control? How many more priests could we encourage into the position by allowing them to marry - and - how many children could have been spared molestation by allowing priests to marry? The Catholic church does little to open their doors to others. All are welcome at the Lord's table...but not all are welcome at the Catholic table. It is a very rigid, closed society that shuns outsiders and employs feelings of guilt among its flock. The Catholic church teaches more from dogma than actual scripture. I was Catholic until my late 20s. I now attend a welcoming Protestant church that does much to nurture its flock. Everyone is welcome - even at the table. All the reasons Fr. Breen mentioned that draws Catholics away from the church are spot on!! I agree with him completely. I think many here are very defensive about the Catholic church - and rightly so. I understand wanting to defend what you hold dear, what you know. However, have you asked yourself, "What is truly best for the flock of the Catholic church? What is best to keep families in the church? What is best to provide stable, healthy men as priests? What can we do about reaching out to our fellow Catholics?" The list goes on and on. Turn your backs on divorcees? Turn your backs on people who use birth control? Turn your backs on the Hispanic community? What are you most worried about - maintaining the status quo of the last 500+ years? Or living TODAY and reaching out to all? Last but not least, the point is well made. We owe our obedience to the Lord and Him only. Nowhere in the bible does it say to obey man... even if he is the pope.

  138. "I guess my biggest point is this. I see that a lot of you are not from Nashville. Stay out of our business. I don't go around trying to get your priests fired, so just let it be."

    Heresy in the Catholic Church is the business of every Catholic. If you don't want to follow the teachings of the Catholic church--then stop calling yourself a Catholic and call yourself what you truely are---a protestant.

  139. I agree and thank GOD I have converted to Protestant. Where everyone is truly welcome.

  140. Jason is right...Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine were truly nuts...terrific brains but nuts..Thomas seriously claimed he could levitate, that is float around in the Cathedral without a sign of helium, just his own natural gas. And we can thank Augustine for inventing "limbo" for the poor little infants.At least Father Breen has his feet firmly on the ground, and preaches that God's dear babies go to heaven when they pass away.

  141. ...except for Catholics.

    Just finishing "deelew" sentence.

    Fr. Breen is the reason we need the Inquisition (CDF) to be active in every diocese.

  142. Yes, Fr. Breen has his feet firmly on the ground which is of course another way of saying attached to the world, where it is where you want to be while everyone else is making their way to heaven... oh wait that's not it.

  143. To Katie,

    Yes he is having his "Here I stand, I can do no other moment." famous words said by another Catholic maverick a heretic in fact a certain Martin Luther.

    Pride what a wonderful virtue Fr. Breen has cultivated.

  144. I don't know G's experience with Protestant churches, but Catholics are welcomed in mine. Heck, Catholics can even take Communion in my church. Nobody checks your papers at the door. Isn't that awesome?

  145. Anoynomous said...

    "He is an example of the reason that over the past 30 years, many morally and culturally conservative Catholics have left the Church to try to find decency and common sense in a conservative Protestant denomination or in Orthodoxy, and very few morally and culturally conservative Protestants have entered the Church."

    The key word is conservative... after all, a liberal cannot be Catholic, that is the very clear message here... yet "conservatives" can support wars of choice and the death penalty, clearly agianst the teachings of our faith... clear heresy, but that doesn't matter because they are conservative.

    Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

    "Pride what a wonderful virtue Fr. Breen has cultivated."

    You seem to be guilty of the same thing you accuse Father Breen of... with no specific knowledge of the situation and no knowledge of the man being discussed... go ahead, continue to judge from afar, I'm sure that pleases our Hevenly Father greatly.

  146. To Jeff

    I don't know what your experience with Catholic churches has been but they don't check your papers either. So if that is your "gold" standard you are welcome there too, I guess. As far as communion is concerned in Catholic church that is for your protection and benefit not ours. Again nobody will looking you over so relatively in that instance your are also "welcome."

    To Anonymous

    I can only act on the facts given, and those seem to have merit the minute that changes I will change my tone. As far as what God thinks, I know he does not want me to adhere to teachers that lead us astray.

