Jose Canseco Thinks You're Stupid

In what might be the greatest series of tweets ever tweeted, infamous dumb guy Jose Canseco says global warming could've saved the Titanic and then scolded global warming deniers for not understanding his advanced scientific thinking.

The former slugger and present day babboon argued that had global warming existed 100 years ago, it could have saved the Titanic. It's almost brilliant if he were trying to be stupid. You know global warming nuts gotta' be wishing they didn't have him on their side.

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  1. Those tweets are hysterical.

    And it would be kind of a devil's bargain, I think.

    If global warming ever exists on the scale that the doomsayers warn us about, then a lot more than the 1,500 people who died on the Titanic are going to die.

    I mean, on one hand, we'd have the 1,500 from the Titanic, but on the other, 50 million people in Southeast Asia would drown and Florida would be gone... Win?

  2. No more Miami sounds pretty nice to me!

  3. I'll take him over the tea party, Rush and Glen Beck on your side. I believe the pope agrees with global warming also so, Jose and the Pope on the same side, opposite yours btw.

  4. "100 Years ago people actually cared about the planet and respected nature..."

    *Massages the middle of his brow after reading that one*

  5. How cute that he's saying "icicles" instead of "icebergs!" Kinda like something my 4 year old would say...

  6. Anon 6:34 Popes have believed in a geocentric universe. They've believed the earth was flat. They've believed all kinds of trash science. They are infallible only in the areas of faith and morals and in all other things they are free to be idiots, just like the rest of us.

  7. "A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me you didn't pay money for this."

    Once again, Raphael is eminently quotable.

  8. So in other words; if we would have trashed the planet sooner more people would be saved... brilliant.

  9. So......
    To end man-made global warming, we have to eliminate 99% of all people.
    If we don't stop man-made global warming, 99% of us are gonna die due to the warming.

  10. Well, first off, much of the population lives so far inland that even the realistic worst-case scenarios won't affect them.

    And second off, as I've said before, even if we output 5 billion tons of greenhouse gases every year, it'd still take 10,000 years to change the atmosphere's composition by 1%. The planet's atmosphere has a mass of 5 quadrillion tons (a 5 followed by 15 zeroes). We can't even conceptualize that amount of matter.


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