Boxing Priest Sets World Record

Anglican Priest punches his way into history, fighting the wrong stuff.

News reports say that he did it. He set the world record.

Anglican priest Father Dave Smith hit the ring yesterday as he tried to break the world record for most continuous boxing rounds, taking on all comers - including Anthony Mundine - to raise $10,000 for a youth centre.

The 50-year-old was last night on target to complete 120 three-minute rounds at Holy Trinity Youth Centre, Dulwich Hill.

Documentary maker John Safran also took part as well as locals, youth centre members and other priests.

Professional boxer and former rugby league player Solomon Haumono said Father Dave was an "inspiration".

"He's a man of honour and he leads by example," Haumono said. "He's a lovely man and he's got his eye on the prize."

Haumono said he didn't hesitate to take part in the record attempt.

"That's why I planned it to come late, so he was tired," he added.

Father Caine Pennell, a minister at Enmore Church of the Nazarene, went three rounds with Father Dave and said: "It's bringing different groups of people and faiths together."
They must have a better class of Anglicans down under. The ones in the northern hemisphere don't put up much of a fight.

Update. I guess not. I didn't watch the video til the end. Apparently, he is a gay marriage supporter. I guess they are the same the world over.


  1. Later in the clip he mentions his support of Gay Marriage...

  2. Gay-marriage is assault and battery to which nobody can legally consent to a crime. Gay-marriage is a sin because it denies, abuses and neglects the rational, immortal soul of both partners. Disordered, gay-marriage will not bring about peace. I also do not believe boxing is not a sin. Punching the human body for a "win" is not my idea of a "win". no father of mine.

  3. Of course I stand with Church teaching regarding gay "marriage" and the beauty of life as a chaste same-sex-attracted person, so my initial reaction to his comments at the end was surprise and disappointment. But I do recall BXVI saying (very loose paraphrase) something to the effect that gay commitment is at least better than the depravity of promiscuity that apparently is common in the gay lifestyle. I think it may have been with regard to the use of condoms by gay persons, actually... Both lifestyles are far from God's intention for SSA persons, but one is quite a bit closer than the other. Is he calling them a step up, knowing full well that at least a two person parenting situation is better than children being abused through exposure to the promiscuous gay lifestyle. What is missing is if he ultimately calls them to a chaste life as a SSA child of God.... I hope he is not just a maverick priest in all ways. He seems good-hearted despite the problematic final comments he made.

  4. I didn't watch it that far I guess. Seems like they are the same all over.

  5. What a cool story.

    I never would have thought of that as a potential fundraiser...

  6. The Holy Father's comments on condoms have been quite tortured and no need to go down that road again, but in short there's no "don't do drugs, but if you do, use sterile needles" philosophy in his comments. For something more official, see:

    Executive summary: The Church cannot approve homosexual relationships even under the label of "unions" or what have you. More importantly, there's no room for "The government should get out of the marriage business altogether!" slogan. A fact which even libertarians are alert to:

    Scott W.

  7. I would very much like to see a theological justification of the good of boxing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm quite serious. I've argued this internally for years and cannot see my way out.


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