Political Ad Depicts Pelosi as Wicked Witch

This political ad by the guy who's running against Nancy Pelosi is the bomb. By that I mean that this guy knows he's going up against an opponent in Nancy Pelosi that can throw millions upon millions into this race. He knows the chances of winning are about as remote as Stephen Hawking becoming a priest. So he's throwing the bomb.

Look, I've been on political campaigns before with little or no chance. And I've always counseled towards doing the nuttiest looniest thing you could think of. I mean, why not?

Well this guy did it. And I love it. Not because it's that funny or witty or that it elevates the discourse. I love it because this is a guy who clearly is not listening to stodgy old Washington consultants and he spent a bunch of money on an idea he must have come up with after his fourth beer. And he's hoping that the ad will be seen as so outrageous that he can then get free media to discuss the ad and show it over and over on news shows.

Good luck man. I'll show it on my blog.

The only thing I feel bad about is that if I were the Wicked Witch of the West, I'd be insulted.

HT Right Side News


  1. Best. Ad. Ever. I'm from Kansas and I approve of this ad! Now he just has to win...

  2. This man should be President Of The World.

  3. Does he have an ad showing nancy as Dracula's Daughter? LOL! Scotju

  4. this video is disgusting, mean and sinful as it degrades humans

  5. I still think Glenn Wilson's video is better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWSlUEfg37E

  6. Cute... the phone number on the real estate sign at the beginning: 867-5309.


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