Pro-Choice Mercenaries for Hire

The catch of the day goes to Denise Hunnell aka Catholic-Mom who found this ad on Craigslist.

Hmmm, seems like Big Abortion is getting a bit nervous, huh? Because here's the thing. It's money they've got and people they don't.

This contrasts perfectly with 40 Days for Life which has thousands and thousands of people across the country praying in front of abortion clinics. And they do it because they are passionate. The pro-aborts cannot match that kind of passion. But they can manufacture passion with money but it's a fraud. I've really got to wonder if taxpayer money is going towards hiring these "activists."


  1. Always funny when people use money from the top to pay for "grassroots" campaigns. Not very literal, are they?

  2. I think some people should attempt to apply for this work and get video.

    Time to use their own idiocy against them.

    Anyone up for the challenge. Might get you some work and kudos from above.

  3. If they can afford to hire these astro-turf know-nothing zombies, why not fund Planned Parenthood instead?
    No way do they get any more of my tax dollars as long as they perform abortions.

  4. First of all, clearly they have money to burn. So, they don't need federal money.

    Secondly, there's nothing reproductive or healthy about their care.

    Finally, we had someone come to our door to get us to sign a petition to recall our republican senator (who was working with Scott Walker). She misprounced his name. Twice. That's the kind of quality service they can be looking forward to.

  5. This is nothing new...They never have people that are willing to work for free...When I was involved with Operation Rescue in the late 80's and early 90's we constantly heard pro-aborts comparing how much money each of them had been paid to be at our Rescues...

  6. Astro Turf - not grassroots.

  7. I think what this i smeant to conceal is that the "grassroots" activist are going to be put on the street asking for donation for abortionist causes, and take a percentage of the money. The variable "salary", per week, hints at this type of trade.

    This shameful scam is widespread here in England, with thousands of students literally **out to make money out of you** by letting you believe that they are young enthusiast charity workers, whilst they are simply salespeople dealing in people's guilt complexes, with the added element that they are deceitful.



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