French Girl Sent Home from School for Not Showing Enough Leg

A school in France sent a girl home because she was inappropriately dressed. You see, the school thought her skirt was too long, and conveyed religious values. And they can't have that. So they told her to go home and wear something that showed a little more leg, according to news reports.

Ha! No word yet on whether the girl's health teacher will suspend her until she loses her virginity.


  1. Insanity does have its own standards, I suppose...

    (Rhetorical question alert...) Is anyone seriously expecting secular Europe to do anything other than perpetuating ever-increasing stupidity? It's grotesque, watching them; it's a bit like watching a trapped animal gnaw its own foot off...

    1. Pied tartar pour tous! Tres bien!

  2. Once Islam takes over, that won't be a problem. Burkas, anyone?

  3. The genocide against the Roma / Gypsies, is no laughing matter. Sad.

  4. I'm presuming this school doesn't even have an official uniform. Well, it'd seem it has an unofficial, unwritten one which doesn't allow for "too much" modesty!

  5. I'd like to offer a counterpoint: In Britain there was a famous case about 8 years ago where a young girl sued so that she could wear clothing that met her religious standards for modesty. Her school said no; she wanted to wear an outfit that covered her hair and everything down to her feet, with her arms covered to her knuckles, and her school had a uniform. If she wanted to go to a school with no uniform, she could do that. The kicker? Her school in Luton was about 80% Muslim and the principle was a Muslim, and there was a school uniform adapted for the Muslim girls already. The backstory was that her father had died, and her older brother, an Islamist, insisted that she wear the extreme outfit in public because the traditional Bangladeshi shalwar camise wasn't modest enough (basically it's pants and a tunic). Rather than allow her to go to another school, he pulled her out for two years until the suit made it to the highest court, which ruled that, according to the treaty the British had signed (the EEC Human Rights treaty), her religious rights were being violated, and the school had to allow her to wear the outfit. The attorney for the girl? Cherie Blair, the PM's wife.

    I'm not saying that these cases are necessarily comparable, but the French have a bright line with respect to dress- they've banned face coverings, remember, in public, not just the schools. And it's the British government that is firing women for wearing crosses and praying with patients in hospital. For what it's worth, though, I'd defend the girl's right to wear a long skirt. "Conveying religious sentiment" is just stupid.

  6. What do you expect in a world where the majority of Bishops have apostatized from the Catholic Faith? You spend years writing about the symptoms and ignore the disease. The disease is modernism, ecumenism and apostasy.

  7. This actually happened to me once. My skirt was too long for my private (Catholic) school's dress code. I love to tell that story.


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