Docs Filmed Agreeing to Illegal Abortions "No Questions Asked."

Women are being granted illegal abortions by doctors based on the sex of their unborn baby, an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph reveals.

The Brit newspaper is going all Lila Rose on abortuaries. Seems like great news to me that the media's stepping up -even a little.

These doctors at British clinics have been secretly filmed agreeing to terminate foetuses purely because they are either male or female. Clinicians admitted they were prepared to falsify paperwork to arrange the abortions even though it is illegal to conduct such “sex-selection” procedures. Hear the doctor say, "I don't ask questions."

Check out this horrifying video. Kudos to The Telegraph for doing this work:


  1. If one will kill an innocent, unborn child for any reason, e.g. the child has "a disability", or because the child is simply not wanted, then why not because the sex of the child doesn't appeal? There is no moral difference between killing an innocent baby because she's a girl and killing her for any other "reason". All "reasons" are wrong, and none can make intentional killing morally acceptable. Once the killing of unborn children is permitted at all, it can and will be done for any "reason" whatever, including the sex of the baby. It is not possible to legislate for or against personal "reasons", that a person may have for killing an innocent, defenceless child. The sex "reason" simply highlights the absurdity, the arbitrariness, the evil, that is abortion. If one condemns abortion motivated by the baby's sex, one ought to ask oneself why one doesn't condemn it for any other stated motive. Killing of innocent children is always irrational, always evil.

  2. You get asked more questions than that at any fast food drive through. Ugh.

  3. It appears that the clinic lady doesn't seem too happy ... her questions and her facial expressions state she doesn't approve ... but she along w/most of society today 'think' they must ignore these healthy attitudes and make use of the p.c. responses to comply w/the new paradigm for happiness.


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