Re; Your Kids' Indoctrination

There are currently two bills pending before the Senate and the House of Representatives in Washington. S. 555 and H.R. 998 called "Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2011."

Please be assured that you should accept these two bills because the government know what's best for your children and if you're against it then you're for discrimination!!!

This is exactly the kind of bill that makes it a necessity that big government types oppose school choice. Because if many parents knew what the schools were filling their kids' minds with, they'd certainly be looking elsewhere and then they'd have little access to fill their minds with the right way of thinking. Let's face it, they can allow the bitter clingers to remain bitter clingers, as long as they get their children.

They're not making their own children, so if they want to take over the country they need yours.

Al Franken is the point man on the Senate legislation that already has 36 co-sponsors, according to Renew America. Similar legislation in the House already has 155 co-sponsors.

The "Pray in Jesus Name" coalition writes about our fave bill:
Last month California became the first state to mandate all public schools, teachers, and textbooks must teach and promote "Gay History" lessons to kids. The bill passed last July went into effect in January 2012. Proud of their victory, homosexual activists are skipping state by state votes, and now plan to force their message on kids in all 50 states.
And, according to the same group, children who voice anti-homosexual views are labeled 'bullies' and can be punished. Punished means "re-education."

How do you think a kid saying he believes homosexual behavior to be a sin will fare in public school? How about wearing a crucifix in a public school if some decide that's offensive?

Christians really are under attack in this country. Stay vigilant. Oh, and vote in public school elections even if your kids aren't in them. We've ceded that ground for too long.


  1. I looked up the Student Non-Discrimination Act. It looks like a piece of anti-bullying legislation.

    But some of the articles on "Christian" sites about that are fairly shocking.

    I went to a pretty good high school, and there was bullying in general, but not the way I read about in the news today.

    But the folks I knew in high school who MIGHT have been gay didn't work through that stuff until they were out of high school. That part of folks' identities usually comes later.

    So I don't know. We ought to find ways to keep people from committing acts of violence against each other, and there a quite a few people who kill themselves each year because they're working through sexual identity issues.

    I find it strange that people purporting to be Christian - not this site, but it seems like a lot of others - would rather see a teenager dead than gay. Suicide means that people never have the opportunity to work through the issue and reach a positive resolution.

  2. Katy Anders: When bullies were bullies they weren't the administration. Enslavement to priciples that are against the God of life and the God of free will and the God in Whom people can place their trust is slavery and by a black man.

  3. All children go through a same sex attraction at puberty. When these children mature, where will they find safe haven? Certainly not in a homosexually orientated, decidedly prejudiced culture. In the same manner, when the atheist finds God where will he go when all of society hates believers, not by choice, but by legislation, orientation and by brain-washing?

  4. Trump them with a forced Catholic history course. The catholicism of any historical figure must be made clear in all history lessons. Statistics are clear that Catholics are a targeted minority who need to have their positive social contributions to history accentuated. The queers have built the path, the catholics need only to follow it.

  5. Speaking of the agendas in schools, I recommend the new documentary IndoctriNation.

    It answers the premise: As Christian parents, should we send our children to school (to be salt and light) or homeschool?

    The evidence is compelling that keeping our children home to be raised Christian (Catholic!) is the only real course of action. I know this is a difficult subject, but it is one worth exploring as parents.

    Highly recommended!

  6. Don't we all remember where we were when Paul Lynde wisecracked from the center square for the very first time?

    Gays, thank you for your service to our country.


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