Teachers Can't Say 'Merry Christmas'

Insanity. A Nevada public school is prohibiting teachers from saying "Merry Christmas" for fear of an ACLU lawsuit.

Weasel Zippers:
There is controversy and confusion in the town of Mesquite, NV after teachers and staff members at the local high school were told to stop saying, “Merry Christmas,” according to an attorney with a conservative advocacy group.

Teachers at Virgin Valley High School are reportedly not allowed to post any religious Christmas decorations, and are prohibited from engaging in other Christmas activities as part of an agreement with the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union, according to Alliance Defense Fund attorney David Cortman.
Lawsuits are the preferred weapon of the left. Even the threat of them makes administrators buckle.

And make no mistake the secularist left is winning in America today in many ways.

Remember earlier this year there was concern among some teachers in a public school whether they could say "Bless you" if someone sneezed and the solution was pretty much that they could say it if they didn't really mean it.

If our government were a limited government the demands of the Big Government secularist wouldn't be as big a deal but with government encroaching every facet of our lives including education and healthcare, the practice of Christianity becomes increasingly banned.

Mind you, the one private institution in this world that provides education for millions of youths and healthcare for millions is the Catholic Church. The Church is the bulwark against the march of secularism covering our country. And that's why the Church is public enemy number one of the secularists.


  1. The Domestic Church a. k. a. the family is the original and best department of health education and welfare known. S U B S I D I A R I T Y ~ A big word basically meaning keep it simple stupid.

  2. Merry Christmas to all the Archbolds!

  3. If teachers and employees just cheerfully ignored such directives as a body, this stuff would stop.

  4. I gave my students little plastic crosses this Christmas. No problem at all.

    Hey, did everyone here vote in your last school board elections?

    -- Mack

  5. This is about enough. What we need is a legal organization which would take on the ACLU and the courts that support them in a series of Pre-emptive strikes. Like an Anti-ACLU-U. Any imaginative Christian lawyers out there willing to try?

    Meanwhile, what Mark Shea said!!!!

    Fr.Martin Farrell, op

  6. I'm with Mark. Some civil disobedience is in order. And if we ever get a President and Congress with cojones (of either party, tho' I don't hold out any real hope for the Dems on this), they can pass a law stating that any public school receiving federal funds may not restrict or prohibit religious expression during holidays traditionally celebrated as such. Even so, I can still see the ACLU challenging that law, and finding a pet judge on the Ninth Circuit to overturn it, on the grounds that "Congress may not interfere with separation of church and state by blackmailing school districts" or some other legal positivist rationale...

  7. Write "Merry Christmas" on a sheet of paper and tape it to your teachers back without them knowing. Let them walk around with it on there all day :)

  8. It's this type of catty bickering between the secularists and faithful (who take the bait) that allows ineffective politicians to continue to win elections and keep doing more of the same...dividing and tantalizing the left and right to help them stay in power....in the meantime, unemployment and the economy continue to be a REAL problem for many people (while the status quo Left AND Right continue to play the same old games that they've been playing forever and a day....result?...I think we know the answer to that).

  9. If parents also ignored such directives, then maybe the children could inspire the teachers to do the same.

  10. We have an anti ACLU. It is called The Thomas More Law Center. Send them money. We have the Catholic League started by Father Virgil Blum and now run by William Donohue. Send them money. They are worth their weight in gold.


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