My First Reaction To The Corapi News

I have to think this through, but I thought I might post some of the things running through my head.

One the one hand, if the process is anything like what Corapi describes with secret accusers and secret accusations and no due process, the Church is acting in a grossly unfair way.

On the other hand, it has only been three months and he throws in the towel on the whole priesthood? Rather than suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Corapi answered the 'to be or not to be' with a resounding 'not to be.'

The process may be grossly unfair, but it really has only begun. Throwing in the towel so quickly, unfair process or not, is not the only thing that stinks in Denmark.

Leaving the priesthood so that you can continue your (profit making?) ministry after three months says that he does not hold his priesthood in very high regard. How can a priest give up saying the Mass so easily?

There are priests in China who suffer much more than Corapi has in these last few months at the hands of a much more unjust system but would never consider giving up their legitimate priesthood. Never.

This quick decision to abandon the priesthood by Corapi cannot help leave one with the impression that the priesthood was only a means to an end. When the going got rough, he quickly dumped the priesthood to move on. This does not speak well of him.

I have a tendency to think in analogies and metaphors to help clarify my thinking. I know this is not a perfect parallel but imagine...

I have unfairly been accused of adultery. My wife ignores my protestations and moves out and will not even pick up the phone. What kind of man would I be if I said after three months, I guess divorce is my only option?

What about pray, suffer, persevere? And then pray some more?

I don't think that quitting the priesthood necessarily means that Corapi is guilty of what he has been accused (but it doesn't inspire confidence.) That said, quitting the priesthood may mean he was not a very good priest or man.


  1. I'm still trying to get over the shock of that video. His actions don't seem to match the words he used while preaching. All those talks about the Blessed Mother and the suffering she endured, not to mention I seem to remember him speaking about Padre Pio and the trials he was put through when he was not allowed to say Mass in public because of his stigmata.

    My concern is, what IS he going to preach now? Will he go against the teachings of our Church in order to make his points?

    This is so sad. I'll pray for him.

  2. Or, you may be completely wrong. Maybe Fr. Corapi has seen several of his Priest friends in the past taken out by this totally unjust and truly weird inquisition process by the Bishops, and he is using his celebrity to highlight just how wrong it is to be unjustly accused and now even know who your accuser is, what the evidence is, etc. Guilty until proven innocent sounds stalinist to me, not Catholic.

  3. Pat, I'm with you on this but plz stop using the phrase "leaving the priesthood." It just perpetuates a popular myth. Corapi can leave the priesthood, of course, but the priesthood cannot leave him due to the fact of the ontological sign. His job isn't like mine (nursing) but something that he IS.

    As such, no matter what his personal circumstances, his course of action is wrong because, when he stands before the Lord, he will still be "Father" & he'll be responsible for all the souls he's lead down the black hole. Scary.

  4. Corapi, the first time I heard him, was a very moving and powerful speaker. However, I have to say that I stopped listening to him because something seemed off. Now this obviously holds no bearing on the man and I admit I have no idea what his intentions are or what the facts of the matter are. That being said, he is one of those people who I have always thought twice about and noticed that 'something' in the back of my mind keeping me from really trusting him. God bless him and may he be in our prayers.

  5. Jude, As the mother of a priest & the sister of 2 priests, I'm fully aware (& so are they!) of the "guilty until proven innocent" fact of today's priesthood. All that has to be happen is an accusation by one disgruntled person & their lives are changed forever. I was VERY happy to hear a retired bishop from Alaska bring that uncomfortable fact to the attention of the USCCB earlier this wk.

    That said, there is never any excuse for a priest to not only set himself up on a Victim Pedestal but to also encourage others to follow him out the door as he attempts to leave behind the Church. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  6. ThereseRita:

    Are you aware that Archbishop Hurley -who made that statment at the USCCB - is one of the most prominent proponents of gay rights in the hierarchy?

    He had an agenda in that statement. I'd be careful about using him.

  7. First of all, he does not appear to be leaving the Church. So what if he joins with the lay faithful. The priesthood is not to be understood as something better than being a layperson but just different paths, different states of life.

    I will say this. I respect very much the opinions of Catholic bloggers, in particular the Archbolds, Mark Shea, Elizabeth Scalia. But on this none have the complete picture so it is all speculation and one person's take or reaction is as good as the next whether one has a blog and a following or none.

    These excellent Catholic bloggers seem rather angry and that's fair. But we should note that the people who instantly piled on the condemnation and the hate on this priest when the news hit are in fact the same people who go around hating EWTN. And why would people go around hating EWTN? Or Fr. Corapi, why did he hit such a nerve? All that these places do is teach the magisterium, not more and not less. When you actively hate the magisterium of the Church, and publicly teach the dissent (not just personally hold one view or another or struggle as we all will), what is hated is the Church.