  147. Nashville ResidentAugust 11, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    To jeff and deelew,

    I thank God every day that I converted to Catholicism. It doesn't mean that I hate protestantism, it just means that I love the Jesus in the Eucharist. Just because I had to spend a year waiting, praying, preparing, and learning in order to receive the Eucharist does not mean that I wasn't "welcome." Christ calls his children to joyful wisdom.

    Priests are called to teach Christ's children, to pray with them, and to prepare them for the Eucharist. Sometimes, their own agendas may get in the way of this. It's our Bishop's job to help priests lead their flock.

  148. To Mary's Image

    I may not be from Nashville, but Father Joseph Patrick Breen has touched a big part of my family's life and has become part of the family. He was the priest at the Saint Rose of Lima. My family still communicates with Father Breen.

    However, my family believes that all denominations are the Body of Christ. My family is a mixture of Protestants and Catholics. I love them even though they are Christian (Protestant and Catholic). So, what you have said has hurt my feelings. I just thought I would let you know.


    Melissa C.

  149. Nashville ResidentAugust 11, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    Melissa C.,

    I am a Catholic in a Protestant family. I love them all dearly and feel a very large connection to them. They believe that Christ has died for our sins and that He will come again. In this, I feel a kinship with them. Even so, truth does not accommodate logically inconsistent views. They say that Christ is not in the Eucharist. I say that he is. We cannot both be right. Because Christ is in the Eucharist, being a protestant is like bathing without soap and water. I LOVE my family. And because I love my family, I tell them with charity where we part.


    Again to your post. What do you make of the fact that a committee of men decided, through the Holy Spirit, which books were to be in the Bible? What do you make of the fact that Jesus came to this world a man and picked Peter, a sinful and sometimes doubting man, to be the "rock" of his Church? What do you make of Acts, and the laying on of hands, and the fact that the Scriptures have been interpreted so many times, and can be read in so many different ways? I put no faith in men, but I have faith in God. He can use even sinful men as tools.

  150. Jason pretty much speaks for the relativists in Nashville with this comment:

    "Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine can't hold a candle to your [Breen's] wisdom."

    Kathy M

  151. I grew up in a Primitive Baptist home and it never quite felt right. I converted to Catholicism 5 years ago. I went through all teachings from A to Z and attended mass for an entire liturgical year before making the decision. I have attended all faith's religious "celebrations" and found that Catholicism fit like a shoe. I am what some would refer to as "old school" and enjoy attending mass at the Church of the Assumption. I have attended mass at St. Ed's only a couple of times. There are several reasons as to why I will not be returning. What irked the most was when Fr. Breen stated that all should participate in Communion even if they had been to confession. I have not returned since because I left feeling confused about so many things that were practiced and said. I almost felt as if I needed to rush to another mass because I had not met my Holy Obligation at St. Edward's. Some may like the "touchy feely" changes that are happening within the Church, but I am not one of them. I pray for St. Edward's in it's entirety daily.

  152. To A Nashville Resident....

    I think you missed my point. I never said that God could not use man to accomplish his good works. He has and does. What I said was that my faith/obedience was not in man (or the pope), but in the Lord.

  153. to a Nashville resident:

    Yes, if you are on birth control, are divorced, or not a Catholic - you are not welcome in the church or at the table. Known fact - I was raised Catholic. I am not speaking out of turn.

  154. A quote from above... "What irked the most was when Fr. Breen stated that all should participate in Communion even if they had been to confession. I have not returned since because I left feeling confused about so many things that were practiced and said."

    There are many Catholic churches that have allowed this, do you run from them too? When President George W. Bush participated in communion at a Catholic church, did you run from there as well?

    Great double standard going on here. Frankly, that is wrong on both sides of this debate.

    The unjustified attack on this good priest is sick. Enjoy piling on and I hope you feel better about yourself as you sit in judgement.

