Gonzaga To Host Vagina Monologues

Gonzaga University for the first time ever will play host to the controversial play The Vagina Monologues. It would appear that some students have been trying for a long time to get the nasty play on campus without success. But now they're all like yay what an accomplishment! But college students are mostly idiots. I know I was. The worrisome part here is that the school seems to be acting idiotically as well.

The Gonzaga Bulletin reports:
For the first time in Gonzaga University history, the performance of the "Vagina Monologues" will be allowed on campus.

The women and gender studies program, the English department, the sociology department, the Honors Program, and the Institute for Hate Studies are teaming up to sponsor "({Monologues, Dialogues & Stories}): Interdisciplinary Academic Discussion on Women's Narratives, Catholic Theologies, Violence Against Women, and ‘The Vagina Monologues.' "

Director of Women and Gender Studies Dr. Patsy Fowler announced the week Tuesday after the events were approved by Academic Vice President Dr. Patricia Killen.

"[We were] elated, [when we found out that the ‘Vagina Monologues' were approved]," student organizer Meghan Yee, senior, said in an email. "It was quite the process to get the OK, but excitement is one of the only ways to describe this accomplishment. But also and again, a sense of ‘finally' especially after all of the work that has been put into bringing the ‘Vagina Monologues' to Gonzaga by all of the involved students of the past."

According to an email from Dr. Fowler, "the week will include three interrelated events." There will be a panel presentation and discussion on April 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Foley Teleconference Center that will feature Fowler, Dr. Cate Siejk, Fr. Tim Clancy, and student Drew Pollom, entitled "Voices on ‘The Vagina Monologues,' Catholic Tradition, and Jesuit Identity."

Gonzaga is one of thirteen Catholic colleges to allow the play on campus. Nine of them are Jesuit run, according to the Cardinal Newman Society.
“Catholic colleges that host this play—some of them repeatedly—should be ashamed of the obvious contradiction with their Catholic identity,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Most Catholic colleges have rejected the Monologues and found much better ways of seriously addressing women’s issues.”

The Monologues say lesbian activity is all that, masturbation is cool, and sex is all about you feeling good. Yeah, because that's exactly what kids today need to hear. And you know, Jesus was all about the pleasure principle.

This seems like a shame because I'd read in a number of places that Gonzaga was still pretty Catholic, especially when compared to their neighbor Seattle University. I'm hoping this announcement isn't indicative of a trend.


  1. It's not chic or trendy. It's been around since the Clinton years. Life in the bubble goes on.

  2. As I student of Gonzaga, I am more than slightly disappointed. Last year, this was all the students would talk about - usually the pro-monologue crowd being more vocal than the anti-monologue crowd, what with people running around with distasteful "I <3 vaginas!" shirts etc.

    I thought the issue was settled when our President sent out an email last year stating that the monologues would not be shown. Apparently not, as I opened our campus newspaper this morning and saw the article above.

    Further, perhaps it's the "crowd" that I hang out with, but I have talked with many students who do not desire the monologues to take place campus. It wasn't enough for them to let them show it (barely) off campus last year – no – the pro-monologue group must have the last say.

  3. EDIT:
    Sorry, As "A" student of Gonzaga...
    It would be best not to base the intelligence of our student body off of my grammar. ;)

  4. Ditto what Patrick Button said!!!!

  5. If they really loved their feminine parts, maybe the gender studies department would of hosted a class on natural family planning.

  6. "The Institute for Hate Studies?"

    Sounds like something you would read about at The Onion. Why not use a more appropriate title of 'Center for Studies on Prejudice and Discrimination'? I mean these students are paying a lot of money for this school, the very least the school could use 'big words'. Also the name carries so much negative weight, who not utilize terms of the positive such as understanding or acceptance, heck throw in some Latin?

    There's not a lot of thought into Hate Studies, "I love my vagina' t-shirts", and getting an over done play on campus know for it's controversy, rather then quality content..

  7. Can we do alternative titles with this one?
    The TMI monologues
    The Tirrets monologues
    The "it's been done to death, but we're behind the curve" monologues
    The "there are never enough women's parts in the plays the drama department puts on" monologues

  8. Why do they have a "women and gender studies program" anyway? What a joke! Puts the LIBERAL in "liberal arts."

  9. http://www.gonzagabulletin.com/response-to-patricia-killen-s-decision-to-allow-the-vagina-monologues-1.2123512


    two responses, one from a student one from a professor in Catholic Studies

  10. Great, Fr. Spitzer is gone and now it's Jebbie business as usual.

  11. As a frequent visitor to Gonzaga - I second Father Erik.

    Perhaps we should ask my blogger buddy, Mark (Ordered Liberty), a law prof at Gonzaga, to do a bit of a post on the situation.

    I will say that St. Al's is still packed with respectful students for Mass on the Saturday nights when we occasionally attend.

  12. All I know is, none of my children will matriculate at Gonzaga University.

  13. Sex is the sword that severs students from Faith and Family and sets them adrift from the Barque of Peter and until that is accomplished the evils of The Frankfort School can not be injected into the students.

    The Christian Catholic who follows Jesus in the Church He established has the World, The Flesh, and The Devil as his enemy and, sadly enough, also the putative Catholic Academy.

    The administrators of these schools out to be first excommunicated and then made to spend 10 minutes alone with the Fathers of the girls who are encouraged to view this pornography.

    And good luck to the Bishops who allow Catholic Colleges in their Jurisdiction to get away with this pestilential perfidy. Their silence in the face of these salacious sexual scandals will take some explaining to do when they stand before Our Lord and Saviour at their particular judgment

  14. I'm just sad that I didn't see this post earlier, so that I could be the first person to respond with incredulity to The Institute for Hate Studies?!?

  15. Crazy. I teach at an HBCU, and they will not approve it. But a Catholic school will. The President should be publicly shamed. OF course, with a women and gender studies dept., what else can be expected. I imagine the theology dept is a wasteland as well...

  16. The Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies (oringally the Institute for Action Against Hate) was founded as a positive and enduring vehicle for combating hate and hate crimes on campuses and in communities throughout the nation. While numerous government and non-governmental organizations are working against hate, the Institute is the only organization whose primary goal is to focus multi-disciplinary academic resources on the causes and effects of hate as well as potential strategies for combating hate.

    As part of a Jesuit institution located in Spokane, Washington. near the north Idaho border, the Institute advances the social Justice mission of the University while creating a positive educational presence in a region sometimes associated with bigotry and intolerance.

    It is far better to light a candle than curse the darkness.


  17. This is probably the most poorly researched article I have ever read. The author has complete disrespect, not just for Gonzaga, but for college students and people in general. I ask that all readers do their own research and find out the truth.

  18. Just as an update...Gonzaga has now decided to not allow the Vagina Monoglogues on campus. I have to say that as an alumni of Gonzaga University, I have become more and more disillusioned. I thought by attending a Catholic university that I would have a little more balanced education rather than learning in the typical liberal context. However this was not the case, and while I have moved on from GU, I am increasingly disappointed with my alma mater and pray that it will revert back to a pillar of the Catholic faith.

  19. Balanced? Yes. A balanced education does more than repeat "because they say so." Rather it brings all voices to the table to discuss all options. That way we may find solutions we could not have thought of alone, and be aware of rogues aiming at a harmful target, and how they are trying to do it. Burying yourself in a pillar of faith is hardly a balanced education when it plugs it ears and sings, "I can't hear you." Just some food for thought :)


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