Is the Gay Movement Like the KKK?

Cardinal Francis George compared the gay pride movement to the KKK in terms of their anti-Catholic hatred and intolerance. This came up because the Gay Pride parade was threatening to interfere with Sunday services at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. He said that mirrored protest against Catholicism by the KKK.

He has since apologized. But I've got to wonder, didn't he have a point? Haven't many in the gay rights movement demonized and antagonized Christians?

Here's a few headlines and pics to answer the question:

'Jesus is a homo' Homosexuals Disrupt Church Service -

Homosexual Rainbow Sash Movement Threatens to Disrupt Pentecost Mass, Confront Cardinal reported:
A confrontation between homosexual activists and high-ranking Catholic clergy was staged on Palm Sunday at London’s Westminster Cathedral. Homosexual activists from what media are calling a “gay human rights group”, “OutRage!” protested in front of the primatial church of English Catholics and disrupted the annual Palm Sunday procession. Activists were shouting and waving placards which read, “Vatican blocks gay human rights at UN”, “Catholics! Stop crucifying queers!”, and “Gays are not ‘intrinsically disordered’ - Shame on Catholic Catechism!”.

Headline: "Homosexual Activists Disrupt Mass; Refused Communion"

Homosexual protestors disrupt Catholic Mass in St. Louis, MO- AIP News

Gay Service Disruption and Priest Sued over Communion Refusal - Intolerance Against Christians

Drag “sisters” receive the Eucharist from archbishop - CNA

When it comes to violence there's no comparison between the KKK and the gay rights movement. But as far as hatred and intolerance, for me, the gay rights movement mirrors the hatred and intolerance of the KKK, except instead of wearing hoods, they wear makeup.


  1. The KKK was made up of Democrats who hated the Republican Party and Catholics.
    The gay rights movement is made up of Democrats who hate the Republican party and Catholics.

  2. There are, I'm sure, many practicing homosexuals who are not violent. But let's not pretend that as a whole the group is not violent - it is very easy to google stats about the disproportionate amount of violent crime by homosexuals, including more pronounced violence within those crimes. Sadly, people who are homosexual are usually people who were abused and mistreated in some way, and often have mental and emotional problems.

  3. I would much rather the bishops serve communion to these loony goofs than people truly influential in politics who are responsible for the daily deaths of the innocent unborn.

    Unrepentant sodomites are, in the main, eating and drinking to their own destruction, and everyone pretty much knows they're sad, fringe characters to which we direct our acute embarrassment and sorrow. They are frequently victims of abuse and these theatrics are an infantile "acting out." The moment they enter a room, their crazy behavior shoots any cause of their right in the foot.

    But, when Nancy Pelosi steps up for communion, this is more sinister approbation for a much more heinous crime. She's not just some mentally ill, inappropriate goofball, but the receptacle, if you will, for what we think is acceptable for normal, thinking, socially active Catholics.

  4. How about Jesus telling us to love? Is anyone else getting tired of the hatred from both sides? My Catholic brothers and sisters, LOVE!

    btw: this is being written by a Catholic seminarian with same-sex attraction who is hopelessly in love with his Savior, Jesus Christ, and I suffer immensely when I see the intolerance and anger coming out of my own Church!

    Create in us a clean heart, O God!
    Let him without sin cast the first stone.

  5. Since when did the definition of love expand to approving sinful activity? Since when is telling someone that they're engaging in soul-destroying and body-destroying activity not loving them?

    SS, you need to get out of the seminary, explaining to your advisors that you have a same-sex attraction that disqualifies you from being a Catholic priest, and serve the Body of Christ in a different way. You need to read the document:

    Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders

    It says, verbatim:

    "In the light of such teaching, this Dicastery, in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question[9], cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called "gay culture"[10]."

    If you truly loved the Church, and the Jesus who founded it, you would obey its commands and not reshape them according to your own desires. In that obedience, you would find true love. Not some sham of it.

    If I hear one more person misapply "Let him without sin cast the first stone" I am going to puke.

  6. Also, why are gay activists allowed to assault people they don't agree with? If you or I threw glitter at Perez Hilton, we'd be locked up within five minutes. Why does this double standard exist?

  7. SS, is that supposed to stand for Same-Sex? Leave the seminary NOW!

  8. The practice of homosexual behavior is the practice of the vice of LUST. Laws have been passed forcing citizens to call the practice of the vice of LUST, love. This is perjury in a court of law. Homosexual behavior denies the immortal soul of the participants. The sovereign personhood and all unalienable rights, and right reason are endowed by our Creator to the rational immortal soul for an eternity of life with God. The homosexual practitioner chooses to practice lust for an eternity instead of the love of God. What a bore and how uninteresting after the first eternity.