  155. I meant... He said all should participate even if they had NOT been to confession. I was taught that if we have sinned and are conscious about it, we should not partake. I am definitely not saying everyone should believe the same, especially as I do. I just thought that was common practice. We all are sinners and must confess. If Bush went to confession beforehand, then no, I wouldn't "run" as you say.

  156. I have known Father all of my life. When I started reading the posts I could not help but to break down and cry. I am dumbfounded that some of these anonymous Christians can live a Christian life yet wish such harm on another human being.

    I have seen the video and I understand it. Father has always worried about Catholics falling away from their faith. He worries not only for the catholic religion but the happiness of others. I have seen this man take the coat off of his back and give to a stranger in the cold. He lights up the room, looking strangers in the eyes showing them love by calling them brother or sister, asking how they are today. He has given money out of his own pocket to make sure that children get an education they deserve and want.

    When I spoke to Father about reading the posts and was so angry that these anonymous Christians could say such things, he responded with its okay Joy. They are just very conservative, it’s okay. Do not have hate in your heart for others, always forgive. I felt bad for once again trying to show him love and support and he ended up giving me guidance.

    I want to more for him during this trying time and was trying to find out who the administrator of this website was, yet alas, I could not-he must be anonymous.

    My name is Joy Kennedy I have known Father Joseph Patrick Breen for 35 years. He is my priest and my friend. If you would only just spend a few moments with him you would know that you all are making a mistake in bashing him, and he would embrace you regardless of all of your anonymous threats and comments, because he loves and does not hate.

    You can support Father Breen by sending positive letters to

    The Most Reverend David R. Choby
    Bishop of Nashville
    The Catholic Center
    2400 Twenty-first Avenue South
    Nashville, TN. 37212

    oh an by the way www.creativeminorityreport.com if you take this post down it shows what a true coward you really are.

  157. I'm proud and honored that Fr. Breen is my pastor and a dear friend of my family. Regardless of his views and outspoken ways, he is a man of great faith and loves everyone unconditionally as Jesus does. I love it that he tells it like it is. He is 75 years old and continues to do amazing things for the community as a whole.
    I believe he will go to his grave fighting for what he believes. So bash him or praise him, but be prepared because he will never give up! Thanks for serving God and his people so beautifully, Fr. Breen! PS: for those who don't approve of the "blue sport coat"- I wish you could see how it brings out his smiling Irish eyes!

  158. I want to more for him during this trying time and was trying to find out who the administrator of this website was, yet alas, I could not-he must be anonymous.

    I am sorry- I had originally deleted this but it still picked it up-

    please do not allow my mistake to take away from my message
    thank you
    Joy Kennedy

  159. A Nashville ResidentAugust 11, 2010 at 2:43 PM


    I got your point. I was merely pointing out that we are obedient to the Holy Scriptures, yet the books of the Bible were first written by men though God. After that, these same Books were selected by men through the Holy Spirit. The point is that it is overly simplistic to say that your faith not in men, but in the Lord. The Lord uses men. Not only to do good works, but to declare His Word.

    Also, the fact that you were "raised Catholic" means little to me. No, I was not "raised Catholic." I AM Catholic. I was not always Catholic, yet at that time I was welcomed with open arms to attend the Catholic Mass. I was welcomed after prayer and preparation to receive the Holy Eucharist. That's all it takes: prayer and preparation. People who have taken birth control are welcome with preparation. People who have been divorced are welcome with preparation. All people, everywhere must undergo preparation. For, although we will never be worthy to have Christ "under our roof," there are signs of preparation everywhere in the scriptures, including in Christ's parables.

    Now, we may disagree over whether certain people NEED preparation because artificial birth control, you may think, is not a sin. But I urge you, my friend, to think about the Theology of the Body and about the sin of Onan in the Scriptures.

    In the Scriptures, Jesus always welcomes people as they are, but then urges them to become holy and to "sin no more." Sometimes, urging people to change is not a sign of unwelcome, but a sign of charity and love in Christ.

