World's First IVF Lottery

The world's first IVF lottery is set to launch in Britain!!! As The Sun says, it gives "gamblers the chance to win a baby."

The controversial game, newly granted a Gambling Commission licence, will see players buy £20 tickets online.

The winner will net £25,000 fertility treatments at one of the country's top clinics.

The lottery will offer the chance to become a parent every single month...With no bars on entry, single, gay and elderly players will be free to take part in the lotto - the first of its type worldwide...

If standard IVF fails, they will be offered donor eggs, reproductive surgery - or even a SURROGATE birth...

But the scheme seems certain to start a huge debate, particularly among religious groups who might view it as "selling" precious human life.
Might? They "might" view it as selling human life? I wonder how else one could consider this?

People as commodities has come full circle. Babies are the new black. Instead of being chained in ships, they're stored in ice trays. Their only chance at life is to be purchased. England is in desperate need of a new William Wilberforce.

How about just putting babies out for bid? How about ebay? Or maybe a game show where people are forced to eat bugs and swim with electric eels for a chance to win a human being. Or maybe babies should be sold straight up as commodities.

Truly, how would any of those be different from the lottery?

Here's a good rule - Life should never be subject to the whims of supply and demand. Any deviance from that rule and you've officially climbed into the handbasket. And we all know where that goes.


  1. Oh, for crying out loud. If they need babies that bad, they could just ask America. We throw them away by the thousands...

  2. The supply and demand of human beings began with the Industrial Revolution, at which point people became "workers", then "labor" and now "human resources"- first the fathers, then the mothers.
    It was only a matter of time before the rest of the family became a commodity to be bought and sold.


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