    Now I fully realize, Catholic bloggers will simply not be going there. I get that and there are very good reasons. They have to consider many things as all leaders in the Church should also do when putting something out there for consideration.

    I did not have the same reaction as the bloggers to this. In this I suspect that I am far from alone.

    What I do see is something bigger, beyond what is happening with or to John Corapi, which we all should reflect upon. The Church is holy. We profess this every Sunday. The Church is her ability to lead and to teach. Without that, well. And, we are Church though of course that is never limited to the relatively small number at Mass on Sunday. From moment to moment the number of earthly followers changes. We belong to the greater communion of saints.

    The magisterium is not a collection of documents. The magisterium is the Church and the Church is a living being, totally dynamic and interactive.

    At one time I believed that one could have, magisterium, plus, dissent, and somehow it could all still work. I have come to realize that the magisterium cannot in any sense be equated with dissent and it will never be an equally valid path, a good option for us. The Church/magisterium is the body of believers and it is a rule of life. It is not something that one can just intellectually agree to as if a vote and forget about. It may require struggle, there may be challenge. It may confound. It might not look like what we believe in all times and places it needs to look like. But for leaders in the Church to teach, organize and celebrate dissent, right now in times as they are? And to comprehend that the magisterium is the Church and vice versa takes not one iota away from believers, from any individual believer, or to the challenge of living a Christian life in times as they are. To comprehend that does not remotely close the door on the Church's ability to speak to and be effective and even to adapt to all times and places, keeping in mind the truth and the needs of the faithful.

    Please pray for those who partake of the Church's sacraments wherever situated. Please pray for unity in faith, hope and love.

  8. When St. Gerard Majella was accused of sexual wrongdoing, he remained silent. He did not defend himself and he submitted to the authority placed over him. About a year later, the girl who accused him recanted. When his superior, St. Alphonsos Liguori, asked Gerard why he didn't defend himself, he simply replied, "The rule forbids it."

    I don't know the details of this case, and Corapi is right when he says that the process in place is unfair, but what I do notice is a distinct lack of humility on Corapi's part. Jesus came in all humility and all of the saints exhibited it. I think it's safe to say that a person can't be a saint without humility. And I'm not seeing a lot of humility here.

  9. It's easy to say nice pious things about how Corapi should just suffer in silence.

    To me it sounds a bit like laying a heavy burden on someone's back. Anyone willing to lift a finger to help him move it?

  10. He did not "leave the priesthood"; he was suspended.

  11. From an excerpt of his autobiography on fathercorapi. com

    “ Finally, I knelt before the Successor of St. Peter. His hands rested on my head as he conferred the sacrament of Holy Orders. A thousand dark and desperate moments, like malevolent soldiers from another time, crashed the gate, and at what seemed like the speed of a single thought, my whole life passed before me.

    I was terrified, and I had no idea where I was. My head and my heart were pounding from the effects of three days of a cocaine-induced hell. What goes up must come down, and the law of gravity was functioning just as predictably on my body and mind as it does on all material objects. The White Lady is seductive and exotic when first you meet her, but in the end she’s a cruel and heartless lover. She’ll leave you more desolate, cold, and miserable than you ever could imagine. If she doesn’t give you a heart attack, she may convince you to kill yourself, for the dark depths of despair can be unbearable. “

    Is he saying he was lit up when he was ordained? W T ..?

  12. We have to distinguish between the opinions of thoughtful people versus those who wish to destroy the Church because they hate the truth of the magisterium. Even on this comment thread.

    And no I do not think he was not on cocaine when he was ordained, please grow up.

  13. Mark Shea and Elizabeth Scalia both posted outrageously inflammatory articles, with Mark's being downright ugly and vile.

    Allow me to repeat - everything Father Corapi said about the process is completely correct and that is really what is important. All the rest of it is really none of our business.

  14. Fr. Corapi didn't say he was leaving behind the Church. According to him he will be continuing to teach on Christ's teachings. The ones who are diabolical and following the devil are the bishops who are mishandling this investigation. In fact he is stepping down from public or private ministry from the priesthood so he doesn't have to take an adversarial approach to the Church. The Church was way too reactionary in their approach on how to handle those priests who are accused of improprieties. Frankly, the way the Catholic Church in the United States operates has some serious flaws in the way it handles scandals or scandalous actions by those who openly speak against Church teachings and then they assume the accused are guilty and that is shameful in my opinion.

    Here is my response:

  15. Meant to say - accused priests are guilty without there being any evidence to support their guilt.

  16. I am disappointed with Fr. Corapi. His leaving the priesthood instead of fighting the both telling and sad.

  17. What Mr. Archbold fails to calculate in his opinion is the possible emotional toll the accusations and investigation has had on Father Corapi. Perhaps, he suffered more than we realize and could not bear any more. Suffering has a subjective component. Of course, we wish that Father Corapi could have endured until the investigation was complete, but we just don't know what he was going through emotionally.

