Bishop Lori on "Immediate and Palpable Threats to Religious Freedom”

CMR kudos to Bishop William Lori, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, who joined Fox and Friends to speak about the disappearing religious freedoms in this country right now.

He said, according to Fox News, that while he’s engaged in a dialogue with the administration, “We certainly are experiencing right now some immediate and palpable threats to religious freedom.”

That's some strong words. I'd been hoping that the bishops' push back on this issue had succeeded -at least to a point. After Archbishop Timothy Dolan met with Obama he seemed to say that Obama gets it and everything would be worked out. But here's the thing - Obama says nice things all the time. No President ever talked about bipartisanship more than Obama but he's one of the most partisan nasties the Oval Office has seen since LBJ. So just because Obama says nice things, it doesn't necessarily mean that his actions will follow. Remember, when he spoke at Notre Dame, he was all sunshine and unicorns about conscience protections. How's that working out?

Bishop Lori went on to say on Fox and Friends: “Catholic hospitals, catholic charities, our schools, provide first-rate services, and I believe it’s the duty of government to accommodate our religious beliefs and convictions and allow us to perform those services according to our own light, even when we are engaged in a government contract.”

Check out the interview here. Definitely worth it.


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank God for our Catholic Church. Obama's government would have us all be property, slaves of the state. Taxpayers funding them, and by them I mean every politician, every servant of the citizen. Obama does not create citizens, our founding principles, our unalienable rights, our Creator gives equality. Obama is not better than the smallest conceived individual.A true president would feel the pain of every aborted child. A real human being would strive to relieve pain at every opportunity. Obama is bent on inflicting pain at every chance to taxpayers, to the citizens, to anybody who stands against his philosophy of "take as much as you can, as fast as you can" Obamacare is a fence for fleecing, robbing and stealing everything people have including their rights, their conscience and the dignity. People without dignity are easy to tyranize.

  2. Since Obama has exiled himself from our Creator and unalienable rights and has become a parasite on the taxpayer it is time Obama left.

  3. Catholic citizens may not be disenfranchised of their citizenship because of their religiously held belief in God. Obamacare specifically denies to Catholic citizens and those unborn who may become Catholic citizens the exercise of their unalienable rights, by defining who may, and who may not be Catholic: totalitarianism disenfranching anyone whom the totalitarian wishes to disenfranchise. We have The Declaration of Independence to declare that all men are created equal.

  4. The First Amendment to our Constitution reads:"...or prohibit the free exercise thereof;..." What part of the First Amendment does Obama not understand?

  5. It kind of reminds me of A Man for All Seasons: The Church has not really respected the integrity of the constitution and the federal system, and now the proverbial devil can turn on it without any protection from the constitution. For that matter, I'm not sure the Church has really respected the integrity of Americans as a people. This is to say nothing of the cabal of homosexuals and pedophiles infesting the priesthood and religious orders, and ubiquitous indifference to liturgical norms, the moral doctrines of the Church, and the scandalous habits of Catholic charities, schools and universities. Let's face it: how do we know Obama isn't being pushed in this direction by Pelosi, Biden, and other Catholics? Or how much is it that people outside the Faith have sown discord within the Church, and how much is it that people within have sown discord throughout the world, and are now fighting their intra-nicene battles in law?

  6. Catholics pay taxes, also. We have every right to have a say in how our money is spent!!

  7. The self-pitying complaints from Catholics over this matter remind me of the way some people cry that they are being censored when they are refused the use of a media outlet to spout their message. They do not understand the difference between the right to free speech and the right to use somebody else's platform to spread that free speech.

    The bishop says: "Catholic hospitals, catholic charities, our schools, provide first-rate services, and I believe it’s the duty of government to accommodate our religious beliefs and convictions and allow us to perform those services according to our own light, even when we are engaged in a government contract."

    Wow. Catholics are too special to be required to meet the requirements of a government contract. Anyone mean enough to suggest that if they can't meet the requirements they shouldn't have the contract is a straight-up persecutor of Catholics.

    If I were looking for an architect to design a restaurant with a wine cellar, the Muslim who refused to include the wine cellar would not get the job. Does that mean I'm a persecutor of Muslims?

  8. Latest anonymous, who's reading you this blog?

    That is, beyond all shadow of a doubt, the mostslack-jawed fumblefisted halfwit brain-dead moron analogy I have ever seen.

    What the administration is trying to do, O intellectual colossus, would be like if they threatened your Muslim architect with the loss of his license if he didn't make the wine cellar. And your useless brain can't see the difference?

    I am surprised your middle school doesn't block blogs.


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