Mad World By Barack Obama

I haven't looked at this in the longest time. This is a video I did back in 2008 on Barack Obama and his monstrous support of infanticide. I made two versions of it that all told got about 100,000 views.

I thought i would post it for old time sake and to remember who it is we are dealing with. (Warning--Brief graphic image)


  1. Barak Obama is a hideous monster, souless, inhuman and hideous monster, a traitor to our founding principles and to our citizenry. Barak Obama has taken our right to trial by jury,(NDAA) nationalized all private property(Rural Councils) and healthcare. The devil has Obama's immortal soul caught in a tangle of lies.

  2. Mary,
    But what do you really think?


  3. Patrick, thank for posting this again. I was very moved by it in 2008. I hope we can make this go viral in 2012. Good work.

  4. Pat -- I tried to share on my facebook page and it wouldn't let me. This is the message I got:

    The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:

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  5. Well, not sure why, but it allowed me now.

  6. Patrick,

    Greetings from a fan in Australia.

    I first saw this video on youtube back in 2008 when I was scanning for information on Obama.

    I can't tell you the number of times I used the brief, concise and irrefutable information in this video to explain to people why Obama was not all that he seemed. Even my pro-choice friends were shocked and expressed disbelief when I told them. We would then look it up on line together.

    Anyway, it was my first intro to CMR, which I can safely say is the only blog I have checked twice daily every day since 2008.

    Well done on your work, which is a vital Ministry for the Church.


  7. Many of your presidents seem to be show people and unreal. Your last pres. Bush seemed phoney when he talked; he seemed to be smirking at his own words and then he'd God bless America like a sulutation. Pres. O'Bama speaks very quick not giving listeners the time to really take it all in.Then the U.S. culture is so snappy in comparison with E.U.that it is hard to know what is best.

  8. Thanks for this. Powerful. Will share.

  9. Peter

    I think that may be the best comment I have ever received. Thank you.

  10. Whoa... I hadn't seen this in 2008, but I will be spreading it through the social media. I think one would have to be very cold or deceived indeed to not get teary-eyed watching this... Thank you!

  11. I know you aren't a Mitt fan, but for every time someone brings up that story about how he treated his dogs many moons ago, we must remind them of how Obama treats babies in the womb. This video will help share that fact.

  12. I don't understand how this video shows that Illinois State Senator Obama did or didn't have anything to do with the legislation that is spoken of. Can you please provide some clarification as to the facts of the matter you are trying to convey?

  13. Found the facts:

    You might want to check them out. While neither defending or defaming anyone it is safe to say that "Whether opposing "born alive" legislation is the same as supporting "infanticide," is entirely a matter of interpretation."

    As for Infanticide (the killing of a human infant), the frequency has been estimated to be approximately...2.1 per 100,000 newborns per year. However, that statistic doesn't include the deaths of viable infants who are born in hospitals. And I am sure it doesn't include aborted babies, especially since abortion is illegal after a baby is viable and doctors who perform them go to jail when the procedure was not medically necessary.


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