  18. I respect Mark Shea and Elizabeth Scalia and the Archbolds highly and anger and disappointment are totally understandable.

    It is worth asking: what is it that Fr. Corapi taught (that filled huge venues and stadiums which evidently people were hungry to hear)? He taught the Catechism of the Catholic Church! He did not teach himself though he gained following and popularity. He taught the truth. The truth is the truth no matter who preaches it or teaches it. The truth is powerful. Even if Fr. Corapi is totally guilty, is selling out as some are saying, wants adulation as some are saying, even if he is totally failing that does not change the fact that he taught the truth and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    If you celebrate his downfall then you may have to re-evaluate whether what you really hate is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If anyone actually believes that by celebrating his downfall that the truth will somehow now stop existing, well I suggest you undergo a reality check. You may not be playing with a full deck. The truth will never go away because Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and His teaching are embodied in His Church.

    Now when it came to what was taught, preached, and celebrated in liturgy in my home parish which was all about dissent and contained none of the timeless and powerful truths of the faith, when it was discovered that the same leader was a child rapist, I was quite relieved to throw out the whole baby with the bathwater. The dissent way never worked to begin with and the man himself was a violent predatory criminal who worked hatred on children and he never preached the truth. The truth was not in him and it was obvious from the start, in his words, deeds, actions.

    A conservative priest who founded an order and also preyed on children similarly did not preach the truth but preached, taught, and constructed, himself and his organization, first and foremost. It was readily encountered that the organization reflected first and foremost the worship of, the founder and not the truth even if it had elements of truth reflected. It was not a workable path of life.

    But when a man who has garden variety failings gains popularity, acclaim and sells dvds in abundance only because he has taught the truth of the Church (only recently have people even known what his order was) then the message is still true, will always be true, it is the faith and it is reliable and it was not made up by mortals and is not a fairy tale of one's own design.

    The take home message is, if you are in a place that celebrates dissent to the neglect of the ordinary and basic truths of the catechism, be careful. The truth is knowable by the sources of faith we have always known. It is good in all times and places. Other things have not endured the test of time and so we should be wary about placing our trust in that.


    Father Z's thoughtful comments on Father Corapi's departure.

  20. I only listened to it once, but I was confused: was he forced to leave the priesthood or did he do so voluntarily? I had the impression that this was not his choice but that those over him were suspending his faculties. Also, another question: I thought he was a priest of a religious order, so does he go back to his religious order? And finally, when he talked about preaching to a wider audience, does that mean he is not going to preach/teach about the church? It just all seemed so vague and, for lack of a better term, weird.

  21. If he becomes a lay person, he is constrained, because of his laicization to be a member of the church by attending mass etc and taking the Sacraments and nothing else. He has GIVEN UP THE SERVICE OF THE LAITY AND MUST NOT TAKE A PART IN ANY POSITION THAT IS IN ANY WAY A POSITION OF AUTHORITY OR TEACHING, CHOIRMASTER, CATECHIST,. I THINK HE WILL BE EMBRACED BY THE WARM FUZZY CHARISMATICS AND START YET ANOTHER SPLIT IN THE CHURCH

  22. It seems worth noting that Padre Pio & St. Gerard did not have the Internet to contend with & the extent of damage to both priest & the faithful is so much worse. Pray for Holy Mother Church as well as all involved.

  23. "No priest, no Eucharist." - Father Corapi. I am sad and confused.

  24. It's not that complicated. Fr. Corapi's charism is preaching and growing God's Kingdom by spreading the good news.

    People in positions of authority in the Church have used the opportunity of a unsubstantiated accusation from an unstable person to put a a bushel over Fr. Corapi's light.

    Father Corapi has told the story many times about the first spontaneous prayer he can remember praying as a young boy - God please don't let me die like other men, in bed of old age - let me go out with a bang - I want to die with my boots on!

    It is not in Fr. Corapi's nature to live a quiet life, hiding his great gift of preaching under a bushel, so since the Church won't allow him to preach, he has no choice but to continue his public ministry as a lay Catholic.

    Corapi's courageous move may inspire the Church leaders to correct the extremely flawed due process they impose on priests, and allow Fr. Corapi to speak with less restraints and to a wider audience. This will be a good thing!

    It is sad to see Catholic bloggers trying to make hay off of Fr. Corapi's situation, and be so willfully blind to the injustice he's suffered and all of the good his 20 year preaching career has done for building the kingdom.

    Father's ministry is self supporting, so he has to continue working and earning money to pay for this ministry, including the salaries of the people who work for him. It's not that complicated, but people insist on accusing him of being greedy for earning money to fund his ministry, and for being selfish for wanting to continue being a public figure rather than fade away never to be heard from again.

    The people who are judging Father Corapi and using his misery to increase their readership have not done half as much as Father Corapi has done to grow the Kingdom. We need more courageous Father Corapi's and less mediocre, mealy mouthed Catholic bloggers.

