10 Differences Between Obama and Jesus

We saw yesterday how the Capitol Hill Christmas tree didn't mention Jesus but it surely prominently placed some love for Obama right at eye level on the tree. Along with that is the constant representation of Obama with a halo. So CMR thought it would be wise to detail some ways where Obama and Jesus differ.

10) At least we know where Jesus was born. What?!

9) Jesus was God but some thought he was just a man so they killed Him. Obama was a man who some think is God so they adore him.

8) Jesus loosed us from strict dietary laws. Obama and his wife want to make new ones.

7) Jesus came so that we could live life more abundantly. Obama wants to take from those who live abundantly.

6) Jesus celebrated the Last Supper. Because of Obama, millions don't know if any meal is their last.

5) Jesus didn't need a teleprompter.

4) Jesus was persecuted. Obama just thinks he is.

3) They both give the Jews in Jerusalem a lot of headaches. But for very different reasons.

2) One is the way, the light, and the truth. One thinks he is the way and the light, that's the truth.

1) Jesus said, "And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me." Obama says that's above his pay grade.

Join in if you'd like and list some differences in the combox.


  1. Jesus saved an entire nation; Obama has tried to destroy one.

    Jesus said "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God." Obama says give everything to Caesar.

    Jesus forgave others of their sins. Obama blames Bush and conservatives for his mistakes and never forgets any mistakes that they made.

    Jesus said, "And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me." Obama orders states to fund the killing of those children.

  2. 10. Jesus cured the sick and the lame. Obama is lame.

    9. Jesus walked on water. Members of the Obama cult think Obama walks on water.

    8. Jesus drove the money changers from the Temple. Obama squeezes them for contributions.

    7. Jesus said “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” Obama only got the first four words of that quotation.

    6. Jesus was a Jew. Obama is a (fill in the blank.)

    5. Jesus rode a jackass into Jerusalem. Obama relied on the votes of jackasses to ride into Washington.

    4. Jesus spoke with authority. Obama votes present.

    3. Jesus was born in a stable. Obama is doing his best with his economic policies to ensure that is where we all be living if he gets a second term.

    2. Jesus died to free us from our sins. Obama tells us our sins are not sins.

    1. Jesus really was the Messiah.

  3. I find even comparing the two offensive.

  4. Jesus was crucified, and rose from the dead three days later. Obama thinks he's being crucified, and hopes his political career can be ressurected in 2012.

  5. Jesus said to provide for the sick-Obama made access to healthcare more affordable for all.

    Jesus said to help the poor and hungry-Obama wants to lower the burden on lower income families while making everyone pay their fair share and not having the rich have the lowest tax rates of anyone. Today the middle-class is paying less in federal taxes than they have in decades.

    To me it seems like the message of helping the poor and the sick while treating everyone equally and with love is exactly what he's doing.

    Opinions can't be carried as facts...Obama has put in place steps to ensure the sick get taken care of and everyone is paying their fair share, including trying to ensure the rich aren't paying less than the poor.

    Would Jesus have advocated for lower tax breaks for the rich while making lower and middle income families pay more? To me it seems as though he wouldn't.

  6. I never remember hearing Obama say he was the messiah or that he's being crucified...

    y'all have some vivid imaginations

  7. Nice to see the DNC spokesman showed up. Please, anonymous, answer the following questions: what is another person's 'fair share'? When the top 10% pay the majority in federal income taxes and the bottom 49% pay 0%...how is that fair? Do you think Jesus would base his philosophy on envy and class warfare as Obama has? How has Obama provided health care for all? Did he reach into his wallet or yours? In as far as the whole Messiah/crucifixion thing: Obama has been the most thin skinned president we have ever had since Nixon. He never takes any responsibility for his own failed policies but passes the buck to others. Oh, and do you think Jesus would tell health professionals they must provide for contraception and abortion? Do you think he would fight a conscience clause? I notice you do not tackle the fact that Obama is the most vitriolic abortion president we have ever had. Or is that not a problem for you? Do you think Christ would have given nice speeches about the poor then lived it up with his rich pals poking fun at those who cling to religion? Looks like someone has drunk a lot of Obama flavored kool-aid. And before you retort about "bush and the GOP"...I don't have much use for them either.

  8. Religion is a foolish story told to ignorant people to make them feel better about themselves. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Santa isn't real either. #turntheothercheek

  9. Jesus didn't write his own book.
    Obama didn't either.

    Jesus cursed the bush (Mark 11:12) and it died.
    Obama curses Bush and nothing happens.

    Jesus had three years of work and changed the world.
    Obama had four years in office and never worked.

  10. This is ignorant at best and idiotic at worst. Jesus came so we could live more abundantly had nothing to do with money. Jesus said, "Give Caesar what is Caesar's" which is another way of saying pay your taxes. Convincing people that giving to the poor is wrong and hoarding money for yourself is the right way to live one of the greatest hoaxes of our time. Don't fall for it, folks. Open your eyes. Jesus would have never been a Republican.

