Remember Rome!!

You have to see this amazing speech of Archbishop Carlson given at the Rally for Religious Liberty in Missouri.

Here is one section of a great speech in which the Archbishop reminds President Obama that the Roman empire persecuted the Church too and we were will to suffer then and we are willing to suffer now. Rome is gone. The Church survives. Remember Rome!!

Here is the full speech with awesome applause lines cataloged by James McCrery who sent us this awesome footage. Stellar applause lines at 0:06, at 1:39, at 2:07, a riff from 2:56 to 3:13, at 3:40, at 4:35, at 5:12, at 5:55, at 8:25 (sustained), at 9:20, at 10:10, at 10:30, at 11:05, and at 12:15


  1. Great minds think alike: ;)

    I was there! I actually shot that second video for Missouri Right to Life. It was a powerful speech made even more powerful by the energy and enthusiasm of the thousands of us packed into the Capitol rotunda!

    He echoed exactly what I've been thinking since this debate has been raging: this is not the first time we've had to stand up to government oppression, and it will not be the last. Christ himself told us that we will always be hated and persecuted as long as we follow Him. In many ways, this is what we signed up for.

  2. While i agree with the substance of the archbishop's comments, I think this kind of rally is best led by lay people. Bishops necessarily have a voice to give, but the style of oration is inappropriate. Could you see Benedict do this? Of course not. Certainly, we are allowed to have our own temperments, but one can give a fiery invocation, without having applause lines.

    Also, it is rather unfortunate that he refers to the president as mr. Obama. This allows for his speech to be seen as a personal attack. I mean, look at Reagan's use of mr president in referring to gorbachev, the formality made it stronger.

  3. Anonymous .... I disagree. To have an impact, it is important for people to hear the message from those they trust. A Bishop explaining these truths has far more impact than a lay person.
    I applaud the Church for finally taking a stand again the graduating attacks on our constitutional rights. I'm not a Catholic, but have a strong respect for the Catholic Church. May God Bless their efforts, as they explain their important viewpoints, which need to be adequately explained.

  4. "Look at Reagan's use of 'Mr. President' in referring to Gorbachev"

    Perhaps he did on many other occasions, but if I'm not mistaken, the most famous quote of the Reagan presidency is "MISTER Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" (in reference to the Berlin Wall)

    Also, news media such as The New York Times have long addressed the current president as "Mr." Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.



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