3 Deadliest Words in the World: "It's a Girl"

This is horrifying. Just horrifying. I pray that future generations will look back upon this and recoil in horror like we all do now with slavery. But if we don't continue fighting against the dehumanization of the unborn and born this will simply be accepted as a norm.

Check out the trailer for this documentary called "It's a Girl." It's about three minutes long and just gives the briefest of glimpses into the gendercide taking place right now.

HT SBA-List.


  1. This looks like a very well-made film- I'm looking forward to seeing it (and crying)

    for those that have Netflix Instant, they have a National Geographic movie about the one-child policy (and missing girls) that is very good

  2. The one that is haunting me is the woman who very matter-of-factly claims that she has killed eight infant girls.

  3. The most ironic and painful thing is that many of the men that "made it" will suffer greatly due to the artificial gender gap.

  4. What sucks is that the people who most need to see this never will.

  5. Oh gracious, the anguish on the face of the woman at about the two-minute mark.

  6. Massive creepy points:
    on the day you posted this, about the time you posted it, I was on the way to the hospital in labor. Based on the differences in how this kid was carrying, playing the odds and such, I was "expecting" a boy.

    We have a second, healthy, lovely little girl.

    Needless to say, not going to watch the video and it's hitting close to the heart. Given human nature, history and past patterns, my girls are definitely going to know how to defend themselves.


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