New Fake Rights Trump Old Real Ones

The Rev. Al and Senator (Mam) Barbara Boxer can't imagine that some believe religious liberty trumps your right to demand things of religious people!

Yeah, that's seriously what they're saying.

For years, the minting of new "rights" has been a mainstay of liberal politicians. First, there was the right to privacy. There was a "right" to a home. A "right" to a good job. A "right" to healthcare. Democrats campaigned across the country like modern day Johnny Appleseeds doling out new rights to folks for their vote. It was inevitable that when the new rights conflicted with the old rights, the new ones had to win. Look at how the right to the newly minted right to privacy kicked the snot out of the right to life.

But what was left unsaid is that others have to provide those things you have a right to. And once someone else has a "right" to your labor you became a slave to that person. And isn't that what the government is really doing. Aren't they making the Church the slave of the state by mandating what they have to do whether it's against their conscience or not. If a woman has a right to an abortion, your conscience doesn't trump her right because her right is new and shiny and not old or from that ridiculous piece of paper called The Consti...something.

Normally, I'd watch this video and laugh at the lame-brains. But they're in charge. This is what the other side believes. They have absolutely no respect for religion, outside of their own Big Government worship. They have no respect for individuals.
I suppose you still have the right to ignore them...until that interferes with a new one.


  1. First, of all, this appears to claim there is now a right to be insured. And then, in the commentary, she presents the notion of an employer deciding that medicine doesn't cure illness, prayer does. And how terrible that would be. But the legislation exempts the Christian Scientists, who believe exactly that.


  2. "medicine doesn't cure illness" - and of course a child is an illness to be prevented.

    But the bobbleheads will parrot this as if it makes sense.

  3. When was the right to make rights left to the left?

  4. I say we recycle the old rights and market them in shiny new packaging to trump the new rights. We need a secular new evangelization to convert citizens back to the constitution.

  5. Voting for a Democrat and supporting the Democrat Party is grievously sinful.

  6. I swear it's getting to the point where you can actually see the evil in these peoples eyes. It's scary.

  7. You do realize that the Catholic Church maintains that all people have a right to a home, health care, and work (as well as food, water, and education), right? We can discuss how society (not just the government) can provide opportunities for these things, but they are still rights.

  8. Where does the Catholic Church say this Amy? What you are saying is the Church teaches communism, state worship because those rights must be provided out of someone elses labor/property.SOME "Catholics" like Pelosi and Sr Keehan types spout this communism but I don't think it is Church dogma.

  9. I was about to say the same thing as Amy.

    The Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching 166, 182, 222, 245, 293, 426, 447, 477-478 all mention health care specifically. The Church teaches that where possible, the government should subsidize and aid in the distribution of property.

    The government, in CST, is established by God. Our Constitution recognizes as much. The Church says that the state should work for the common good, according to the natural law.

    Anon 9:20, you should really get to know Catholic Social Teaching before you accuse someone of being a Communist simply because they are not Capitalists.

  10. Two corrections to my comment: "Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church" and "The Church teaches that where necessary*"

    I believe it was Pope Leo XIII that said that once you take care of your needs monetarily, the rest belongs to the poor.

    All that being said, these two are ridiculous and should be ashamed. Down with the HHS Mandate! Get Obama out!!!

  11. I would like to add:

    Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1908
    "... it [civil authority] should make accesible to each what is needed to lead a truly human life: food, clothing, health, work, education, and culture, suitable information, the right to estabish a family, and so on. (cf. Gaudiem et Spes 26.2)"

    I can provide more quotes, but this was the easiest to find.

    Think of it this way: it is unjust that anyone should die from lack of food. It is an offense against justice that anyone should die for lack of antibiotics or basic medical care. It is an offense against justice that a person is deprived of an education.

    There are not specifics on how this is to be carried out, only that justice and the dignity of all persons demands that society as a whole works to provide all with the basic needs of human life.

  12. LOL! Communism is the state claiming ownership of all.Claiming others should provide for your "right" is nonsense. When you, or anyone, claims that they have a right to my labor or property to provide their/your "right" can you explain what makes YOUR right supercede mine? What is your definition of theft? Try reading 1 samuel 8 for the true nature of the state. And yes, where we have rulers, they are required to be just, where they own all they are required to provide fairly BUT there is no requirement that we be ruled by earthly rulers, is that in your CCC? The Lord requires us to VOLUNTARILY be charitable, not be looted by state thugs for the dubious "rights" of others. By your thinking Hitler, Satlin, Pol Pot and any other ruler was established by God. Maybe YOU think that but I do not, and I do not believe that is Church teaching. We get the rulers forced on us by state worshippers and if that shoe fits, wear it.

  13. Anonymous,

    It seems your issue is with the Church, not me. Good luck with that.


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