  25. I agree with a previous commenter that Fr. Z's comments are worth reading. By far, the best I have read to date.

  26. Father Z's comments are the only comments worth reading. I will never bother again with the Anchoress or that other guy's blog. Such vitriol just makes a painfully sad situation even worse. Everyone of us, and most especially priests, should learn a lesson from this. "There but for the grace of God......" Father Corapi deserves our most heartfelt prayers right now, not our criticism..

  27. "Father Corapi deserves our most heartfelt prayers right now, not our criticism.. "

    How about both?

  28. Now he can have all the chicks and bottles Just-For-Men he wants. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Well... maybe a little smack would be nice.

  29. The fact that he left is the takeaway, some or all of his vows discarded. Everything else is speculation.
    Looking at this whole thing in the larger, spiritual battle context, one of our towers, seemingly impenetrable, has been taken out. It is a grim reminder how vulnerable we all are, especially priests. Maybe venting our own feelings isn't the best approach, but we do need to think about all of this. And do some reinforcement/resupply in the spiritual sense.

    I am going to recommit myself to prayer and sacrifice, for Father C, all priests, the body of Christ, and my own pitiful self. Please, Dear Lord, send us your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.

  30. All the admonitions to pipe down and just pray would make sense if Corapi had said "Because of the process which has rendered me suspended I am no longer functioning as a Catholic priest but will be starting a new life as an insurance adjuster in Bozeman. Please pray for me." That would be one thing.

    But he's rebranded himself and will be selling himself and his stuff under this new brand.

    That's very public. It's activity that will separate people from their money.

    It bears scrutiny.

  31. For those searching for the humility and the obedience it is there. He says, do not bother the Bishop. He said, it is his right, what he is doing. He also says that Bishops have a heavy weight.

    I don't hear that he is not a priest but that he has left public ministry. It is not something any culture or society should aspire after, but if it happens that way it is because God permits it but he is no less a priest.

    Maybe another take home message is justice. He states that he is innocent. In these times of litigiousness, it is interesting that from this he does not waver. The accuser stated that she desired that he be destroyed. If you have been wronged, to desire the destruction of someone is simply not the Christian way and it is not justice either. Sometimes people forego litigation. Sometimes people go through with processes although they constantly have to re-evaluate their motives and must face that the justice that even the American system offers is never justice in the sense of the way Jesus envisions justice.

    In this instance he states that he is innocent. If you desire his destruction anyway simply because the message of the Catechism and the Catholic faith you also hate then you are going to need to check your motives.

    But since we are gathered together to interpret this event why don't we take a look at it. Let us assume for a moment that the accuser is entirely truthful that he engaged in orgies and drug use. Consensual sex with an adult.

    Understandably, such actions are not consistent with vows. We do not wish to tolerate this.

    But if we are all about driving out Church leaders well then, we had best get out the shovels and dig in.

    If we are selective about the driving out, and favor driving out, only ones who preach the Catechism, then we in the whole Church have got a problem that should be addressed.

    If our system of justice is configured such that people who are innocent must nonetheless be condemned, that is not justice and we've got big problems then.

    Do we desire that this man cease to exist, not breathe, not ever speak ever again? That's a problem. Why should we wish that on any person? Criminals in places in the world whose system of justice we look down may have more rights than that sort of envisioning.

    Catholic bloggers who reflect the goodness of the Church's magisterium, in their rush to get out a reaction to this and be on the scoop, may have gone a little bit too far in the venting. But it is not a sin and I will continue to read them though I did not have the same immediate reaction and it seems there are others as well. Their voice and contributions are so needed in the Church in these times.

    I understand that many people now professing to be Catholics are not familiar with the catechism and even believe that it does not matter. But in terms of the nerve this touches, I wonder whether any of us really has any sensible and respectful conception of what the holy priesthood is all about at all. A priest is not a coach, is not a sacramental minister, not a moralist, not a commentator on current events, not a dispenser of advice, not a spiritual counselor, not a community organizer, not an individual who is without sin. And yet it is true that where there is no priest, there is no Eucharist.

    This situation is not an easy one, not easily grasped or comprehended. Not something solvable through explanation, litigation or soundbyte. And no one has the full and complete story.

  32. I think this is more about the priesthood in general that Father Corapi himself. Here's my response.

  33. I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is an underlying "I" in alot of his preaching. Sometimes I found it difficult to get passed the "ego-wall" that seemed to stand between him and his listeners, which often made it difficult for me to see the fullness of the messages he was preaching. I know it may be just me; but just sayin'.

  34. My father returned to the Church because of John Corapi. Too bad Corapi ultimately doesn't have the courage of his convictions.

    All of the military analogy, combat, relentless warrior, etc. and when it got a little tough he bails and abandons his priesthood. So much for all the tough talk.