  160. One can simply look at the coffers at St Eds to see how Fr Breen has affected the lives of those in the parish. I'd venture a guess that St Eds is more "in-the-black" than most other parishes. Before Fr Breen, St Eds was mired in spiritual and financial mediocrity. A tour of the grounds and facilities is a testament to his success. And all of this in one of the least desirable parts of town. Perhaps this is why he has not been "disciplined". A "by-the-book" priest? Maybe not. A great man and spiritual leader? Absolutely. Everything he does he does for the people and the faith.

  161. To a Nashville Resident..
    No, birth control is not a sin - especially if using the very logic you have employed. Maybe God worked through man and medicine to allow this a a tool for us?
    Also, we can continue to disagree about faith in man. I will never put my faith in sinful man. No one deserves my faith but the Lord and HIm alone.

    Proverbs 20:6 (King James Version)

    Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

  162. Another Nashville resident.. wishes to say to: "A Nashville Resident" above...who said... "merely pointing out that we are obedient to the Holy Scriptures, yet the books of the Bible were first written by men though God. After that, these same Books were selected by men through the Holy Spirit."
    Men? What men? Well nobody knows because they were written and rewritten so many times no one can ever figure it out. But we suppose it was inspired by God because those guys, long, long ago said so. But, as Catholics we don't believe most of what they had to say because they verbalized it for hundreds of years before they got out their stone legal pads and started jotting it all down. I guess God doesn't bother to tell us what to write what is right in the 21st century. I often wish He would get out His Ipod and twitter us every now and then. Then again, there are a few folks that claim that is exactly what He does every day. Check your email lately?

  163. In my church, a profession of faith is all that is needed to join the church. It's that simple.

    And, so the debate continues:
    Catholic or Protestant?
    conservative Catholic or liberal Catholic?
    Truth or Untruth?
    What is the truth? What the Catholic Church says? Or, what we know Jesus asked of us?
    Or, where one's informed consciousness leads them?

    These things have been debated for centuries, and all sides have been found to be wrong at some point in history.

    A minister explained it this way to me once and it makes wonderful sense. Catholics believe one must go through the church to get to Christ. Most Protestant churches teach that one goes through Christ to get to the church.

    So, wherever your personal beliefs lie will be the way you lean. Personally, I have noticed in most "conversion" testimonials (whether C to P, or P to C) people were missing something in their church, worship service or life and "found" the Spirit in another church.

    I tend to believe that a person with a more analytical type of personality will like the structure of a Mass and the emphasis being placed on the Eucharist, while someone who may be more extroverted might prefer attending a worship service where a pastor's message, upbeat music and fellowship is the focus.

    Whatever your personality, whatever your preference...Your truth is your version of the truth, whether your truth is based on your own interpretation of the Bible, what you were taught in Sunday School, what your parents shared with you, or what the Catechism states.

    All of these things have been argued for centuries, and I don't see us clearing this up on this forum, especially since it appears the base of this website is so traditionalist. And, why has this been debated for centuries? Mainly because someone needs to feel "right".

    What if, what if, what if...we are all wrong?

    I do, however, think I got this one right. God did create "one" church. And, it's not Catholic, it's not Protestant. It's the CHRISTians. Whether or not conservative Catholics will admit it, all the Protestant churches are part of the Catholic church. We are the "red-headed" step-child at the dinner table, but we are as much a part of the Christian community as an individual who was born a Catholic and has never missed a Mass.
    I'm not even Catholic, but I believe Vatican II made that assertion.

    One last observation:
    Notice how a traditionalist always has to answer any posts supporting Father Breen's comments. I learned a long time ago, the one who speaks last is not always right.

    Christ taught us that we are strongest when we offer the least resistance. If we that support Father Breen's statements stop posting, those who oppose him will not feel the need to answer.

    That's why I'm finished following this thread. Goodbye. Peace be with you all...Catholic, Protestant, conservative, liberal, red-hair, no hair.

  164. I agree with Jeff above.

    We are all Christians.

    Are we going to finally get our crap together? Or, are we going to continue to argue amongst ourselves about who is "worthy" of entering Heaven to the point that we cease to be effective in our communities, which is where our faith and service is needed most?

