Non possumus! We Cannot!

Weigel on the Bishops.
Thus those who expected the bishops to try and find some 50-yard line of agreement with the administration, a middle ground on which the Church’s institutions would be protected while individual Catholic employers would be left to the tender mercies of HHS, were proven exactly wrong: The bishops intend to defend religious freedom in full, and that defense will be all-in.

“United for Religious Freedom” concludes with a commitment to “accept any invitation to dialogue with the Executive Branch to protect the religious freedom that is rightly ours” — a formulation indicating that they will not come to any such further conversation as a supplicant, but as a defender of American tradition.
Boo Yah!

Read the whole thing! Seriously.


  1. There is more at stake in the HHS mandate than the sovereign immunity of the Catholic Church. The sovereign immunity of each and every sovereign person, every American citizen, will be handed over and compromised when the Obama administration loses in The Supreme Court and turns to the International Criminal Court of the United Nations. When all sovereignty is subjected to the demands of Obama’s administration, in contempt of our Constitution, America’s sovereignty will be no more. Obama’s end game is a one world government under Obama. Obamacare is the bait in a trap for America’s sovereignty. Obama could not get a handgun ban. Clinton signed the UN Small Arms Treaty without Congress(Congress ratifies treaties.) Clinton signed the LOST treaty giving the UN all mineral rights under the sea and giving American taxpayers the bill to use the oceans. (Congress ratifies treaties)There is no end to the contempt Obama has for American sovereignty.

  2. The HHS mandate breaches the human and constitutional rights of every person in the United States (even those who ignorantly agree with it). It shows a totalitarian-style contempt for the rights and nature of humanity, which precede the State, and to which the State owes subservience.

  3. As a rookie priest it is an emmence relief to see the bishops acting like bishops.


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