    He will fade into obscurity, or worse. Pray for him.

    The lesson to all is to avoid the cult of personality priest. That smells of protestantism.

    It's about Christ, the Truth made flesh, and His Holy Church.

  35. Anonymous@6:55

    You hit it on the head.

  36. "I respect Mark Shea and Elizabeth Scalia and the Archbolds highly and anger and disappointment are totally understandable."

    I've stopped reading Shea a few years ago and will probably stop reading Scalia if she continues down path of dissent.

    I wish Catholic bloggers would stop posting about Father Corapi, the posts always come out so uncharitable. Father Corapi's main ministry was calling fallen away Catholics back to the church - he was successful. Now folks, take a guess at who might have not liked that! Ok, now can we all just pray for the man and focus on being charitable? And if we're so scattered... what priest is in old-scatch's site next? It's getting scary out there.

  37. Anon @ 5:55 There's an old saying: talk about what you know. Our Lord mentioned Himself quite a bit in Scripture, as did St. Paul. Talking about yourself doesn't inherently mean that you are on an ego trip.

    Anon @ 6:55 My father is a Protestant who loves Fr. Corapi. I haven't told him about this. But who is any of us to judge what is going on in the mind and soul of Fr. Corapi? I thought Fr. Corapi was exaggerating when he said he was tossed out like yesterday's garbage, but I've read enough 'blog comments today to validate that assertion.
    And who is any of us to predict what will happen to Fr. Corapi? I admit, I listened to the black sheep dog speech and I find it strange, but I have no idea what is motivating Fr. Corapi's actions, and I'll bet a $2 bill that nobody here does either. That doesn't include people who think they know what is motivating Fr. Corapi's actions because they have a priest friend who..., etc.
    Father Corapi is not an idol to me; he is a brother in Christ who has done a great amount of good for the Church and for the Kingdom. It saddens me that so many people have turned on him without knowing the facts.
    It seems that more than a couple of 'blog commenters have found it amusing to say, "He's no Padre Pio." I would reply that anyone who goes around unjustly accusing a priest is no St. Francis of Assisi.

  38. He did not ask to be made into a "big star". All he did was travel around preaching, the Catechism. That his audience grew and grew, not for his asides about his past history or his comments but for the truth, for the Catechism. People seem to have been craving this. We should ask, not why people packed large venues to listen but why do Catholics not appear to be supplied with this where they need it.
    Fulton Sheen was a tv priest and his cause has been opened for sainthood. Another who did not ask for fame but had a gift and a talent and spoke the truth in and out of season.
    A "personality" preach should not be the first and last stop for a Catholic interested in knowing about the faith. Anyone who would merely stop there and go no farther would be in a bit of an arrested development. But that was not what happened. People who have realized conversion, reversion, from hearing the truth will never have that taken away.
    If the message where you are from your preachers lacks truth, is lukewarm, is just, ok, then do you blame the priest's personality or is it about something else? The truth is the truth and it will always be the truth.
    What we should do is realize that people need to hear the teachings of the Church and proclaim it that much more so. The sale of his dvds and his popularity establishes this.
    There are obviously dissenting priests, some in horrible dissent and saying horrendous things about the Church, who totally rely upon the "cult of personality". Is that "protestantism"?
    It is not about the fame but the message which is eternal and does not matter that this accusation got the best of him even when it was apparently a false accusation.

  39. Corapi shouldn't open his mouth to accuse people of accusing him.

  40. One "good" that has come out of all of this is the emergence of great lay leaders who also teach the Catechism, the beauty of the Church's teachings and can be heard on EWTN tv and radio and also go around the country speaking to parishes and groups and some also publish books, articles, have blogs. So, whether you miss Corapi or didn't watch anyway, whether you are military, retired, like hunting, or didn't get any of the battle metaphor, no matter. Watch, Jeff Cavins, Scott Hahn, Mike Aquilina, Joseph Pearce, Johnette Benkovic, Patrick Madrid, Colin Donovan, Barbara McGuighan and many many other lay persons who teach the exact. And then there is Salt and Light. There are European, English, Australian Catholic bloggers. If you speak Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Italian, and many many more you will find lay Catholics sharing the Good News. The truth is good, the sources are trustworthy, and the truth is eternal. Sure, if a proclaimer is taken out of commission the faith takes a hit but it takes it in stride, never overcome, never extinguished and it will never go away. The magisterium of the Church is set up to endure even the failings and sin of the faithful and still prevail as is God's will. Peace.

  41. "He did not ask to be made into a "big star". All he did was travel around preaching, the Catechism. That his audience grew and grew, not for his asides about his past history or his comments but for the truth, for the Catechism"

    Not exactly.

    Corapi tweaked his image and enhanced his CV. He did not reach fame by teaching about the Catechism - he did it by flogging his suppose life and conversion story.

    He built a career putting himself at the center.