    If we don't find some common ground, I fear we will look around in the not so distant future and find ourselves a predominantly Muslim nation. And, they will be laughing because they slipped in the back door and moved into our house while we Christians were on the front porch arguing with one another.

  165. Nashville ResidentAugust 11, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Bobby, my fellow Nashville Resident. You're right, I only know that some men wrote the divinely inspired Word of God because some other men said that they did and yet more men said that it was divinely inspired! They passed it down and they passed it down, and then when certain heresies began to crop a little after 150 AD some guy said: "Hey! We need to make this official!" So, lots of men-bishops in fact-got together and said, "what will be the table of contents for our readings at Mass"? The councils disagreed. It took a long time until finally the last group of men got together and decided on the books at the Council of Rome in 382 AD. I mean, maybe it's too easy in the 21st century. Imagine how the process would go now with instant text messaging: "These R the Books, K?" "K. Tnx." Over.

    I'm still waiting on that e-mail straight from God.

    Also, deelew, (as to birth control) my logic does not extend thus. I am speaking about divine inspiration on matters of faith. Yours is a vacuous argument (Did God work through man and technology to create... nuclear bombs, crack cocaine, RU 486?) Again, read the story of Onan, Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae, etc. Read Aristotle, even. That's where I started. Good aims and good intentions do not make good tools. My husband and I have lived a joyful life without birth control.

    Also, you have faith in men, you just don't recognize it as such. If you have faith that the Holy Scriptures are indeed the Holy Scriptures, you have faith that certain men are right. The egg hasn't swallowed the chicken.

    Also, my dear friend Jeff,

    You echo Pontius Pilot in John 18:38. Jesus answered that question in John 14:6. Jesus didn't say "I am the truth to some people" or "I appear to be the truth." He said "I am the truth."

  166. Fr Breen is but one among a plethora of heretical post-conciliar prebyters (and their postmodernist bishops) who behave & speak as they are - de facto schismatics who have no right to wear Roman Catholic clerical dress. They are aided and abetted by a hierarchy which is essentially little better.

  167. GO FATHER BREEN!!! As many of you that have posted can see, the "church" has lost it's power. The Christian faith that was once based on the truth has fallen into the hands on pompous leaders that have not conducted the church in a proper manner. Those that think you are going to be in Gods house by following the current teachings of the church may be mistaken. Biblical teachings state the CHRIST ALONE, FAITH ALONE and SCRIPTURE ALONE. Some of the "church's traditions” are not part of the biblical teachings on the bible. Just because Rome comes up with a new church law or tradition does not make it right. If you will remember several traditions were disregarded and changed during Vatican II. How can that be the Protestants ask... The church changing there mind? As time changes so will the church. Keep worshiping and genuflecting all you want with the current traditions... I will put my faith in Christ knowing only by the grace of God I are saved. Not by communion or repenting to a priest. Remember we have a direct link to god and a priest is a man just like us and is no closer to God than we are.

  168. Same person as last post!!

    And Yes I know Father Breen Personally

  169. "As many of you that have posted can see, the "church" has lost it's power."

    What exactly do you mean by this? Jesus told us that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. The Church is presently being purified and this is good. It has not lost its power.

    "The Christian faith that was once based on the truth has fallen into the hands on pompous leaders that have not conducted the church in a proper manner."

    This is painting with a broad brush. It is a generalization. One should be specific and name which leaders and in which improper manner they have conducted themselves. Be specific. The Church is still based on Truth. Some Church members have gone astray, but the truth of the Church has not changed.

    "Biblical teachings state the CHRIST ALONE, FAITH ALONE and SCRIPTURE ALONE."

    I see that you are not a Catholic. I wonder where in Scripture it says any of those things? By the way, do you know what the Bible teaches is the "pillar and foundation" of truth for believers?

    "Some of the "church's traditions” are not part of the biblical teachings on the bible. Just because Rome comes up with a new church law or tradition does not make it right. If you will remember several traditions were disregarded and changed during Vatican II. How can that be the Protestants ask... The church changing there (sic) mind?"