  9. Another word about "Jesus being a homo" God is LOVE, God is BEing, God is Existence. God WHO is LOVE does not practice the vice of LUST. Our God would cease to be God and every person ever to come into existence, if any person could come into existence without the will of God, could not be redeemed and would have to spend forever in damnation outside of heaven. This is what the homosexual practitioner is actually visiting on himself and on all people when He says that Jesus the Son of the LIving God Who is LOVE is not WHO HE says HE is. And the militant homosexual practitioners do not have a clue as to why persons are objecting to spending eternity in damnation because of their behavior.

  10. @Nick: Why this double standard? Cowardice

  11. Laura, I can't believe your post was approved by the moderator. You've made the following outrageous statements, and I call BS!! Please providcrazy statementss:

    1. Disproportionate amount of violent crime by homosexuals, including more pronounced violence within those crimes.

    2. People who are homosexual are usually people who were abused and mistreated in some way, and often have mental and emotional problems.

    Wow. I'm pretty sure there is no basis in fact for those statements. You should be ashamed.

  12. Comparing the Queer Rights movement to the KKK is inaccurate. A better comparison would be Nazism. The Nazi party was founded by sodomites. This is well documented in "The Pink Swastika" by Abrams and Lively. Nearly all of the early leaders of the party were sodomites or friendly toward them. The party originely meet in a queer bar. The book can be found on line at http://www.defendthe

  13. Blackrep, I think you need to read the paragraph you posted again, and then apologise to SS.

  14. The good news is, the KKK now accepts Catholics in! My uncle had a cross burned in his yard in Michigan in the 1930's because he was Catholic. His future Father in Law and Grandfather in law did it as Klan members.

    Unless Priests start getting lynched, the KKK reference is pretty shallow, the Nazi comment is just silly.

  15. George:

    Can you explain what it is you see in Blackrep's post which necessitates an apology to SS?

    Near as I can tell, Blackrep was performing the immensely charitable service of admonishing SS to obey the Church.

    What are you seeing in the paragraph that I am not?

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  17. Having same-sex attraction does not equal practising homosexuality, having "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" or supporting gay culture.

    In the same way, having opposite-sex attraction (which is obviously not disordered like same-sex attraction) does not equal committing adultery/fornication, being in a constant state of lust or supporting the unchaste culture.

    The Church, for good reason, needs to enforce certain parameters regarding candidates for the priesthood. But simply having same-sex attraction, like simply having ANY predisposition towards sin, is not an immediate disqualifier.

  18. Granted, much more discernment is needed when approving such candidates, but people with same-sex attraction are just as capable to live a celibate and pure life by the grace of God.

  19. Anon at 1/17/12 12:22 PM, The Pink Swastika gives plenty of documentation that the Nazi Party was founded by and controled by a sodomite leadership. Whatis "silly" is that you haven't read the book to check out the evidence. BTW, the original post-bellum KKK wasn't anti-Jew or anti-Catholic. many Catholics and Jews were members of the hooded order.

  20. Wow, my grammar is really bad. *capable of living ;)

  21. Steve, that book has been widely discredited and the author has been debunked as a historical revisionist. Accordingly, his "Abiding Truth" ministries is now listed as an offical SPLC hate group. Please update your knowledge.

  22. SPLC is an anti-Christian organization. They have lost all credibility over the past decade.

  23. Anon, being discredited by the SPLC is almost a badge of honor. It's an extremely anti-Christian group that's pro-sodomy rights. That's why it listed Abiding Truth as a hate group, because it dare to tell the sodomites that they're practising a lifestyle that will send them to hell.

  24. "People with same-sex attraction are just as capable to live a celibate and pure life by the grace of God."

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the Vatican directives. A same-sex attraction makes the seminary a completely different experience for men. It turns from a group of brothers into a pool of possible sexual partners.

    Let's be clear. People aren't fools about gays in the seminary anymore. Gays enter the seminary to cruise and have perfect cover for their lack of interest in women. They instantly rise from social outcasts to respected, powerful members of a powerful religion. You go from a rather suspect character in your family to someone who adored without question. Sophisticated beings that we are, we even tell elaborate lies to ourselves about the real reasons we pursue careers in the Church.

    I have been a witness to this behavior at a major American seminary, and witness to the abuse that seminarians perpetrated upon one another, some so bold as to grab men's privates in their beds as they were sleeping. Sexual attraction RUINS collegiality among a group of men in just the same way it does in the military. The potential for sexual hook ups is real, and is a constant temptation. Why on earth would we want to subject gay men to that sort of pressure? Because we deny human nature in order that our own utopian dreams might be realized. Precisely because these dreams do not respect nature is the reason they are doomed, always, to fail.

    The Vatican is very wise to institute these rules, although they are habitually disregarded.

  25. POINT 1: You have offered no support for the bald statement that SPLC is an an anti-Christian organization.

    POINT 2: The book has been discredited separate and apart from SPLC.