    He also built a career of preaching being very selective and demanding of those who hosted him. That's how it's done. You don't become in demand by being easy and available. You create a persona of a rock star and then people treat you like that. So...Corapi wouldn't go into a parish to do a mission unless he was guaranteed a 15K take for the week.

    And so on.

  42. Goodbye Corapi. Enjoyed your talks but no more (even if your innocent).

  43. Never trust a man who dyes his hair.

  44. Paul and Peter disagreed. Corapi and Peter diagree.

  45. I started listening to some outstanding homilies on-line.

    In order for a priest to have a homily posted, the requirement is that the priest whose homily is posted must remain anonymous. The purpose is to be edified by preaching of the Word, not attachment to the preacher.

    After this story of Fr. Corapi, I respect this policy so much.

    Based on my own sin and weaknesses, I now see how this wisely protects the preacher as much as the listener. We are all susceptible.

    I humbly remain in awe of Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Think of the crowds he commanded and the choice He made...

    Thank you to all the priests who remind us to focus on Jesus and His mother, no matter the state of their souls. We entrust that to God.

    May these priests remain anonymous on earth and receive great reward in Heaven. If called to public attention, may God Himself sustain them. Nothing less will do.

  46. I'm from Texas and so won't push the sheep metaphor very far, but we do have a Shepherd, and Mr. Corapi ain't it. Neither are the keyboard commandos. Just goin' to Mass in the morning to listen and to receive.

  47. obviously most people have never been falsely accused of anything. for those of us who have it can be right unsettling.
    but the question remains - has he taught anything contrary to the deposit of the faith.

  48. the Bishop of Corpus Christi is not an evil man. He's orthodox and loyal to the Magisterium. This is the damage that Corapi is doing. He's poisoning people to believe that he's been treated unfairly by the Bishop of CC.

    Sorry, but I don't follow Fr. Corapi. I follow Jesus Christ. I am not going to let this sad event in Corapi's life destroy the obedience I have to the Shepherd of the Corpus Christi Diocese.

  49. I'm a Catholic and a convert of 25+ years. I've said it many times and I'll say it again: CATHOLICS TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE CRAP. Many Catholics are just judgmental and silly and a lot of them are just plain mean, and that's a fact. You have to wonder if they just inherited what religion they say they have. YOu have to wonder if they've ever read any scripture at all for themselves, EVER.

    About the popular Catholic bloggers who have said such awful things, knocking someone else in order to increase your readership is not Christian. In fact, most of the pagans I know would not stoop that low. Seriously. It's disgusting.

    PS. I'm not a fan of Fr. Corapi's. He's not my type of preacher, but that doesn't make it okay to treat him like crap in public no matter what he's done or not done, Catholic or not.

    If he upsets you so badly, you should ask yourself why and accept only an answer that's beyond your stupid immature cliches. Think for once. It'll do you good.

  50. Mr. Archbold, your thoughts on the whole insane mess exactly echo mine.

    Holy Mary pray for us!

  51. A+ Patricia!

  52. I have written my thoughts here (if I may):

    Besides what I have written in my blog post, there is a problem of many Catholics now going around saying that abandoning holy orders can be justified. It cannot.

    A priest is a soldier in Christ's trench before being everything else (say: a TV star, or an entrepreneur). He is not supposed to leave the trench because he doesn't like how his commanding officer treats him.

    A priest is a victim before being a preacher.

    A priest can be sent to Iraq, or to Pakistan, every day. When he becomes a priest, he knows all this. Father Corapi is being disingenuous in his saying that the only alternative to rebellion to his holy orders is to lay down and lie, or such like.

    This is why, by all understanding for the difficult situation and the, in my eyes, absurd way the diocese is proceeding with him, we Catholic bloggers should point out to the fact that we are no Protestants, and that by us you don't leave just because you don't like the situation anymore.

    Best wishes to him. Wishes that he sees the light and tries to remedy as he can.


  53. In the absence of knowledge, no judgment is possible.

    Prayers, charity, and love are all needed. Let us seek first to remove the log from our own eye.

  54. First you say, "I have to think this through, but ..."

    Then you write, "Quitting the priesthood may mean he was not a very good priest or man."

    WOW. That may not be character assassination, but it is way out of line. Maybe people should simply quit yapping and speculating when they have no first hand involvement. The truth will come out. In the meantime, does the Internet HAVE to comment on everything instantaneously? Whatever happened to reticence and a desire not to contribute to gossip. I found Corapi's video outrageously out of line myself, but we simply don't know any of the deal. "Not a very good man," and yesterday bell of the Catholic ball. Not a nice crowd to party with. Much less pray...

  55. Hilarious.

    Nobody really knows anything about Corapi's situation nor does anyone know exactly what he intends to do or what he really means by leaving active ministry of the priesthood.