    You don't seem to understand the difference between the oral Tradition handed down by the Apostles and other types of tradition. The basic teaching of the Church has never changed.

    We will definitely continue worshiping our awesome God. We will also thank Him and make use of the sacramental gifts He has bestowed upon us. They are very powerful and help us in our journey as Catholics(Christians). They enrich our lives in beautiful ways and protect us.


    I also say Go Fr. Breen....to confession and humbly submit to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. You have a lot to offer. Do not let the Tempter lead you astray.

    May God grant much wisdom, discernment and courage to the leaders of the Diocese of Nashville!

    Kathy M

  170. Nashville Resident,

    I guess Jeff is right about you needing the last word.

    Nowhere in Jeff's comments did he deny that JESUS is the TRUTH. He only pointed out that the TRUTH is not always found in the Catholic church. Jesus said "I" am the way and the truth, not "Catholic tradition" is the way and the truth.

    It's all about our Lord, which is the same thing Father Breen is saying.

  171. Jesus founded the Church. Again, what does the Bible say is the pillar and foundation of truth for the believer, Michael?

    Kathy M

  172. Hmmm... lots of interesting dialog amongst those of varying beliefs. I think Fr. Breen would be pleased.

  173. I can't read all the comments, but several from Anonymous commenters are to the effect that: The parishes and Catholic schools in Middle TN are dens of heresy.

    This is absolutely NOT true. It is not true of either parish that I attend regularly, not true of my spiritual advisor (a priest), not true of our parish school, and certainly not true of our bishop.

    It's a terrible thing to make a sweeping statement like that. If your experience was St. Edwards, where Fr. Breen unfortunately is infamous, and Fr. Ryan HS, then you've been in a few less than desirable places. Do not make the rest of us out to be in league with those two institutions.

  174. I've heard he is a good bishop. Even good bishop's have a few errant pastors they try to keep in line. Here in Denver, we have wonderful archbishop, and I KNOW there are a few Fr Breen types also...they are not as outspoken as he is, but there they are. I think the bishop just tries to keep them under control.

  175. To previous post...

    Ahhhh, yes, control. Just the way the Catholic church likes it. Power by controlling the actions (and, apparently, thoughts) of those within it.

    Following Jesus by being controlled. Has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it? *Please note sarcasm here.

  176. To one of the anonymous "Nashville" posters---
    you said "And if supporting him means that I'm going to hell (ha ha ha) then I guess I'll be in good company."

    I felt such overwhelming sadness when I read how casually you toss out the idea of spending eternity separated from our Precious Lord. Your glee at spending it in "good company" should give you and the rest of Fr. Breen's supporters pause. That you do not fear hell completely sums up the reason so many good people have taken the time to try to explain to you all why you must, MUST educate yourselves about why Ft. Breen is so seriously incorrect.
    Just consider this from the Catechism of the Catholic Church..please...
    Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor's tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

    Scandal takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it or the weakness of those who are scandalized. It prompted our Lord to utter this curse: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."86 Scandal is grave when given by those who by nature or office are obliged to teach and educate others. Jesus reproaches the scribes and Pharisees on this account: he likens them to wolves in sheep's clothing.87

    Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.

    Therefore, they are guilty of scandal who establish laws or social structures leading to the decline of morals and the corruption of religious practice, or to "social conditions that, intentionally or not, make Christian conduct and obedience to the Commandments difficult and practically impossible."88 This is also true of business leaders who make rules encouraging fraud, teachers who provoke their children to anger,89 or manipulators of public opinion who turn it away from moral values.

    Anyone who uses the power at his disposal in such a way that it leads others to do wrong becomes guilty of scandal and responsible for the evil that he has directly or indirectly encouraged. "Temptations to sin are sure to come; but woe to him by whom they come
    CCC 2284-2287

    Please, if you all love Fr. Breen as much as you say you do, then help him to understand how much danger he has placed himself AND the people of his parish in with his persistent defiance of the teachings of our faith.

