Archbolds For Life: Off to DC

Matt and I are off to DC with kids in tow to march for the rights of the unborn.

We will be visiting the SBA list offices in the morning before the rally and then marching with a million of our best friends.

I will be live blogging it (as long as I have a signal) and letting people know where we are and what we're doing as best we can.

Hope to meet some of you while we are down there.


  1. Say hello to anyone from South Dakota State University that you see wearing Blue and Gold!

    /Proud Father

  2. Look for the oup from Omaha1 it will include at least two of my relatives. One is in Seminary, Matt Capadano. Sharing the love from here, and hoping to be there next year.

  3. Wish we could have come down and meet the infamous Archbolds! (Maybe next time...)

  4. I'll catch up at the Supreme Court. Hope to meet you there. (My sign will have Divine-Ripples in it.) God bless and thank you for your witness.


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