    And yet wagging tongues and flailing fingers can't keep from denouncing or praising Corapi...all the while nobody knows anything.

    The internet sucks.

  56. As I pray and my heart cries in sadness today.
    The devil is having a field day making the priesthood look like a joke. I ask Jesus to cover Fr. Corapi with His precious blood and protect him from the evil one. How awful to be accused of wrong doing if one is innocent. I shall continue to pray the Mercy rosary for him.

  57. So, Fr. Corapi will be available on radio, and in print. Frankly, a person needs to earn their daily bread and Fr. Corapi is no exception. Especially now that he's left the RC priesthood.

    At this point it would be just fine if Fr. Corapi doesn't turn into another Cutié, who never misses a chance to throw petulant and scornful jabs at the Church during interviews, on print, and now his new "Father Oprah"-type self-help TV show.

  58. From the autobiography excerpt on

    "Finally, I knelt before the Successor of St. Peter. His hands rested on my head as he conferred the sacrament of Holy Orders. A thousand dark and desperate moments, like malevolent soldiers from another time, crashed the gate, and at what seemed like the speed of a single thought, my whole life passed before me.

    I was terrified, and I had no idea where I was. My head and my heart were pounding from the effects of three days of a cocaine-induced hell. What goes up must come down, and the law of gravity was functioning just as predictably on my body and mind as it does on all material objects. The White Lady is seductive and exotic when first you meet her, but in the end she’s a cruel and heartless lover. She’ll leave you more desolate, cold, and miserable than you ever could imagine. If she doesn’t give you a heart attack, she may convince you to kill yourself, for the dark depths of despair can be unbearable."

    What is the man saying here? Hasn't anyone noticed this in all chaos? Is HE saying he was stoned or just off a bender when he was ordained?

    I noticed someone earlier said, "grow up no he wasn't high", but it looks to me like he is saying he was. Is anyone else reading this passage that way and if so what if any are the implications?

  59. Read it again, Anonymous. He's saying that during his ordination he flashed back through his life. " whole life passed before me." The second paragraph is a memory. I would be willing to bet (although I haven't read the autobiography) that there were other events also highlighted by the Life-in-Review that occurred at the moment of his ordination.

  60. The scary fact about this is that Fr. Corapi was Fr. Tom Eiutentauer's spiritual director. The beyond scandalous nature of Fr. Tom's evil actions (mostly unknown by the general public)gives me pause. What if this is not just a coincidence?

  61. Corapi can't claim he was never allowed to know who his accuser is and also be suing her, which he is.

    He's a grifter, a con artist, a huckster, a sham, always has been, probably always will be.

    He exhibits classic narcissistim personality disorder, he suffers from delusions of grandeur, and may also suffer from paranoid delusions as well.

    He lied about his military background, he operates outside the normal boundaries of religious life, he has a "personal trainer" named Gina, he claims some mystery illness requires him to faux-tan and dye his hair, he lives in a lavish home on his own, has his own media company, requires his employees to sign non-disclosure clauses, etc., etc., etc.

    Then, the bizarro wolf/dog/sheep fantasy fanboi icon, the gradiose announcement that he alone is now guarding the sheep (baa) in the world, the creepy FB page...

    C'mon people...wake up.

    I've even seen a few of his whackier devotees claim it's not really him, he's being held captive somewhere, and it's an imposter acting as him in order to slam his good name (seriously -- you can't make this stuff up!).

    At some point the only response to this creepy guy and his even creepier worhipers is to laugh. They no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt or to be taken seriously at all.

  62. Let's just wait and see what's up. By his fruits we will know him. Everything hidden will be revealed.

  63. Look I have no barge to row in this matter, but I have to say I never liked Fr Corapu's preaching style at all. I found it to be brusque, tough, abrasive and a little too me, me me and all my past things Ive done before I was ordained a priest. But that being said, it does not matter if he is totally innocent of any sham charges brought against him by someone we don't even know. Accusations which are false must be condemned. Earlier this decade accusations of a very serious nature were made against Cardinal Pell of Sydney. He stepped aside for a couple of months while a judge came in and they had a 'trial' of some nature. Pell denied the accusations against him when he was a seminarian running a school camp and the charges were found not proven. He returned to his See and of course the rest is history.
    So why cannot there be a similar 'court' for Corapi and others soTHE TRUTH CAN BE FOUND OUT. Why not?
    Arch Weakland admitted having an affair with another man and is still a bishop and still saying Mass. And loads of money were paid in that case
    Something is wring somewhere. Many priests and bishops are being attacked and going. Some get attacked and stay.
    What's happening?

  64. I think that to begin to understand this process, one must think subjectively, that is the mind of John Corapi. While ony one person can do that, empathy for his situatuion demands that we think it through from the perpective of the accused.

    To begin with, then Fr. Corpapi was suspended from ministry on the basis of unsupported accusation. In fairness, the Bishops have put any clergyman in a bad spot, anyone that is not psychotic that accuses them can halt their ministry. Zero due process.

