Wanna' Know Why Planned Parenthood Wants Taxpayer Funding

Any time a state seeks to defund Planned Parenthood, the White House absolutely freaks and threatens to remove Medicaid funding to the state's poor unless they pony up to Big Abortion.

Obviously, Big Abortion needs the money. But according to the latest numbers available at Live Action, Planned Parenthood reported 308 million in private donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations in 2009 but in 2010 they saw that number plummet to 223.8 million.

That's good news. Now we just need a White House that doesn't bully states like New Hampshire and Indiana to fund Planned Parenthood and the abortion zealots will have to raise their own money - which it doesn't look like they're doing such a good job of.

Ht Live Action


  1. I wonder what would have happened if a state like Indiana called the
    president's bluff and defunded PP anyway. Would the president really
    have pulled the trigger on an entire state's pool of Medicaid recipients?
    Possibly-- but he'd also have to try to spin his holding medical care for
    those voters hostage to ensure continued subsidies for his favorite
    charity--Big Abortion. I don't think he'd come out of that looking good.

  2. Obama expunged habeas corpus, trial by jury, when he signed a bill New Year's eve, with power to detain citizens indefinitely without being charged. Our despot-in-chief knows no bounds

  3. Mary: But he doesn't torture as good as the last guy! He needs to improve. He treats detainees as humans, not dogs. Impeach him for it.

  4. @Anonymous: Have you seen the prison Obama built for the Gitmo guys? Reward for trying to kill us.

  5. Abortion has alwsys been about the money. Have you seen the unsanitary abortion mills where victims get infections and blood poisoning, some that survive? Abortion has been around as long as man has been around. Didn't Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine take an oath to not give a woman an abortificient?


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