Newt Rips Anti-Christian Bigotry

As you know, not a Newt fan as a candidate, but this answer is awesome.


  1. Newt is unbelievable. It's astounding to me that people who believe in conversion are blinded to the gifts of the Holy Spirit in this man.

  2. I believe his conversion is sincere, but that doesn't mean he is the right candidate.

  3. I'm not sure the right candidate has stepped up to the plate!

    Anyone putting their family first would be compelled to protect them from the culture vultures. George Soros has single-handedly turned it into a dishonorable process.

    Real prolife candidates cannot get support. First, the grassroots will say they can't win and they get behind the candidate who is prochoice but mitigates their convictions by saying exactly what prolifers need to hear to overcome the fact that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between their convictions and Obama's.

    Romney is the author of obamacare, mandates and tax-payer funded abortions for $50. There isn't a single prolifer grassroots lobbyist in Massachusetts who would stand up and say that Romney worked with us on legislation and initiatives. (There are lawyers and republicans with money who will say it, but not a single person who works on the ground and experienced Romney at the State House.) His record for appointing judges is atrocious. He worked with planned parenthood to fight against prolifers in his tenure here. He says whatever is politically expedient. And if those convictions won't get elected, he'll acquire others. When he gets into office he will do exactly as he did here in Massachusetts.

    Mitt Romney is the most dishonest man in the history of American politics, yet with real prolifers in the race, we find excuses to say they are not the perfect candidate.

    Anyone rational with a vocation of fatherhood, putting their family on a butchering block for the exercise in futility of trying to get the prolife lobby behind them to get elected. There is a level of ambition that makes everyone who steps forward an imperfect candidate.


  4. There's not a lot I like about Newt, but he jacked the ball out of the park with this answer!

  5. Ka-pow! Thank you Newt!

  6. Great going, NEWT!!! I would never vote for him in a million years, but I'm sure there are many great things he could do for the country in another postition.

  7. I would vote for Newt before I would vote for Romney. For me, it is anyone but Romney. I simply would never vote for Romney.

  8. I think Newt would do very well as president. I would gladly vote for either him or Santorum but not Romney.

    I do wish Newt had mentioned that the same thing is happening here in Illinois with Catholic Charities stopping adoption services. I wonder how many other states this is happening in? He's absolutely right about the media bias.

  9. I wish Christians weren't so naive. Ya'll are so easily fooled:

    The source material on this article from the New American checks out to be true and then some:

    In 1994, Gingrich described himself as "a conservative futurist". He said that those who were trying to define him should look no farther than The Third Wave, a 1980 book written by Alvin Toffler. The book describes our society as entering a post-industrial phase in which abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, and divorce are perfectly normal, even virtuous. Toffler penned a letter to America's "founding parents," in which he said: "The system of government you fashioned, including the principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented---a democracy for the 21st century." He went on to describe our constitutional system as one that "served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced."

    Yes, people can change, but with true change comes repentance. It takes time to develop a track record of honesty. And since he left Congress, he's been making money hand over fist from the same bunch that got us into this situation.

  10. I would vote for either Newt or Santorum.


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