Cardinal Goes on Hunger Strike, Why Don't We?

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, recently began a hunger strike to defend the right to freedom of education.

How is this much different from what's going on here in the United States where we have the National Labor Relations Board deciding which Catholic college is Catholic enough to be exempt from federal labor laws and the Obama administration forcing Catholic schools to pay for abortion and sterilization?

I think we need some Cardinals speaking out and being as brave as Cardinal Zen. Right now. I think we need anyone and everyone speaking out and doing outrageous things right now.

The attacks going on against Catholic institutions right now calls for some supremely outrageous actions on our part, don't they?

Hey, if bloggers went on a hunger strike would anyone notice?


  1. I think the cardinals here need a little more love for God and His business or something.

    Perhaps Card. Wuerl is scared of Nancy; I don't blame him. Dang, have you seen ... never mind.

    And Card. OMalley in that Liberal corner of the USA has succumbed to the Stockhold syndrome and become a Liberal himself - imho.

    Card. Mahoney? Yes, that Liturgical nightmare and reincarnation of Liberation theology still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    But we can start I guess - even without the media coverage. God will see it regardless.


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