  177. I do not understand many of these responses. Fr. Breen was asked why fall-away Catholics made up the second-largest denomination and he responded by giving answers that are based on actual fact that you would probably get from any survey or basic understanding of historical trends in the church. The same goes for the comments about aging priests, bishops with little power, bishops afraid to speak up and the lower overall academic excellence in seminarians. This is all fact, what we do with the facts is a completely different matter. I admire that Fr. Breen wants to reach out to fall-away Catholics.

  178. You people proclaim yourselves as christens and you are trying to destroy another human being. How many of you really know this man? He is the most compassionate person I have ever known.His whole life is the Catholic Church.He loves the human race. Most of us cannot say that.He is truly a christen man.I have known him for many years it has bee a privilege. AVa

  179. I do know this man. He is a heretic. He has helped poor people, but I have been in Mass when he said, "I got orders in Rome to change some of the Mass, and those people have nothing better to do and I am not doing it." He was referring to when the Eucharistic Ministers were told they could no longer be on the altar during the Consecration. To this day he pays no attention and is EXTREMELY disrespectful to the Vatacan. He totally skips the Novus Ordo where the Priest is supposed to say; Deliver us, Lord, from every evil, and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is barely recognizable as a Catholic Mass. He stated at an ALL SCHOOL Mass, that gays should be able to get married. He stated at Mass who we should vote for (which could lose him tax exempt status). He married two of my divorced friends when they had no annulment. He only hangs pictures of himself in the school. He has no respect for anyone who is trying to follow church teaching. He also has made it known that pre-marital sex is fine. How would you like to have your child listening to that? The Bishop needs to stop it. Now he has a new facebook page asking for support; http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=116296705087454&topic=64#!/group.php?gid=116296705087454;

    I have always thought the Catholic Church should be loving, but it does not have to condone sin, which is what he does. He is not loving, he is divisive and disrespectful.

  180. Can some of his followers confirm that he said these things at Mass? That gays should be able to be married in the Church? That he officially from the pulpit endorsed candidates? (I assume he endorsed Obama). That he claimed that premarital sex is fine? That he allowed Catholics to attempt marriage without proper annulments? I'm sure his followers probably agree with these things anyway, but I would like to hear from them that he actually did these things.

  181. I can confirm that he diregarded orders from Rome, and told the congregation about it. And that he married divorced people. (He performed the marriage ceremony but did not hand in the paperwork to the Bishop from what I understand.)He also said police officers have no business pulling over illegal aliens. He is very political. He does leave out parts of the Mass. People are afraid to speak up because many have children that go to the school and they fear retribution.

  182. I'm just curious, what kind of retribution? Has retribution been done in the past? Or is it just imagined? I'm not one of his supporters, but just curious why people are afraid to speak up.

  183. No retribution has been reported that I know of. But there is so much division at the parish right now, it is feared because of the children who are caught in the crossfire. I believe Fr. Breen loves the children and would not want any harm brought to them, but obviously many of his administration is very supportive of him and it is those that people worry about. Fr. Breen is very generous with money to people who have fallen on tough times. Even though many disagree, they look the other way because of the financial help.

  184. I know personally a couple who were married by Fr. Breen who were counseled that birth control was ok. I also witnessed the baptism of a child by Fr. Breen where the godparents were not even Catholic.

    Something MUST be done!

  185. To Nashville Resident (Not to be taken as an angry note)

    "Nashville Resident said...
    Melissa C.,

    I am a Catholic in a Protestant family. I love them all dearly and feel a very large connection to them. They believe that Christ has died for our sins and that He will come again. In this, I feel a kinship with them. Even so, truth does not accommodate logically inconsistent views. They say that Christ is not in the Eucharist. I say that he is. We cannot both be right. Because Christ is in the Eucharist, being a protestant is like bathing without soap and water. I LOVE my family. And because I love my family, I tell them with charity where we part."

    I was raised protestant. However, my view of Protestantism was not totally Protestant. I visited the Catholic Church with my maternal grandparents when I was little. We went to Saturday Night Mass. I liked it; but yet, I was not totally Catholic either.

