Your IPad Ultrasound

The pop you hear is the sound of pro-aborts heads exploding. The abortion industry essentially spend about 75 percent of their money and time on making sure women don't ever see what's in the womb.

The anti-science abortion nuts want to keep the womb as the undiscovered country that's never to be explored. It's just a clump of cells. Take their word for it.

This effort becomes increasingly difficult as new technology reveals the life in the womb is none other than a little human. Huh. Who'd a thunk it?

Well, a company that makes ultrasound machines might just be making Big Abortion's job a lot harder. They're looking at making ultrasounds that work off IPads.

Technology Review reports:
In what might be a larger trend for makers of all kinds of screen-centric, processor-intensive technologies, engineers for portable ultrasound device maker Sonosite appear to be contemplating replacing the guts of their machines with Apple's iPad or other tablet.

Sonosite describes itself as "the world leader and specialist in hand-carried and mountable ultrasound." It's got a market cap of more than $750 million, and it makes at least a half dozen different portable ultrasound machines. It's not a new technology, but the ability to take it anywhere means it's being used by doctors in unexpected contexts,
This could make ultrasounds a lot more affordable and easier to procure for crisis pregnancy centers.

I've heard from many people who work at these crisis pregnancy centers and they've all told me that if a mother sees her baby in the womb she almost always chooses life.

So us anti-science Christian types will keep embracing new technology while the anti-science abortion profiteers pretend it's still the Dark Ages.


  1. I've been saying for years that advances in technology will remove the question of whether or not it's a human life from the equation.

    What will remain, sadly, is the moral question - whether or not we have a right to take that life if we so choose. We've lived with abortion for so long, I fear there are many consciences too deadened to care.

  2. Before my abortion, a minister told me she was 'Just a clump of cells "
    How I wish this technology was available 40 yes ago
    My daughter would be with me today
    Archbolds: Please keep being a voice for voiceless children! ____

  3. ThereseRita-
    I wish I could help, somehow.

    Thank you for giving me more motivation to help our local crisis centers. (Mostly via our Parish, but still!)

  4. My wife is a registered ultrasound technologist. She is concerned having untrained people showing people their babies will miss serious health issues. Sounds like practicing medicine without a license and a lawsuit.

    While we have no safety net for pregnant women, no free prenatal care, no real support for the cost of the birth, and people chastising unmarried, pregnant women (read Rush here),abortion will remain the option of the desperate. It will be safe and legal (safer than childbirth until the 22'nd week per CDC) or it will be dangerous with a coat hanger.

    There is sadly no real world easy answer. Humans are terrible celebates (as we all well know).

  5. That started out believable, but ended really obviously full of fertilizer....

  6. Actually, it started out as fact, then came the opinion.

    Your milage may vary.

  7. no more anonymous here. the above 2 anonymous comments were from me.


  8. Except that there's nothing about seeing a baby prior to abortion that would preclude having a diagnostic ultrasound.

  9. Taking a picture isn't "practicing medicine." Even if the picture uses a technique that is used for diagnostics. I'd be really cautious about going to any technician or doctor that couldn't tell the difference.

    Hey, bleeding is used in some medical situations-- better charge all diabetics that do blood tests at home of practicing medicine without a license. It makes more sense than claiming ultrasounds for non-medical reasons (like "see your baby, don't kill him") is practicing medicine.

  10. If an untrained person was asked, while using ultrasound: "Does everything look ok". and she answered "yes, it all looks ok". That is a medical diagnosis any way you look at it. My wife makes those diagnosis's but a doctor checks EVERY one and signs his name.

    If a person is bleeding and you say, "Don't bother seeing a doctor, thats normal for the bone to stick out that way". You are pracicing medicine (badly I might add).

  11. Foxfier, Sorry, missed part of your post. If you take out your appendix, you have a fool for a patient but have broken no law. If your Hair Dresser best friend does it in the kitchen, it is a crime. The Diabetic is a strawman.

    If you have a medical diagnostic machine, you shouldn't pass yourself off as a medical person unless you know what you are looking at. Babies are cute but an ectopic pregnancy that was seen, not recognised and not reported could be a lawsuit or a death. (Since most women wanting Abortions don't have health insurance for a second opinion).

    Rich Women won't be looking at the ultrasound.

  12. The only straw man around is the ones you keep attacking.

    You can't even make them look like the actual situation-- you have to assume massive stupidity on the part of others.

