Patrick On The Radio

I will be on the radio in a few minutes on the "The Mike Janocik Show" discussing the HHS mandate. (5:30PM ET to 6PM ET)

Listen here!


  1. Thank God for you, Patrick Archbold...and Matthew. Excelllent. One thing though, nobody, but nobody had informed consent to sign on to Obamacare. Pelosi said: "Pass it so we can find out what is in it." admitting that even our representatives in Congress did not and were not given time to digest what the 1600 page ordinance said. If the bishops signed onto Obamacare without being given all the facts, all the truth, then the bishops' consent was swindled out of them and it is not informed consent but a swindle, and a swindle must be stopped even if it was only for an acorn, a dogpatch or a whiteout house.

  2. If a tablespoonful of cough syrup can negate informed consent for any LEGAL contract, how much less informed consent can there be with the legal subterfuge of Obamacare? More like a pig in a poke and a cat in a bag? JFKennedy said of Nixon: "Would you buy a car from this man?" Now, citizens are compelled by law to buy an Obamacare from this man.


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