Lesbian Divorce Shocker (Not, Really)

I have always had my own working definition of sociology. A sociologist is a person who tells you something you already know in a way that makes no sense.

Well, it wouldn't take an army of sociologists to figure out this one, but people are "shocked" none the less.
Lesbian Divorce Shocker: Same-sex marriages between women are considerably more likely to end in divorce than either same-sex male marriages or heterosexual marriages, according to a study of Norway and Sweden:

We found that divorce risks are higher in same-sex partnerships than in opposite-sex marriages, and that unions of lesbians are considerably less stable, or more dynamic, than unions of gay men. In Norway as well as in Sweden, the divorce risk in female partnerships is practically double that of the risk in partnerships of men.

Is the difference explained by a relative lack of children to encourage stability? Maybe not. The study found a similar pattern with childless couples (when other variables were accounted for).

So what’s the explanation? Here’s the murky PC theory offered by the study’s authors:

We find that partnerships of women to a much larger extent are demographically homogamous than are partnerships of men: Lesbian partners often have relatively similar characteristics while gay spouses more often differ in terms of characteristics such as age, nationality, education, and income. Such similarity in characteristics might also reflect a deeper feeling of sameness in lesbian couples. Such a sameness and a corresponding lack of clear power structures may be inducive to a high level of dynamism in the relationship, but perhaps not to the kind of inertia that is related to marital stability. [E.A.]

Um, ok. … You got a better explanation? …
Um, yeah. I have a better explanation. Double the ladies, double the chances. Make that, double the women who are in it for the wrong reasons, and ...

Glenn Reynolds notes
"Well, women initiate divorce twice as often as men, so it stands to reason that a marriage composed of nothing but women would be more likely to split."

Dudes are way too lazy. Divorce takes a level of energy and hate that most dudes just can't muster. What most dudes want is just to be left alone and most guys know that divorced dudes are the opposite of left alone.


  1. I hope American society comes to its senses, halts and reverses same-sex unions, before this ruinous social experiment -- patently ridiculous and inadvisable to all rational people from the outset -- advances any further. However, the youth have already been indoctrinated in pro-gay nonsense, so I don't have much grounds for hope.

  2. I have sisters and we shared a room growing up. I also have daughters who share a room. Completely predictable. But since it shatters the popular myth, will it be reported anywhere but on blogs?

  3. As a divorced practicing Catholic woman who was forced to leave my marriage over my former husband's abuse of our child (and of me), I find the statement that divorce takes a level of 'hate' to be absurd. Most divorced people I know, especially the women, had to muster tremendous courage to do so and express nothing but sorrow.
    Having said that, I certainly do find it funny how the sociologist's comment on the lack of clear power structures flies in the face of what many feminists and lesbians tout as a better grounding for a co-habitational relationship, the more equal in 'power' the better. That is to say, they view the perceived 'power' of male over female in a marriage relationship as something bad (once again they go against the natural order).

  4. Laura: I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage. The "hate" remark may be uncalled for, but studies do show that women do initiate divorce more than men do, and that women who have affairs generally divorce while men don't. Lots of predictable things here -- seems that one should expect male-male partnerships to be much more promiscuous than any other type, but not necessarily any more likely to divorce, and female-female partnerships to break up more, especially if another person (female or male) is involved. That's just the generally tendency in action.

  5. Who cares? They were never really married.

  6. Interesting how the sociologists point to a type of complementarity that would help hold marriages together. They seem to indicate that too much "sameness" may somehow lead to more divorce. Hence, "male and female he created them..."

  7. Ashton divorced Demi because he wanted children. Arrested development grows up. Somehow facing death the soul prioritizes.

  8. "...Dudes are way too lazy. Divorce takes a level of energy and hate that most dudes just can't muster. What most dudes want is just to be left alone and most guys know that divorced dudes are the opposite of left alone...."

    You are a genius.

    I wish I would have said that!


  9. Anonymous said...

    Who cares? They were never really married.
    February 7, 2012 11:58 AM


    Another genius!

    Right on, Anonymous.



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