ABC: Tea Party Saves Bristol

Is there nothing that darned tea party cannot do?

Conrad Green, executive producer of Dancing with the Stars, says the tea party may be saving Bristol Palin from elimination. (Ht to Weasel Zippers)
"There's a strong popular movement behind Sarah Palin at the moment and she's receiving a lot of support from the Tea Party," Conrad Green, executive producer of the program, said in an interview. "It's entirely possible some of those people are behind Bristol for political reasons."

It is hard to imagine that just 18 months ago, the tea party didn't even exist.

First it was ridiculed. Derided. Called astroturf. Called racist.

It has no leader. No location. No face.

Now it dominates news coverage. Now it influences elections.

But if that were not enough, now it even controls reality shows.

Is there nothing the tea-party cannot do?


  1. That's not nice! She is NOT fat. And she's working her butt off. Joy Behar said a couple weeks back that she blames the Tea Party for keeping Bristol on the show. Whatever. Anyway, Jennifer Grey is going to win.

  2. Articulate specific policy proposals?

  3. My goodness, this is an outrage. It is racist. Those Tea party Slurpee drinkers need to be stopped. Oh wait, shouldn't that be the Slurpee party?

  4. I am sure she is just as good as the next non-talented toe kicker. I do wish she would stay out of the lime light, her rebellious clown act is getting old.

  5. My wife watches this and says that she should have been voted out long ago. Nice girl, bad dancer.

  6. heh heh heh... I guess I get to be the lone shark out there knowing I've been voting for Bristol since this season started. For the first time, I used all of my voting privileges this past week. That means 6 votes with my house phone, 6 with my cell and 6 texts. Does it sound rigged? You betcha... she might not be the best dancer around but I appreciate being able to show my girls how tough she is. In the face of ugly people calling her fat, calling her a bad dancer, calling her inept, and other childish, jealous taunts, Bristol goes on that show with a big smile on her face and a "just do your best" attitude. She does what I'm trying to instill in my daughters... be happy with who you are and do your best no matter what is placed in front of you. Put your blinders on to the hags out there making fun of you because above all, you're a child of God and God obviously put this chance in front of you to make you try something, to achieve something, to learn something.

    Jen might win, but I'll continue to vote for Bristol as long as she's on.

  7. Er... I'm not jealous, ugly or whatever. I don't watch your show (don't know if we even have it in Australia) and have only seen Bristol Palin three times to wit - once during the presidential election, once on that ad where she urged girls to refrain from extramarital sex, and in the photo above. The two prior times, she was about half the size of this photo (especially notable since in the ad she was holding, presumably, her own baby).

    I'm sure she's wonderful and working her arse off, et cetera. Nonetheless, I'm just a guy asking a fair question - when did Bristol Palin get fat?

  8. I guess they have fast food in Alaska. Eat it then sit around and you too can add pounds like this cute little mama...
    Everyone in my office has including myself.

  9. One thing the Tea Party can't do?

    Get me on a date with Bristol. *sigh*

  10. She's a bad judge of character in men, that's for sure.

  11. I think people get eliminated from the show in a particular order:

    1. the ones who have a bad attitude about working and trying, then
    2. the ones who are trying but are simply terrible, then
    (by this time, everyone is really working hard)
    3. the ones who are trying but just can't synchronize their abilities, they're either good at character and story and bad a movement, or good at movement but not able to put the story across (that's Bristol, she's really very musical and anticipates her movements and even when she makes mistakes keeps going), then
    4. it's down to the really good dancers, who compete on a far more level playing field AND a few who get through that far because of much they improved (think Emmitt Smith, not a good dancer but went from nowhere to pretty darn fine so fast people kept voting him in).

    She needs to go home now, but for a complete non-celebrity/actress/singer/performer, she's doing really well, and I've enjoyed watching her progress and work her little heart out.

  12. I have not seen any musicality whatsoever in her dancing. Musicians don't anticipate, they play in the moment - anticipating is anathema. She is stiff and awkward. And I think it's somewhat silly to vote for someone on a fake-reality show about dancing, simply because you like them, admire them, whatever. It's about dancing. Period. End of story. And she can't. Her smile is only a function of her training, not her character.

  13. I don't watch the show, but I wish that Bristol had not gone on. She needs to go to college and have a career. Not everyone should be in the public eye. Just look at Megan McCain. All mouth and no brain. It's a shame when kids try to ride their parent's coat tails to fame.

  14. Politics is the way of the world - period. Get used to it!

  15. Vote for Kyle and Lacey. They are good. No previous dance training for Kyle. Improving like Emmitt Smith.

  16. Bristol is a beautiful.shy enough person. Some people are too cruel. I'm susre they did not see or hear the Random Act of Culture.


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