    Tells folks how weak your argument is, doesn't it?

  13. Wait a minute... I remember this one! You've got to keep the mothers ignorant of the life they're ending, to protect the babies!

    Didn't that get roundly mocked about a year back when it was put forth as a polished professional view?

    Not going to bother to respond any more to someone who opens up with lies and false witness, and goes down hill from there.

  14. While we have no safety net for pregnant women, no free prenatal care, no real support for the cost of the birth, and people chastising unmarried, pregnant women

    I always love comments like this paint America as some Randian fantasy-land come to life where there are absolutely no resources for people in dire economic circumstances.

    (read Rush here)

    Where? You mean his satirical comments regarding a woman who was complaining publicly about Congress not paying for her birth control?

    There is sadly no real world easy answer.

    Life is hard. Nothing excuses murdering an unborn child, not even trite combox cliches spewed by people trying to excuse the worst in humanity.

  15. so because Rover is worried about a lawsuit we should all be okay murdering babies right? I had an ectopic pregnancy. The "trained" ultrasound technician AND the Doctor missed it and sent me home. I almost bled to death. I still didn't sue them. I could have, but I didn't, because in the end they saved my life. I guess if people want to sue they can, and you won't be able to stop them, but to forgo the chance to SAVE the baby because of some maybe possibility of a lawsuit in the future... PUHLEEZE. I will pray for you Rover, that your heart will soften toward the unborn and perhaps instead of worrying about lawsuits you can do something to help those women who have no insurance like almost all of the pro-life movement is doing. Peace.

  16. Actually, my wife and I donate to the Lansing Shared Pregnancy crisis center and have for at least 5 years. I am pro choice but also will do what I can to support women that want to keep their babies.

    My wife spent time teaching a person there how to use the ultrasound machine but realized,the untrained person might find the baby (or a kidney) but would be unable to see a problem. She then decided it was to risky for all involved to continue.

    Thanks Sue but don't bother praying for me. Spend the time petting a puppy. You and the puppy will feel better and I'll be exactly the same. Sue, I'm glad you survived the ectopic pregnancy! It is sometimes difficult to determine with an ultrasound isn't it. When a trained pro misses something, what chance does a part time volunteer have.

    Foxfier, hugs and kisses to you also.

  17. Mr Sexton, Every in utero baby has the right not to be killed, and the right to be cared for. It is irrational to care for some while supporting the murder of others. They are all equally precious, have equal dignity, regardless of whether other people want them dead or not. "Pro-choice" is a term coined by the promoters of abortion to deceive, and to cover up the brutal killing of defenceless, innocent babies

  18. Rover, everyone needs prayers, to think otherwise would be the sin of pride. So I will pet my puppies and I will pray for you too. Because as Linda said, every person has the right not to be killed. And it was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL, who coined the term Pro-Choice. After he converted to being Pro-Life when he realized the horror of what he'd done, he admitted coining the term as a distraction so people wouldn't recognize the killing of life. And if the part-time volunteer gives the baby a chance than I am all for it. Hey Rover, since your wife IS an ultra-sound technoligist, why doesn't she just do the ultra sounds at the pregnancy center? If she tried to train the others, surely she could just perform them herself. Also, if the part-time volunteer misses something on the ultra-sound, please explain to me how that is different from NOT having an ultra-sound at all. And how is it better to kill the baby? Lastly, Rover, have you ever watched an abortion? If not, you should. Google it. Watch one in every trimester, since they are legal right up until birth in all but 6 states. There is nothing you can say that makes abortion okay when you watch that baby struggle to save himself. Nothing. It is pure evil to watch. Most "pro-choice" people I know, are pro-choice on an idealogical level, but have never actually seen what goes on. If you do, you see the evil.

  19. One last question Rover. Do you think God creates the babies? If so, do you think we know better than God and can say, I know you gave me this baby God, but you're wrong. I am going to kill him. Do you think God doesn't know all of your circumstances? Do you think that Nothing is Impossible with God? I do. And if God decided to Bless me with another child, I would never say no, and I would do everything in my power to convince others not to say no to God. In the end we all have to answer for "what I have done & WHAT I HAVE FAILED TO DO."

  20. Unfortunately, this technology will likely find it's most prevalent use in countries like India and China, where it will be used by midwives and individuals to diagnose the sex of a baby and then abort the girls. Technology unmoored from morality is dangerous.


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