Police Arrest 5 For Threat To Pope


Police arrested five men early this morning in a dawn raid after receiving information they were plotting to harm the Pope.

The suspects were arrested by Scotland Yard at 5.45am at business premises in central London and are now being questioned by counter-terror detectives.

Searches are under way at various premises across the capital but Benedict XVI's schedule in the city is currently continuing as planned.

His security was reviewed following the arrests but so far it has not been altered and he went ahead with a service and appearance in Twickenham, west London, this morning.
According to the BBC "The five men are 26, 27, 36, 40 and 50 years old. They were arrested in an armed operation at business premises where searches are continuing..."

Update 9:58 a.m.: Algerians, huh? The Telegraph is reporting it's five "Muslim terrorists." What a shock. I'm just surprised they're not calling them five "youths."

And Sky News is reporting they're from Algeria and were hired to clean the street near where the Pope was scheduled to be.
Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said he understood the men were Algerian nationals employed by the agency to work for Westminster City Council.

He said they were due to clean streets around the House of Commons, where the Pope is due to speak, prompting police to launch the operation to arrest them.

Update 10:12 a.m.: Just two months ago I wrote an awesomely awesome post asking "Is the Pope in Danger." There seems to be good reason to say "Yes Matt he is." If you'll recall an influential Islamic publication called the Pope "evil" and urged Muslims to let their feelings for the Pope be shown. And we all know how radical Muslims let their feelings known. In short, they don't journal about their feelings. They seem to blow things up and kill people.

Here's the piece at the National Catholic Register that I wrote:
I’ve been saying recently that Pope Benedict XVI is heading into enemy territory in “Post-Christian” England. Sadly, I may be more right than I imagined.

A member of British Parliament says he fears violence at an open air mass with Pope Benedict XVI after an Islamic publication called Muslims to attend the Mass to convert Catholics and “tell the Pope in no uncertain terms what Muslims think of his evil slanders against the last Prophet of God and his message.”

I think it’s the “in no uncertain terms” that’s making some a little nervous. Oh, the same publication also called the Pope “evil.”


  1. I'm more afraid for the Holy Father in England than I ever was in the Middle East.

  2. I remember that awesomely awesome post.

  3. Pat - no disrespect. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist or Kreskin to understand the issues this particular "non-Quran-kissing" Pope might have visiting a country with a large Mohammedan population. It's a bit like saying, "see that rain cloud up there? I have a hunch it's gonna rain soon. Maybe not even this year. But definitely going to rain! Yup!"

  4. One follow-up: I'm probably one of the last people here compliment the English in any way. But they DO have a very tight security/public safety network specifically since 7/7. So, good on them for catching this one early.

    And let's all continue to pray for our Holy Father. He's a keeper.

  5. Early Riser, good analogy with the rain cloud. In the case of Islamist infested England it would be more like a complete overcast.

  6. You were right about this & I recall a long time ago when I first read CMR how you were right about the SSPX faux pas. Is there a way for you to present your skills to be utilized better by the Church? The Vatican can use street smart faithful Catholics.

  7. Hope they're really watching out with him on his way to Birmingham...

  8. The news is now reporting the terrorist were all molested by priests in their youth. Unbelievable!!

  9. Foxy - give it a rest. Don't you have a newborn to attend to?

  10. Dam stop using my name. This is ridecelous! Dont you have a life? If anything stupid is posted under my name it's not me!

  11. Yeah, Troll-ette, you got me. I now have a blogger ID. satisfied? Now you can stop acting like a spoiled little girl.

  12. This turned out to be a non-story. The 5 were released without charge and there appears never to have been a 'Muslim Plot'.

    Even more strangely the Christian right have not been as anxious to publicise the release as they were with the arrests!


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