Unborn Baby Tebows in the Womb

Hey, CMR hasn't done a Tebow story in like a week. We're Jonesing. I love this story even if the image is pretty darn coincidental.

Here an unborn baby is seen via ultrasound Tebowing in the womb.

You can read all the details on Life News.


  1. God bless Tim Tebow. You see here the fruit of his labor. Tim Tebow to you Planned Parenthood. Tim Tebow to you atheist. Tim Tebow to me because he is loveable.

  2. That is awesome. When I look at Tim Tebow It makes me smile. He is genuflecting, now we just need him to move his arm from his forehead to his chest, then to each shoulder. That way he would make the full sign of the cross.


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