If You're Anti-Gay You're Catholic!

Chris Matthews, a Catholic who, just a few years ago was honored at my alma mater Saint Joseph's University, said recently that if you're anti-gay you should become a Catholic."

You know us Catholics. We're all about being anti-gay.

Soctt Whitlock of Newsbusters writes that Chris Matthews "sneered that Catholics are attracting bigots.

While talking about Richard Nixon, the so-called Southern Strategy and racism, the Hardball host berated, "If you're really anti-gay, you become a Catholic now."

At a question and answer session after the event, I confronted him about the quote and asked him if he wished to "expand or apologize." He spat back, "I'm saying that some people who are bigoted against gay people have changed religions. Yes. You got it right."
You see, you can't just be pro-traditional marriage, you're anti-gay.

This kind of thing sickens me.

Matthews is comparing what he calls the Republican "Southern strategy" which is to be the racist party in order to attract Southern racists to the Catholic Church's stance on sexuality. You know, because the church recently revamped it's policies on sexuality in order to attract the rabid anti-gay crowd. It's not like the Catholic Church has had a consistent view on sexuality for a while.

This kind of anti-Catholic bashing is par for the course at NBC.

Oh, one note that was probably not in your bulletin this week. Bingo in the church basement sponsored by the Rosary Society is cancelled this Wednesday. Instead the Rosarians are all going to pile into Widow Calabash's Buick LeSabre and cruise on over to the rest stop for some gay bashing. You up for it?


  1. Wouldn't that cool if some people who actually believed the magisterium joined the RC Church? Unfortunately, the hierarchy, the clergy, the Catholic politicians and pundits are actually the ones legitimizing homosexuality throughout the Western world. Look at Matthews himself, look at the Catholic governors in CA, MD, NY & WA State leading the charge for legalizing homosexual acts (Christie,like Cardinal McCarrick, is all for them, just call them "unions" vs. marriage), look at the Catholic presidential candidates who don't want to repeal homosexuals serving openly in the military (Santorum & Gingrich)....


  2. Just throw derisive names at Catholics to belittle them. Catholics have always helped the sick and needy whether it be aids patients, families in need, or elderly to name a few. Matthews being a liberal like Pelosi, Biden, and many others are embarrassed by the Truths taught by the Church. Wasn't it Catholics who went down south to help blacks against discriminatory laws. Are not all men loved equally by God? He asks them to repent and live in the way, the truth and the life.

  3. Anonymous 7:54 Homosexual practitioners have been offered "gay-unions" and have reject it. These people want to legalize their lust as love and force everybody to acknowledge it as religion, to force a lie and perjury onto the nation. I, for one, call gay-marriage a lie and perjury in a court of law.

  4. Since the gays are to the broadcast industry what the Mafia was/is to some blue collar industries, Matthews can't chance saying anything derogatory about the homosexual lifestyle for fear that he'll be chastised faster than they did to the SG Komen foundation.

  5. As a Catholic and a Southerner, Matthews has managed to offend me on more than one level.
    The idea that Southerners left the Democrat Party for the Republican Party because of some Nixonian "Southern Strategy" is a lie created by Democrats to explain why we abandoned them. Now, Matthews wants to try out a newer version of the lie.....this time against Catholics.


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