Evangelicals Want A Good Catholic

Fifty years ago, there were real questions about whether a Catholic could win the presidency, anti-Catholic sentiment being as pervasive as it was. I think, more than anything else, the pro-life movement (lead my Catholics) has changed the landscape forever.

Politically, Catholics and evangelical Protestants are on the same page. We are home team, partners.

Check out this quote from Steve Deace, an influential Christian talk radio host in Iowa, in USA today.
“The only concern I’ve heard about Gingrich’s Catholicism is evangelicals hoping he’s had a sincere, redemptive moment. Back in the day, evangelicals were concerned Catholics would take orders from the pope. Now, given how many liberal Catholic politicians there are, evangelicals want a Catholic who actually does.
Me too brother, me too. The question for evangelicals and Catholics alike is not "Is he Catholic?" The question is "Does he believe it?"


  1. Unfortunately, part of the acceptance of Catholics by mainstream American culture is that they perceive, often correctly, that no one takes orders from the Pope or practices true Catholicism. I hope and pray that one day the power of the Papacy and the Church will be restored, false ecumenism will fade away, and that our friendship with the Evangelicals established during the prolife movement will be their bridge to the Faith.

  2. Unfortunately both of the Catholics politicians running for President, claim they follow Church teaching on certain important issues, but sadly not ALL of the Catholic Issues and beliefs, like following the rule of American and international law and just lately, the new law NDAA which allows Americans to be detained without due process and which violates civil rights. Also Americans can be killed by this law.

  3. Full civil-rights protection for terrorists is not a Church teaching. Human rights, yes, but maybe you need to read up on a little concept in international law called "hostis humani generis". The main way "human rights" comes into play for terrorists, as for pirates, is that their summary executions have to be humane.

    And if an American citizen joins a terrorist group the US considers an enemy? International law is very clear: they are an enemy combatant, regardless of their citizenship. Even if we don't kill them—as is entirely legal according to every legal theorist—on a battlefield (say with a drone strike), we'd still have the right to execute them if we captured them.

    Al-Awlaki and company had it coming, and absolutely nothing illegal happened. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply flaunting their ignorance of the relevant laws.

  4. I agree with this; thanks for covering this!

  5. The ONLY GOP candidate to oppose this direct attack on the bill of rights that is the NDAA is Ron Paul. Nada out of "good Catholics" Santorum or Gingrich, Romney, Bachmann or huntsman. Of them all ONLY Ron Paul cares and has spoken out against the elimination of habeas corpus, posse comitatus and due process of law for the accused. You people don't deserve him. Remember this when the SWAT goons come after homo "hating" Catholics who are "denounced" for various reasons by "friends" and neighbors. But I'm sure no one here has a thing to worry about.

  6. The United States of America has sunk beneath the waves under the hand of Obama. Let the history books that must be hidden in the caves and forests tell of Obama's and Clinton's treachery. Jane Fonda did it out in the open, Obama and Clinton sold us out behind our backs.

  7. From Newsmax........

    Santorum Haunted by Support of Pro-abortion Specter

    Saturday, 31 Dec 2011 07:06 PM

    By Jim Meyers

    Rick Santorum's endorsement of Arlen Specter, a strong supporter of abortion, who gave President Barack Obama the key Senate vote to pass Obamacare, is becoming a key issue as the Iowa Caucus nears.

    Polls show that Santorum is seeing a last-minute surge in Iowa, but pro-lifers and pro-Christian groups are seeing red.............

    Read More At........


  8. Mary, I was furious with him at the time over the Specter issue. Pro-lifers haven't forgotten. I'm willing to forget a one-time screw-up like that. If I were in Iowa I'd probably be going for Santorum over Paul.


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