Vatican Press Office Follies Part XVII

Ah, the Vatican Press office. How is it that the Church that spread the faith around the world, built great Cathedrals, and St. Peter's cannot get a competent press office.

Over the years, we have chronicled the missteps of the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

The latest blunder is an internet rookie mistake. Don't cut and paste without attribution and definitely don't do it from Wikipedia.
The Vatican's bold foray into the wilderness of the Internet hit a snag late last week when, in a rush to provide journalists with information on the 22 newly elected cardinals, the Holy See sent out bios lifted directly from Wikipedia's Italian site, without attribution.

The giveaway? Many of the newly promoted archbishops were described as "Catholic."

As the Guardian reports, some cardinal-elects were also depicted in tones decidedly not in line with the voice of the Holy See. For example, the archbishop of Utrecht Willem Jacobus Eijk's bio said he has a "strong tendency to conservatism, specially regarding abortion and homosexuality, which has made him one of the most talked about religious men in the country."
Duh. Once again I make the offer, Matt and I will to move to Rome and take over the press office. Trust me, there would be no cutting and pasting and a lot more interesting. Benny, call me. You have my digits.


  1. disgruntled grammar naziJanuary 10, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Would the Vatican employ someone who writes "for Mstt and I"? On second thought that's not really worse than what they have.

  2. @ "Matt and I" is correct, if this is what is meant. My grief is with calling Pope Benedict XVI by a familiar nickname without consent. As for Wikipedia, their anti-Catholic bias taints every post and their opinion or take is imposed on every piece. I do not trust Wikipedia. Pat and Matt might do better at Vatican, but do not let the Pope hear you calling him ......

  3. I think "Papa Ratzi" will be just fine-- he's got a ton of nicknames, even before he was pope! (I even have one of the "puttin' the smack-down on heresy" shirts that his fan club were clearing out when he became Pope.)

    Lots of puns, "German shepherd" and similar highly familiar nicknames. ^.^

  4. Mary, The pope is just a man with funny shoes and hats. He is not god incarnate.

  5. Bah, she's trying to protect a man's dignity, a way of expressing love, as is a fond nickname, or-- for myself-- considering him a religion geek, kinda the way I'm a more generic geek. Sometimes the motives aren't understood, or folks don't agree with what's done, but that doesn't prove much.


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