It's a Woman's Choice!

A dude went to buy Plan B for his lady friend and the pharmacist freaked out on him. You're thinking that it was a pro-life pharmacist, right?


It's a pharmacist who seems to have bought completely into the "It's a woman's choice" thing. She refused to sell Plan B to a man.

That's what Isaac Kurtz set out to do, and so he went to the downtown CVS on Main Street and asked the pharmacist for a Plan B pill and a pregnancy test.

No way, the pharmacist said.

"She tells me she needs to speak with the woman," Kurtz says. "I'm taken aback by this and ask her what she needs to talk to her about, I bought them here before without issue. She then tells me she won't sell it to men."

Kurtz says the pharmacist told him that it was her "personal belief," and not CVS policy, that led to her refusal to sell the item to him.

We asked CVS about all this, and they said mistakes were made.

"We apologize for the isolated incident in our Houston pharmacy in which a male customer was unable to purchase this item," CVS spokesman Michael DeAngelis said. "We are following up the pharmacy staff to ensure that our policies are properly followed to prevent a recurrence of this incident."
But isn't this pharmacist's take on it, the appropriate one given all the feminist garbage we've all been fed? They tell us it's a woman's choice and that a man can have no say whatsoever on this issue. But alas, we're allowed to buy it? If men have no legal say to weigh in on whether an abortion occurs then why should we be allowed to buy Plan B?

Kudos to the pharmacist for highlighting the illogic of the pro-abortion position.


  1. Sadly, it's probably a good policy to have-- people have already tried to slip into drinks. Can't remember if any born person died from poisoning, yet.

  2. I'm all for anyone refusing anyone Plan B.

  3. I think this is part of the issue with the sex traffickers trying to use it on minors, etc. -- that a man/pimp can simply obtain it at will to force girls to take it.

  4. Christ said: The one who handed me over to you has the greater sin" It is a "greater" sin to hand over innocent LIFE to the murderer.

  5. I remember thinking the same thing when the Born Alive Infant Protection Act was being debated and then Senator Obama was following abortion logic to its final end. Lets hope more stories like this come out and people actually start to recognize the truth. I'm not holding my breath.

  6. This pharmacist's reaction highlights the danger of Plan B and why it's such a terrible idea in the first place. Men can buy it for their girlfriends or the young girls they're abusing, give it to them without their knowledge, and poof! baby dies. Evidence gotten rid of. Another handy tool for creeps who like to control and abuse women.

  7. My Chocolate Heart:

    I was thinking the same thing. There was recently a high-profile case in Wisconsin where a man put abortifacient drugs in his girlfriend's food/drink to induce miscarriage.


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