2nd Grader's Letter About Obama

My dream for the world is for president Obama not to be president ever again. Because he says you can kill babys. And Because that is a dumb law.
Click here for the story behind it by Jill Stanek but a second grader wrote this. And even though I have five kids of my own whom I'm pretty fond of, this kid officially is named the best second grader...evah!

This does remind me of what one of Pat's kid's wrote in a letter to the President.


  1. Wow, no adult influence in this letter. No president has done or tried to stop abortion since it was legalized. Obama is just a good wippin "boy". (yes, racism is implied).

  2. Anonymous, of course there is adult influence. That's called "parenting" - influencing your children to shape their understanding of what's good, true, and beautiful.

    The racism implication is ridiculous; the only one that brought up the President's race is you. Though, while we're on the subject, it makes sense that many of the loudest voices for a particular group are from that group (women fighting for the woman's right to vote; MLK, etc for racial equality; and so on). So why is President Obama, of all people, ignoring a black genocide-by-attrition? We want more black (and white, yellow, tan, etc.) babies. That doesn't sound very racist to me.

    Matt & Pat - keep up the good Archbold parenting. When all of "them" are contracepting and we're having lots of well-raised babies, what do you thinks going to happen demographically? :)

  3. There is at no time, a human being in existence created by God without a rational, immortal soul endowed with unalienable rights, sovereign personhood and free will.

  4. Since when can a 7 yr old have an informed opinion about politics? The fact that anyone talked to a 7 yr old about something as adult as abortion makes me sad.

  5. @Anonymous

    More than makes me sad - makes me sick. Indoctrinate the young into before they have a chance to think for themselves! that's the religious way!

    I am *no* fan of Obama, but right is right. I defy *anyone* to show me *any* law that says it is OK to kill babies.

  6. Why would parents be prohibited from sharing their values with children? As a child my mom and dad both told me that hurting people was wrong and that human life was precious. If anyone thinks that children should not be taught this by their parents, perhaps they should also abstain from teaching their children anything else whatsoever.

  7. I love the liberal outrage here over a parent influencing their child's opinions. I wonder if they have the same outrage over the obamabots indoctrinating elementary school children since his election? MMMM MMMM MMMM MMM MMMMMMMMM
    Parents teaching = bad
    government indoctrination centers = good

  8. This sounds like my son who, two years ago at about that age, told the guests at a Christmas party hosted by a left-leaning relative, that Obama was a bad president because he makes (or lets, can't remember) women kill their babies, then he mimed it sepukku-style. I tell ya, he was the talk of that party.

  9. Anonymous said...

    "The fact that anyone talked to a 7 yr old about something as adult as abortion makes me sad."

    Well, schools are already talking to kindergartners about adult issues like sexuality and sexual orientation. Just remember, though, it's those dang-blasted parents who are indoctrinating their kids.

  10. @Anonymous 7:44 PM
    Anonymous said...
    "Since when can a 7 yr old have an informed opinion about politics?"

    Why not? Ricky Gervais lives his life based on a decision about God that he made as an 8 year old, and he obviously hasn't had an adult thought about it since.

  11. Ricky Gervais made a decision as an 8 year old that there was no evidence of a God. I'm sure he would change his mind if some were presented. Every atheist I know would, but there is no evidence a reasonable person would agree with.

    Just heard an intersting question. If EVERY document of the Christian religion were lost, would the exact religion be restarted? Since there are 33,000 different flavors already, there isn't one right one.

  12. I don't like it when kids are put in the middle of this. This is not an appropriate topic for a seven year old. It upsets me greatly when the left tries to push sex ed on 7 years old, the right shouldn't be pushing this either.

    Leave our kids alone.

  13. This sounds a little bit like the things I wrote about Clinton back in the 10th grade in 1993, before I realized that voting on the single issue of abortion for George W. Bush got us into wars that killed thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent Iraquis and killed the economy, both of which have had global implications making the world a much unstabler place. I remain opposed to abortion, but I would rather compromise on reasonable policies that would reduce the number of abortions (Remember that Republicans have had a majority in the Supreme court for years but never overturned Roe Vs Wade: http://catholicism.about.com/b/2009/01/22/will-roe-v-wade-ever-be-overturned.htm) alongside other constructive environmental and international policies that promote peace and stability. I no longer find it responsible to vote on a single issue. -Christian living abroad, Obama voter 2008, Obama voter 2013

  14. The biblical directive (not law) to kill babies btw is Hosea 13:16. But those are born babies, not in womb. That would be covered in the slaughter of the Caananites where only virgin girls were kept alive.


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