Breaking: Jesuit College Snubs Bishop

The good news is that a bishop stood up and urged a Jesuit college to withdraw its invitation to a pro-abortion speaker. The bad news is that the Jesuit college essentially told him to pound sand.

This is truly disgraceful.

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:
Last week, The Cardinal Newman Society reported that Scranton University is hosting a former Congresswoman and advocate of abortion rights on campus to help train women to run for public office. On Tuesday, The Cardinal Newman Society sent the report to more than 90,000 online members.

Today, the Diocese of Scranton issued a statement saying Bishop Joseph Bambera specifically requested the Jesuit university to withdraw the invitation but they’ve refused.

Bishop Bambera called the college’s decision “dismaying” and “personally disheartening.”
Read the rest at The Cardinal Newman Society.


  1. Bishop Bambera should actually DO something about this disaster instead of impotently bemoan it. The scope of his authority extends beyond holding meetings and issuing maudlin scoldings. Man up.

  2. The saying is "pound salt" like in the salt mines where prisoners were sent. The bishop needs to tell the college to "go pound salt".

  3. Be careful Bishop don't get jamed up lime Bishop DiMartino

  4. Supress the Jesuit (dis)Order!

  5. It doesn't help that the college takes Federal loot That opens the door to all the PC leftism/atheism/relativism. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Grove City College (Christian Presbyterian) told the Feds to "pound salt" years ago and they don't have to deal with the pro-abortion "feminist" nonsense.

  6. This is silly. She's teaching women something of great value. She's not teaching them how to terminate a pregnancy. This is why university officials laugh at their local bishops. If I were a trustee of SU I would support the decision to ignore such a silly request and I would ask the bishop to focus more on matters that he can control. Scranton economy is terrible - the priests are overworked, the pews aren't nearly full, the parishioners are hungry and jobless. He needs to pick his spots.


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