  11. LOL anonymous above me. He never would be a Democrat either. LOL. Obama wants everyone to pay for killing children, Jesus would puke at that. Jesus teaches us to be satisfied with what we have, Obama wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Jesus healed the sick from his own goodness, Obama wants all of us to pay for it. Jesus never forced anyone to do anything against their will, Obama wants to force us to violate our consciences.

  12. Jesus changed the world. With Obama all I have left in my pocket is change.

  13. DN...you are a perfect example of twisting the Word to suit your own selfish agenda. It costs money to sustain a civilized society--policemen, firemen, emergency workers. It costs money to maintain infrastructure--safe bridges and roads, transportation, power plants. It costs money to have good schools. We all use these services and we all need to pay for them. This is not "stealing". No one wants to contribute to society anymore and it's beginning to show. Asking wealthy people to contribute more is logical and fair. Jesus didn't ask us to be happy with what we have, he asked us to give it all away, to not be held spiritually captive by money or possessions. It is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than enter the Kingdom of God because he is more attached to earthly possessions than he is to his own salvation. Laugh all you want, but when we start to put people before greed and money, we will surely have God's Kingdom on earth.

  14. Anon...I do not mind paying for the roads and such...I DO mind paying for the abortions, contraception, wars, graft, corruption, junkets, perks, and other things I wouldn't pay for if not forced to. This government is corrupt from head to toe, and Obama is the Grand High Pooba on this Mardi Gras float from hell. And, why do not he entire 100% have to pay for the infrastructure...why only a minority? Do not the poor and middle class use the roads, bridges, emergency services as well as the rich? Point is, too many do not have any skin in the game, or damnably little. Before you go off on tax exemption for churches: we still pay all payroll taxes. In addition to the FICA, Federal, and self-employment tax I have to pay...I also have to pay sales taxes, property taxes on my stuff, excise taxes, fees, licenses. IN fact I estimated that I pay over 45% of my gross income in taxes. I make 21,500. Tell me, how much more is my fair share?

  15. Anonymous above - where is it written that "ALL things must be provided for by THE GOVERNMENT"? There are many items on your list that could be better and more easily handled by private enterprise and actually once were.

    "No one wants to contribute to society anymore and it's beginning to show." Are you that blind that you don't see? It's your thinking of ALL GOVERNMENT that is causing that mentality. Why should anyone contribute when THE GOVERNMENT will take care of us!!

  16. Anon- we don't all use what we pay for either. I homeschool, so those taxes that I pay that go to the local public schools are being used by other people's kids, not mine and I can't do anything about it.

  17. If you'd like to put all your trust in corporations to pick up the slack, then good luck to you. It will never happen. Bill P--why are you so against the wealthy paying more? You are precisely the kind of person I'm defending.

    I have no problem with churches being tax exempt as long as they do not use their influence to push a political agenda. If they are going to pay to back candidates, then they should pay taxes.

    Don't bother replying--I won't be back here. The attitudes on this site are hypocritical and anti-Christian, couched as religious rhetoric. When you're all done being bitter and narrow-minded, try to remember that our only purpose here is to love.

  18. Congress makes laws according to the will of the people. Obamcare and Rural Councils are fraudulent laws to nationalize all healthcare and all private property by the Executive branch of government. No wonder civics is not being taught in grammar schools.
    Barack Obama swallowed his constituency whole when he began legislating from the oval office. Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils nationalizes all private property. Obamacare nationalizes all healthcare, conscripts all medical personnel and patients as employees of the state, as forced labor without compensation. As a Senator, Obama had to know that Congress makes laws. And all laws made by Congress must be the will of the people as ratified by two thirds of the states in our founding principles, The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
    Hitler made the trains run on time (under penalty of death). Hitler made sure every family had a car, the Volkswagon. Hitler killed the people nobody liked, the Gypsies, the homosexuals, the mentally disabled, the crippled, the sick, the Jews, the teachers, the lawyers, the priests, the ministers. Hitler used the Eugenics plan set in place by Margaret Sanger, of late, the founder of Planned Parenthood. If destiny was up to Hitler, Hitler would be the only man alive on the planet earth.
    Now, It is Obama.

  19. Don't bother replying--I won't be back here . . . When you're all done being bitter and narrow-minded

    Yeah. So, to sum up: we're all closed-minded, unlike anonymous, who is so open minded that he won't bother reading any replies.

    The stupid. It hurts.

  20. "If you'd like to put all your trust in corporations to pick up the slack, then good luck to you."

    Oh sweetie, really?
    I put my trust in God, but if you'd like to put all your trust in the STATE then good luck to you. I'd imagine it's a long ride on the bridge to nowhere.

  21. Ahem... can we get rid of all of this trolling and get back to the topic?

  22. Jesus hung out with liars, crooks and thieves. Obama... Uh... never mind.


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