Human Trafficking in EU on Rise, Not Prosecuted

“People traffic because first they don’t give a damn about human beings and second because of the money,” said Nicolas Le Coz, President of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) at the Council of Europe.

That quote says it all.

Human trafficking is booming in Europe, the Hague-based Eurojust, the EU’s crime fighting unit, said according to a recent news report. The United Nations estimates that globally, the traffic of human beings nets some €32 billion every year.

But sadly, the number of cases brought against traffickers isn't rising in kind.

I can't help but think that as Europe drifts away from the faith that formed it, this is only going to get worse. What, do you suspect the increase oif Muslims will put an end to this? Not likely.

Here's the thing - once human life ceases to be priceless, it's all just haggling after that.


  1. Without acknowledging Christ the King and the sovereign personhood of the immortal soul, and I mean of the criminals doing the human trafficking, they are giving us hell on earth. Justice is giving to each man what he deserves. May God have mercy on their souls.

  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue, which many people still don't know about. There's an excellent new documentary about human trafficking called "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls." It outlines the reasons behind trafficking, one country that has virtually eliminated it (Sweden), and it also addresses trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the USA. The ending is powerful . . . it unapologetically shows the power of Christ to change and heal hearts among both the exploited and the exploiters.

  3. Widespread legalised pornography on television, shop shelves, internet, etc. has created many sex perverts who then seek to act out the abuse, on adults and even children. When there is a demand for such evil, it will be supplied, often by those creating the "demand" for the perversion in the first place. Indecency and obscenity laws no longer seem to be enforced, and innocent people, including children are subjected to it, in public places, on display in shops, etc. There is a concerted drive to continue to pervert public morals, and trafficking of adults and children is one of many appalling results.


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