Is "The Pill" a Right? For Kids?

Abortion and contraceptive giant Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Montana to force them to provide "The Pill" to children free of charge. Did you get that? FOR CHILDREN.

Planned Parenthood's affidavit, according to KRTV reads:
The State of Montana, through it Healthy Montana Kids ("HMK")program, provides primary and preventive health care services, including prescription drug coverage, to uninsured children through age 18 with family incomes that are too low to purchase private insurance, but too high to qualify for the Medicaid program.

However, Montana has denied comprehensive services to young women enrolled in
HMK because the program excludes coverage for prescription contraceptives
The state administered program provides "The Pill" as long as its prescribed for something other than birth control (which between you and I is one of the biggest scams going in that The Pill is prescribed for many reasons with little warning given as to its other effects.)

But here's the kicker, Planned Parenthood argues that the exclusion of contraception for contraceptive purposes in the plan:
interferes with young women's abilities to make medical decisions about their health - in particular, about whether or not to have a child - without compelling justifications, and therefore, violates the fundamental right of individual privacy.
You get that? Not giving taxpayer funded contraception to children is a violation of their rights. And some of the money for the program is from federal funds as well so everyone would be chipping in to make sure all those teenagers get contraception.

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  1. interferes with young women's abilities to make medical decisions about their health - in particular, about whether or not to have a child -

    Whoa, so now they are ADVOCATING for teenage pregnancy, as in they should have the right to HAVE a child, too?

    So, if a girl would like to have a child, and the parents tell her NO, and limit her access to young men, is that infringing on her rights, as well? This world is so messed up.

  2. From a progressive point of view, shouldn't young women being using condoms anyways because the Pill doesn't protect them from STDs?

    Now if a young woman is on the Pill, what are the chances that she will make her sexual partner use a condom?

    We're assuming from the progressive point of view, that she through her adult life she may have several sexual partners before marriage so shouldn't Planned Parenthood be advocated condom's not the Pill for these women?

  3. I'm all for the children of Planned Parenthood workers being allowed to have the pill; it will reduce the number of PP members in the long run! lol!

  4. I work with teens and most are unaware of the consequences of their actions in regards to The Pill. I not that long ago was an unaware adolescent taking the pill for "medical reasons". Being a good catholic girl I remained chase and thought I was doing the right thing because I wasn't using the pill as a birth control agent. When preparing to get married, I told my then gynecologist that I no longer wanted to be on the pill and wanted to learn about NFP, he was dumb founded and told me that if I wanted to have twenty kids that was up to me and that NFP was very ineffective. All of this I came to find out was not true. I am now seeing an NFP only doctor and am using NFP very effectively. Not only are young girls not being told about the side effects of the pill but are being fed lies about alternatives from their doctors. You can be assured that planned parenthood is lying to them, and many other doctors are either misinformed or are right out negligent. Our society doesn't hold it's members responsible for their actions, and this is just once side effect of it. People are taught to believe they have a right to do as they please when they please with no consequences. That is why we as a society are as screwed up as we are. Children now feel that they have the right to be adults and act as adults but are still to immature to understand that adult choices come with adult consequences that may not be apparent now but will show up later in their lifes.

  5. *shrug* I'd be glad to see one thousandth of the outrage about milk cows being given hormones or vaccines and women being pumped full of hormones.


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