Is This Appropriate Sex Ed for 5 Year Olds?

The UK is completely insane.

The Daily Mail reports:
Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five.

A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons.

The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.
Here's one piece that's been cleared for the little ones.

And it's not just the UK. Obama's School Czar ran an organization that hosted students conferences about tolerance that were a cover for teaching 14 year old's about "fisting."

Here's the thing -the moment you accept that it is the school's responsibility to teach children about sex is the moment sanity lost. Parents in the pieces I've read are arguing that it's too soon for this kind of material. But that's quibbling. It's not the state's role to teach children about sex. Are schools doing such a great job that expanding their purview is in order? The argument must be that it's the parent's responsibility, not the state's.


  1. That's Why I send my kids to Catholic School Right there.

  2. Years ago, a conservative magazine showed a picture of dogs copulating from a sex-ed filmstrip. Judging from what I see here, dogs are no longer considered good sex-ed teachers.

  3. I think some people really despise innocence and love to destroy it.

    Sue, sex-ed in our local parish school is what finally drove us to homeschool. They were teaching terms to 5th grade boys and girls (together) that would have embarrassed me to talk about with male friends. When I asked why they didn't teach girls and boys in separate classrooms I got a blank look from the principal.

    I was the only parent out of three 5th grade classes who previewed the material and chose to have my daughter opt out. She had the privilege of sitting conspicuously on a bench outside the office all by herself while her classmates learned great stuff to discuss on the playground.

    This was about 15 years ago. I'm glad things are better in your school.

  4. Endangering the welfare of a minor is not a crime for those who do so "officially" on government authorized pogroms, especially if they are directed at traditional Christian morality or Judeo-Christian morality.

    Then it is sacrosanct.

    I can't wait to see what the future holds!

  5. I don't know what to say except.. whaaaaaaaaaat?!

  6. Jill, my kids school is run by the Dominicans. I LOVE them. I would homeschool if we didn't have them here. This stuff certainly steals a childs innocence. It is cartoon pornography. I saw a local library had this in a children's section and the "psychologist" on TV thought it was great and that it was the parents fault if she didn't like the book for letting her child check it out of the childrens section. I thought the psychologist was a loon.

  7. What is God's good hell are the authors of that THING smoking? Wow....

  8. I would actually take to the streets to protest about this child sex abuse..fortunately in our Catholic Primary they don't have sex education..

  9. Sue the Dallas charter brought these programs into Catholic education. It is a milder version,but the equalization starts in kindergarten and is violent in nature, turning sexuality into rape. It destroys their libido and intimacy. The program the bishops selected was in fact written by prostitutes who are advocates of legalizing prostitution.

    Sadly, children are not safe from this agenda,even in CCD.

  10. This is one way to make good people become Mohammedans. But little do they know that Mohammed was a pedophile, rapist, had 11 wives and may even be gay. So, it is like jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

  11. Some of those drawings in the upper right corner look like they were done by children. I wonder if they're evidence from abuse investigations? I mean, how else would kids be aware of such things?

    My 9-year-old has an idea of sex because she's asked questions about song lyrics and siblings ("How did the baby get IN you, Mom?"). But when I started to explain the actual mechanics, she said (and I'm not kidding) "Mom, I think this can wait a few years until I'm older."
    And she's *9*. The 6-year-old would be traumatized by this.

  12. I knew about the reproductive cycle before I could say the word, but that was in animals. BIG difference between knowing what the cows or cats are doing and seeing video of people doing it-- for the most basic, it doesn't set kids up to be preyed on.

    Hm. Maybe it's just part of the humans-aren't-exceptional thing.

  13. A minor child’s civil rights are held in trust for him by God, by his parents and finally by the state. More importantly, only truth is given freedom by our Constitution to be spoken. Everything else is perjury in a court of law. Homosexual behavior dishonors the parents who brought their children into the world according to the laws of nature and nature’s God proscribed in our Declaration of Independence and is treason against our founding principles. Homosexual behavior also violates the Fourth Commandment which proscribes heterosexual behavior alone. The sovereign personhood of each and every citizen constitutes the sovereign state and brings government into being. Government is subject to the will of the people to secure the blessings of liberty for the common good. Sovereign persons are created by the will of God in virginity and in original innocence ( God does not create evil). People who repudiate our founding principles repudiate their citizenship, and should be held responsible for the damage done by invoking evil, inciting riot, mob mentality, and violence to the common good.

  14. Mary De Voe also said:
    We need sanctions against pornography being taught in our public schools. Pornography is a lie about human sexuality and perjury in a court of law.

  15. From a pedagogical aspect, I find these problematic:
    1.) The definition of prostitute is so non-judgmental like it's just another job. One can define nanny along the same breath with absolutely no qualitative distinction. Might as well as add that to the career handbook.
    2.) The description of straight or gay is again so benign, so innocent sugggesting normalcy - no different from the hetesexuality.
    3.) The description of an orgasm sounds like fun to explore. And it spells how just how to get one: by yourself or with your playmate. If you were a kid, wouldn't you want to experience this pleasure?
    4.) The ways of copulation with balloons and space hopper suggests that it is an activity as innocent as child's play. So, kids will then ask what do you want to play: tag, dress up or getting it together.
    5.) The definiton of masturbation and intercourse is so clinical and no moral qualification. Just another activity like eating or napping.

    This whole thing sugar coats immoral acts as casual or normal. And God condems this in the words of Isaiah, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20) And the Lord Jesus points out that the deed is more grave because it involves children when he teaches, "And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck." (Mk 9:42)

  16. I'm sorry to say this but, somebody needs a serious smack in the head. WTH-ECK is WRONG with these people?!

    Breathtaking IDIOCY!!!

  17. If people other than teachers or parents taught the same material to children, would they be arrested? Let me try this with a 7 year old: "Your dad's penis moved gently inside your mum's vagina and the sperms flowed out."

    And now for something completely different:

    "Gently"? What kind of sex education is that?

    They had one thing in common;
    They were good in bed.
    She'd say, "Faster, faster! The lights are turning red!"

    Eagles, "Life In the Fast Lane."

  18. I am appalled. Parents need to take back their God-given rights to educate their own children on all morality issues.

  19. slowly slowly we are being herded .... towards the legalisation of paedophilia,
    explaining orgasm with a cartoon of a baby in a cot, very suspect

  20. Are you not aware that the Bishops want sex education in CCE for all ages as part of the Virtus program.

  21. I am a mum in the UK and blogged about this today. It has certainly reassured us that we are doing the best thing by homeschooling our children, but it's frightening how much of a control over families the state is obtaining. It's time we took our families back.


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