    Secondly, as Fr. Corpapi was an outspoken reformer, he attracted both friends and ememies.

    Thirdly, those ememies, in his mind, were using the investiagtion to permaently stop his ministry.

    To continue as a priest could mean permanent silence.

    To continue as a public lay man would mean he could continue his work.

    The Church is divine and human, I for one will not judge a man who struggles against its humanness. Remember. Abp. Sheen resigned...

  65. This is all so very troubling. There are so many vague statements contained in his statement, that one cannot really know what it means.

    There is an apparent lack of humility in Fr. (I'll still call him by that moniker, at least for now) Corapi's response to this whole thing. That is troubling.

    There is also a big lack of charity in so many of the previous posts - maybe even more troubling.

    Personally I find it hard to pray for someone or something I know little of, and yet I must try. We are called to pray, even for our enemies, and Fr. Corapi is certainly no enemy. He has been a great preacher and teacher for 20 years.

    Anyone who is aware of Church history knows that sometimes things can take a very, very long time to come to resolution. Sometimes (many times?) more than one person's life time. So with that in mind, I believe the best course of action is to pray for everyone involved - Fr. Corapi, his superiors, the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Fr. Corapi's accuser, the various members of counsel for each side. And Holy Mother Church and ALL of her members.

  66. Litany of Humility by Merry Cardinal del Val, secretary of state to Pope Saint Pius X

    O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, Hear me.
    From the desire of being esteemed, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being loved, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being extolled, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being honored, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being praised, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being preferred to others, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being consulted, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the desire of being approved, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being humiliated, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being despised, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of suffering rebukes, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being calumniated, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being forgotten, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being ridiculed, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being wronged, Deliver me, O Jesus.
    From the fear of being suspected, Deliver me, O Jesus.

    That others may be loved more than I, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That others may be esteemed more than I, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That, in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That others may be chosen and I set aside, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That others may be praised and I go unnoticed, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That others may be preferred to me in everything, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
    That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should, Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.

  67. I don't know the man from Adam, and maybe he's guilty and off his rocker but whatever happened to "but by the grace of God there go I" people? It's one thing to judge right and wrong fairly, but it seems a lot of Christians here pass a kind of self righteous judgment just to sound off and forget that the spiritual work of mercy of "admonishing the sinner" is meant to correct a soul in order to build him back up again in love- not make the person into a fool even if he has acted foolish. To paraphrase, remove the beam in you own eye first, then worry about the speck in your brother's eye. Pray for this man who still apparently is encouraging people to stay in and love the church despite his own personal failings or struggles.

  68. I'm not defending Corapi but this commenter was too funny:

    "He's a grifter, a con artist, a huckster, a sham, always has been, probably always will be." Hmmm, maybe this person should have been on the investigative team. Get the guilty verdict done quicker. Who needs impartially, right? :) The Church is a museum for saints silly people not a hospital for sinners!

    "he operates outside the normal boundaries of religious life"
    Yeah, I saw a couple of priests at Panera once in running clothes. I mean that's just not right. It's like seeing an old teacher shopping in the mall or going to the movies. Some people aren't supposed to have a life.

    "he has a "personal trainer" named Gina,"
    Priests aren't supposed to be healthy or fit. It's not like they have a lot of work to do.

    "he claims some mystery illness requires him to faux-tan and dye his hair,"
    Yes, canonical law was updated to be more in line with Calvinistic Puritanism. Religious who dye hair, get a tan or a haircut, clip nails, or use deodorant are guilty of mortal sins! All is vanity as you know.

    "he lives in a lavish home on his own,"
    Yeah, our bishop just bought and 800,000 home but it's ok because he's above criticism being a bishop and all.

    "has his own media company,"
    Pssst, don't tell the Evangelicals or they'll get in on this whole media thing and win more converts than the Catholic Church. The Holy Spirit hates television and computers, don't you know that!

    "requires his employees to sign non-disclosure clauses, etc., etc., etc."
    Well if you call that running a business I'll eat my shorts.

  69. I believe myself that there is now in the Church an concerted effort to destroy any orthodox person like Mother Angelica, and just recently Michael Voris who was actually recently forbidden to speak in a certain diocese and had to go elsewhere. Coincidence, I don't think so. Also there is no doubt the Zero Tolerance Policy has taken away the rights all priests are to have under the 1983 Code of canon law. Change is needed. On the other hand I do not agree with his decision on June 17.

  70. If Corapi was a priest of real conviction, he would retrn to his community nd ride this out...

    Bottom line: his media empire riches are more important to him than his priestly vows... pathetic

  71. Corapi has a good business going selling god. being a catholic priest is useless. Its a joke. Plus he likes women, a natural function which the catholic cult tries to suppress.The CC would rather its priests be homosexual


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