Dem Congresswoman's Shocking Abortion Clinic Past

Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania is one of the fastest rising stars in the Democrat Party, taking on a recently announced leadership role at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Schwartz, a four-term suburban Philadelphia congresswoman, is taking on the position left vacant by Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was just tapped to chair the Democratic National Committee.

One fact that has gone unmentioned in all the media reports trumpeting Schwartz's ascendancy is that Allyson Schwartz, besides having a perfect pro-abortion record in Congress, co-founded and acted as Executive Director of an abortion clinic in Philadelphia for 13 years (1975-1988).

The clinic was called the Elizabeth Blackwell Center which is ironic because Blackwell, the first female physician in the U.S., was pro-life.

The clinic was not without its troubles. The Philadelphia Daily News quoted a call from a Republican candidate that detailed an assortment of lawsuits against the clinic:
"18 lawsuits have been filed against Miss Allyson Schwartz's clinic, including assault, battery, negligence, perforated bowels and uteruses," the woman said, "and even abortions performed without consent of her patients.
In 2002, the Blackwell clinic declared bankruptcy due to diminished demand for abortion and stiff competition in the area. In its last year, the center still performed about 1,500 abortions. According to the Daily News, the center derived its largest share of revenue from abortions.

Since Schwartz left the abortion business, she hasn't forgotten her past. NARAL has consistently rated Schwartz a perfect 100 score. EMILY's List, the radically pro-abortion PAC, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Schwartz, giving her campaign far more than any other organization. According to one site, EMILY's List donated almost $500,000 to Schwartz.

In return, Schwartz voted against the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, and the Stupak Amendment. Schwartz even sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which would have erased all federal, state, or local limitations on abortion up to an including the ninth month of pregnancy.

Schwartz was already heading up candidate recruitment and will now oversee candidate services throughout the country.

Note: I worked for two congressional campaigns against Schwartz.

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  1. Thank you Matt and Pat for informing us of the character of our would be representatives. I cannot call Schwartz a “witch” for offering human sacrifice to the devil. Disenfranchising the sovereign person created when the two become one and aborting the human being from the womb is a sin and a crime, but Schwartz probably did it for the money. Hitler did it to create a new world order without God. Hitler established atheism, but atheism already reigns supreme in this country so Schwartz had only to implement the tenets of atheism: no God, no religion, no endowed, unalienable civil rights held in trust by God for all men. Schwartz was enabled by our corrupt culture of disenfranchisement, dismemberment and death. A vote for Schwartz makes the voter a constituent of this mockery of human rights.
    Mary De Voe

  2. Spiritual WarfareJune 8, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    awesome "Anonymous" you are sooo correct...Lord help our world and woe to them tripple woe who kill our children before they see the light of day...their guardian angels behold the face of their creator every day!! woe to them..evildoers

  3. I am sick to my stomach. How did she get this far with her horrible background? Hopefully she will get voted out in the next election. People need to be made aware of what she has done and is doing.

  4. @ Gerry Abi-Nader:

    She got this far like Obomanation did; they are in league with Satan, period. This blog is part of a SHRINKING 2% of American "Catholics" who go to Mass on Sundays and at least one other day per week; A flickering spot of hope on the otherwise blackened soul of the 65 million so-called Catholics (Catholic as in fulness of Christ, not universal), who watch as "Rome" burns and we brutally butcher the unborn, shred the Constitution and allow the good people of God to be sold-out by weak Bishops and a disengenous USCCB....

    God help us all.

    John in Sioux City, IA

  5. Just disgusting.

  6. Wow, at least we know now...I hope nobody votes her back in. Pink slip, anybody?

  7. Yes, she got this far with her record because we stupid people allow this to happen. It's the same as Obama - a muslim communist whose goal is to destroy America and turn it into an islamic kalifate with himself as the ruler (kalif)-- who still gets cheers and admiration. The same stupid people, who are too dumb to understand they've been screwed, are going to re-elect him. God only helps those who help themselves. Those who vote for Obama are the enablers of this evil.

  8. People who support abortion and work in abortion clinics don't want to see the truth. They lie to themselves everyday. What a way to make a living. Killing unborn babies! Everything bought with that money is drenched in the blood of the innocent martyrs. Their hands will never be washed clean until they see what they have done and ask for forgiveness.


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