    My view was that Protestants and Catholics were the Body of Christ. Why did I group them was because of Jesus's saying that a house divided can't stand, and Paul saying, pretty much but not in exact words, that we are not Paulians or other things--but all are under Christ. I believed also that people focused too much on Peter or Paul or the others and not totally on the teaching of Christ. The reason why I thought this was because many people I discussed scripture quoted mostly from them.
    I also believe that life is a mixture of predestination and freewill (I might have misspelled some words.).
    I also believed and still this day that G-d is not subject to nature, and He can not be put in a box. I also believe in the right to choose what I do this day--basically how I handle situations that come my way. Sometimes, I have not represented G-d too well. In addition, I believe I need to live my life 24/7 for Him; it takes hard work. He is in everything were there are good works--acts of human kindess.
    Well, I only have a short time to write. Gotta go.

  186. This is fot all the "Catholics" who just love the wonderful Fr. Breen. As a priest this man has no right or authority to teach anything that is contrary to the Faith. That's the bottom line. It's much like you cannot go into your place of business and do or say whatever you want to do. I would also like to say to all the good liberal "Catholics" out there, if you do not believe defined teachings of the Church guess what YOU ARE NOT A CATHOLIC. And that's okay, go to a "church" that will teach what you believe, it's called protestanism. In those communities you can be a minister, have your abortions and practice your middle age silliness all you want. These "Catholics" who just love Fr. Breen are typical of liberals who all view the truth as something mean and evil. Grow up and get out, faithful Catholics DEMAND that our priests be truly Catholic. These are the same Catholics who would spit in the face of the Holy Father himself and tell him where to go if he dared to tell them what is right or wrong. But yet they have no problem with Fr Breen defying lawful authority because he is a liberal. And liberalism is easy because it dosen't require any effort or thought. IF you don't believe the faith as it has been handed down to us for 2,000 year then get out and don't let the door hit you.

  187. But the Faith has NOT been consistent for 2,000 years.

  188. How sad for a priest to be teaching against church beliefs. He needs to be counciled and a strong recommendation be given for him to remove this video.
    Unfortunately, our children will probably see this and become confused. I will be praying for him and hope others will also.

  189. The sad thing is that this is not extraordinary behavior for Father Breen.

  190. As Fr. Z might say....he is "of a certain age"

  191. Melissa C.

    What would all of you do today if the pope, who has supreme authority over the Catholic Church, said that priest can be married; women can be priest; birth control is okay for those who are not mentally and physically and financial able handle it; and it is okay to keep clergy who have committed a terrible crime against their flock (when it is not known if they will "go and sin no more")--these crimes being pedophilia, rape, sodomy, and fornication during the time when they are clergy?

    Father Breen shared opinions when people were asking what is going on with the Catholic Church. He believes that the Catholic Church's flock is important. The way he shows that they are important is that he shared what he believed and what he knew.

    Also, I would like to say there are a lot more things to be upset about than this documentary. There are people who are starving; at war; trafficking of men, women, and children; and etc. And you all can only focus on is if this man is a heretic or not? What about all those soldiers who died for this country? What about the acts of human kindness and keeping people safe--men, women, and children safe?

    Jesus died, and a criminal was set free...Now, you want to crucify an individual who is trying to give acts of human kindness?

  192. Peter the rock - the first Bishop of Rome was a married man. Where in God's Word does it say that a man is diqualified from serving God in the priesthood because does not have the gift of celibacy?

  193. I got the impression that "Father" Breen did not have any love for Jesus Christ in the Real Presence in the tabernacle. If he did, he would understand the reasons for celibacy. Christ was celibate. This would eliminate same sex marriage and contraception and women deacons. It is the woman's duty to produce priests, not to be one. If God wanted me to be a priest, I would have been born a man. It is not the rules of the Catholic Church "father" Breen objects to, it is the submission of his will to the will of God in his life, that this man in his pride and arrogance rejects.


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