Mitt's Gettin' Love from All the Wrong Places

First, Obama said that he modeled his health care plan on Romney's. That certainly hasn't been helping poor Mitt.

But today comes another "death hug" as Zip calls it. Radical environmentalist blowhard Al Gore praised Mitt today for his stance on climate change.

Gore wrote:
Good for Mitt Romney — though we’ve long passes the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis June 15, 2011:

While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party:
That certainly doesn't help a candidate in the middle of a Republican primary, does it?

So far, Mitt has Obama's healthcare plan and Al Gore's environmental plan. And just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Mitt, this tweet from the Council on American Islamic Relations:

Oooooh. That's gotta' hurt. Obama, Gore, and CAIR all wearing pom-poms for ya'. Not good. I don't even think that would be good for a Democrat, never mind a Republican. With friends like these, who needs friends?

Something actually tells me this is all part of a strategy and the Dems are trying to kill Mitt with kindness. But I'm not sure I mind at all.

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  1. See this, Matthew and Patrick:
    Georgetown again:

    And I loved so much jesuit tradition.

    Pedro Erik

  2. Let's face it. The best thing the GOP has going for them is Obama on the ticket. Let's not ruin our chances and put Mitt on there too!!

    I'd take any single one of the delegates at the debate the other night before Romney...Yeah, even that old fart Ron Paul.

    I don't want to choose between Democrat and "Democrat Light" this time around...

  3. My opinion is that the Democrats are killing Romney with truth. In addition to these accusations, before Romney first decided to run for president he supported gay rights and abortion. His flip-flopping enables the Democrats to appear more honest.

    Because of these issues, I think Romney makes Mitch Daniels and even Rudy Giuliani look like saints. The sooner Romney is out, the happier I'll be.

  4. I could never vote for a man who believed in the flat out lunacy of Mormonism

  5. "Sharia-law crazy" They must have implied the verb. Do you know what Sharia law's penalty for drinking beer is? Watch here to see various penalties for various crimes.

    And CAIR is hedging just in case. My question is why does CAIR still exist despite it's proven ties to terrorist organizations. That's illegal - but what else is new?

  6. Birds of a feather flock together. And if they're Mormon, they'll all suit up in white temple underwear and flock to their own special planet to be God of it, after preaching to the moon men and turning bad black people into nice white people. I love the Morons. I mean, the Mormons.

  7. Well, if it weren't for the Mormons I wonder where Prop 8 in California would have gone. I'm not willing to throw the towel in on anyone for their religious beliefs.

    But Romney still is not a good choice for the GOP, I'm hoping the elephant can think a little faster on its feet this time...


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