Mom To Have Dead Son's Baby

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

This is a story from the UK Sun with a lot of heartbreak and even more...ick.
A WOMAN is set to fulfil her dream of becoming a grandmother — using her dead son's sperm.
Marissa Evans was shattered when beloved son Nikolas died after he was punched on a night out with friends.

The 21-year-old suffered a devastating brain injury after he was knocked down and his head hit a pavement.
He spent five days in intensive care, before Marissa, known as Missy, made the agonising decision to switch off his life-support machine.

But before his life slipped away the divorced 44-year-old controversially asked to harvest his sperm.

A judge ruled that doctors could go ahead with Missy's wishes so she could see through Nikolas' desire to one day become a dad. Missy, of Austin, Texas, said: "I told the court that I wanted my grandchild. The judge gave me the sweetest look and nobody objected."
Losing a child. I can't think of anything worse. It's just devastating. Horrible. But you know what else is pretty damn horrible? A mother getting injected with her dead son's sperm in order to give birth to her son/grandchild.

I repeat. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


  1. She's not having the child herself. She's hired a surrogate who supposedly resembles her son's type, thinking the child will look like a traditional grandchild would look. But, surrogate.

  2. There is too much wrong with this to keep track of:

    1. The dead man will not be there for the child, so it is bizarre to say that it fulfills his wish to be a father.
    2. The child will forever be without his father. I hope that a father figure emerges somewhere in his or her life.
    3. If it is by surrogacy, the child will be, I'm guessing, without a mother throughout his or her life.
    4. The mother is psychologically unhinged and is trying to replace her son, I imagine. She needs therapy, not a court ruling that supports her grief-triggered insanity.

  3. Isn't this like buying grandchildren?

    Imagine if the son was alive, but didn't want children. Yet, he 'donated' his sperm to his mother so she could create the grandchildren she always wanted. In which these he had no legal obligation to them, and the surrogate/egg donor had no legal obligation financially or socially.

    The grandmother is divorced, so these children don't even get a grandfather.

  4. Matthew,

    I agree. Terrible. However, it IS a surrogate, according to the news accounts I can find.

  5. This is every kind of wrong. Just awful.

  6. I would not let her raise my dog--she sounds too unbalanced.


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