The Public School 12 Days of Winter

Funny 'cause it's true.

HT Divine Ripples


  1. I know that it's true in some places, but I just did my second concert of the season tonight (another tomorrow afternoon) in which we sang Silent Night (including the last verse, Jesus, Lord at Thy birth), Joy to the World, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, along with assorted other Christmas songs (a few Hanukkah songs, also), and we were wearing red and green. In Seminole County. We are still out there, plugging away, even amidst the mess. Pray for us.

  2. We're also lucky to have a very logical principal in our local elementary public school.

    She is Jewish, but the school always does a display of a Nativity scene (and sometimes an advent wreath), a mennorah, and Diwali candles (we have a number of families who celebrate it).

    The charity drive is for Catholic Charities to help local families.

    She recognizes (as do the teachers) that we do have families of different faiths and those faiths have different holidays -- so you recognize them all, without forcing anyone to celebrate something not in their practice.

    It's what multicultural SHOULD mean -- recognizing differences, not watering them down.

  3. Cute. But the same old same old. The left-wing sinks its teeth into extreme isolated incidences of the right, creates exagerated spoofs to comfort its base in its stubborness and the right-wing does the same. Meantime, while the partisans at both ends of the political spectrum feed fodder to their voting base, the American people lose. It's time to focus on issues that really affect the everyday lives of Americans. The status quo wins as long as the partisans who divide with culture wars & wedge issues continue to do what they're good at doing. Too bad nobody is good at improving the current economic conditions of the U.S. China grows its own economy, builds high-speed transit systems and profits from U.S. interest payments on their loans.

  4. Why are most (in my area 8 out of 10 Churches so far) Churches not holding a service on Christmas morning? They started choosing sleeping in, opening presents and yes, even spending Christmas morning with family and friends over celebrating and preaching the Birth Of Christ.

    Although this video is absolutely spot on, I won't be continuing the Christ in Christmas, Merry Christmas over Happy Holidays fight anymore.

    The Church is the public school system of religion.


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