  26. SPLC sued the YMCA for making black kids swim in a different pool. That doesn't make them anti-Christian.

  27. from Bill Foley

    The Vatican document cited by a commenter has the following paragraph: "Different, however, would be the case in which one were dealing with homosexual tendencies that were only the expression of a transitory problem -- for example, that of an adolescence not yet superseded. Nevertheless, such tendencies must be clearly overcome at least three years before ordination to the diaconate."
    The document is crystal clear; one cannot have homosexual tendencies (the more correct terminology is Same-Sex Attraction Disorder) and be ordained.
    May I suggest a natural argument vs same-sex acts and so-called “marriage” between two persons of the same sex.
    The basis is THE PARTS DO NOT FIT.
    This applies to the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects—three areas in which a man and a woman do fit.
    The other facet is the physical dimension. The sexual/generative parts of the male and female bodies do fit, THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER LIKE A LOCK AND A KEY, and this fit is IN ACCORD WITH NATURE. This natural fit also follows a natural purpose, namely, the generation of a human life. The sexual/generative parts of two males or of two females DO NOT FIT and do not fulfill the natural purpose of generating human life.

  28. Simply by painting pro-Christian organizations as "bigoted" makes the SPLC irrelevant. They have lost all credibility.

    As for you, you have no credibility simply by posting as "anonymous".

  29. Tito, you are making no sense. The SPLC does great work every day including keeping a list of hate groups. Sorry if one of your friends is listed as a hate group, but don't blame the SPLC - blame your friend!

    And as for participating here as an "Anon" - no man loses credibility for opting not to share his name (and through an easy google, his address, college, law school, family members and place of business) with strangers over the web.

    A better question is why do you need to know personal information about me to listen to what I have to say? Do the facts I present carry less weight if my name is John? Sheilah? Washington? Moishe? Seriously, tell me.

  30. Anon 1/18/12 at 2:31 PM, Tito is right and you're just a leftist who can't get out of his ideological rut thinking pattern. For those with a mind that can access new information without discounting it before you even read it, go to It will give the discerning reader more than enough information to prove that the SPLC is an anti-Christian group and that the Pink Swastika is a realiable book.

  31. Steve, I read it. It's ridiculous. And circular. Just because someone once wrote something somewhere, does not mean that your position is supported. You may as well cite some grafitti to support your claims.

  32. Anon, the only thing that is "ridiculous" and "circular" here is your pathetic attempt at rationalization. Your ideology prevents you from seeing things as they were and as they are now. Perverted sexuality (especially sodomy) played a big role in the building up of all socialist movements. All of these movements despised traditional values and traditional social structures, lke the family. These things got in the way of building that socialist dream world. So they promoted sexual liberation to break down those social structures. The SPLC ought to be called the Southern Poverty Pimp Law center. Morris Dees deliberately slanders and libels honest conservatives and Christians and exagerates the power and influence of groups like the Klan to raise money for paranoid donors. For example, he's always railing about the Klan. The modern day Klans are a joke. They have no real power like they did in the 1920's. The FBI has so infiltrated the various KKK groups with informants and undercover agents that all they can do is spit and fume about their sad state. The real meance are the subversive groups that are funded by evil men like George Soros, yet ol' Morris won't investigate them or put them on a list. I guess there isn't enough money to in it to be pointing the finger at folks like Soros.

  33. Steve, Since you present no facts, I have no reply. Good luck.

  34. Since you are unwilling to accept the truth nothing more can be said.

  35. @ Bill Foley: Homnosexuality or same-sex attraction is a phase through which all children pass at puberty into sexual adulthood. Some persons do not pass through but become "hung-up" in same-sex attraction. The American Psychiatric Assn. had diagnosed same-sex attraction hang-ups as "arrested development", physical, mental and spiritual, and therefore, believed that same sex attraction could be "cured", if the individual was brought to maturity. Under the militant aggression of the North American Man Boy Love Association the diagnosis was changed to "NORMAL". One can see that a boy does not have informed sexual consent to give legally until emancipation at eighteen or twenty one years of age. Homosexual behavior is the practice of LUST. That all citizens are forced by LAW to call the vice of LUST, the virtue of LOVE, is perjury in a court of law, violence to the laws of nature and nature's God (The Declaration of Independence)and an obscenity. That this vice is taught to minor children in kindergarden with Heather has Two Mommies and the Prince and the Prince is repulsive. The KKK might inflict death on an individual, but destroying the immortal soul of a person, an infant minor, is an offense against God and the civil rights of all persons to be free and especially against the mandate of the Public School system which is to educate, which is defined as teaching the person how to reason, and teaching the person how to use his gifts of reason and talents. Insidiously instilling the opinions of the devil, indoctrination, is evil, tyrannical and soul murder, and as soul murder, the soul murderers must be driven from our midst, for you are men sacred to me says the Lord.


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