Laughable Hypcorisy from Obama

President Obama held a press conference today, mainly to tee off on Limbaugh.

Firstly, the media are a bunch of boobs because not one of them asked a substantive about the HHS contraceptive mandate as an infringement of religious liberty because they're obsessed with the sideshow of Limbaugh's comments that's being spoon fed to them by the administration.

But that's not the hilarious part. Let's face it, Obama held this press conference to beat up on Limbaugh - which he did. So after he went 13 rounds on Limbaugh's soft underbelly, a reporter asked Obama about some of the comments coming from his own side. And then Obama responded in the most hilariously hypocritical way possible.

The Weekly Standard reports:
First, Obama was asked about Rush Limbaugh's degrading comments about Georgetown Law student and liberal activist Sandra Fluke. Obama talked at some length about why Limbaugh's remarks were wrong. But when he was asked if he agreed with his hand-picked DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's comments that opponents of the mandate are waging a "war on women," Obama declined to comment.

"Would you prefer the language be changed?" CNN's Jessica Yellin asked.

"Jessica, as you know, if I start being in the business arbitrating--"

"You talk about civility," Yellin interjected.

"And what I do is practice it," Obama replied. "I'll try to lead by example as opposed to commenting on every comment that is made by either politicians or pundits, I would not have time to do my job, that is your job to comment on what is said by them."
Bwahahahahahaha!!! Oooooohhh!!! (Trying. to....catch breath....ugh....bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


  1. I wish I could express the contempt I feel for this man....the phoniness, the lying, the absolute lack of any class or integrity.

  2. "I can't comment, on anyone who shows my hypocrisy, I have to say, they are right.. what I mean is they are wrong, but I can't say that. What I have to do is support the trolls who are being paid by my PACs and my party. I have a duty to be duplicitous. After all, I am hope and Change." Insert picture of

  3. Somehow, calling out Obama after Rush's comments seems... childish? shallow?. Words escape me as I try to catch my breath with fake laughter.

    4 more years...

  4. I interrupt my teens' schoolwork all the time to read your posts to them. Not because they can't read, but because they're in another room and I do something I call "scream-read". Thought you should know this, as I've been reading and they've been listening for several months now . . .!

  5. @ Anonymous 7:11 p.m.:

    Rush is not president, genius. The cowardice you B.O. bum-kissers display in defending him is nauseating and pathetic. Don't even realize you're next. Useful idiots, indeed.

  6. Anonymous Dearest,

    Actually, we would be in much better shape if Rush WAS the president, rather than Obama.


  7. I think the 4 wifes and drug abuse would probably keep Rush from winning. Plus his history. Plus his calling Chelsie a dog on his short run tv show while she was 13. If he would make you proud as your president, Please write him in.

  8. Not a big Rush fan but ... drug abuse? He was temporarily addicted to prescription painkillers about nine years ago and has long since overcome it. Brett Favre had the same addiction at one time. The demented fraud in the White House admitted to being a pot smoker. It shows.

  9. Catherine AlexanderMarch 8, 2012 at 2:27 AM

    Still waiting on Obama to apologize for comparing Sarah Palin to a pig.

  10. Dan,

    Obama also has an history of cocaine abuse. Wouldn't surprise me if he was still hooked on it.

    What an in-your-face hypocrite this POTUS is!!!


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