And Georgetown Thinks You're Stupid

After all the blowup over the invitation of the virulently pro-abortion author of the right-destroying HHS mandate Kathleen Sebelius, the only defense the formerly Catholic and' presently Jesuit Georgetown could muster is that the event that Sebelius will be speaking at is not a "commencement."

Georgetown has even gone back and edited their original announcement in which they called it a commencement ceremony. Crisis over. Nothing to see here.
“Secretary Sebelius is not speaking at Georgetown’s commencement. She is speaking at Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s annual student and faculty awards event,” Georgetown spokesman Rachel Pugh said in an email to The Cardinal Newman Society.

They must think we are as stupid as they clearly are.

So, she is not speaking at a commencement. What is she speaking at?

As CNS reports, she is speaking at an event during commencement weekend in which graduates of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute will have their names called, they will walk across a stage, and receive their diplomas. She is speaking at the event in which all these things happen, but don't call it a commencement.

What is it with these people that that they think that changing a word and denying the obvious changes the real nature of things. Kinda like calling a creature with 46 chromosomes, a heart, a brain, fingers and toes a fetus instead of a person magically makes all the horribleness go away.

What is wrong with these people?


  1. Everything is wrong with these people. By rejecting the teachings of the Catholic Church they have effectively parted ways with the Church. The New Jesuit Catholic Chuch has now emerged. No Vatican and no bishops to interfere with the liberal secularism that can now prosper and propagate. Georgetown can now be the flagship university of a new religious entity that could seek to be the official religion of the country. Forget the First Amendment which forbids this. Organized secularism with its clergy still garbed in black could be comforting to many of our citizens. Go ahead Georgetown, keep up the stupidity. Enjoy all the notoriety and excitement that your disobedience brings. In the eyes of many you have already relinquished your Catholic Identity. We just need it formalized.

  2. And what will Cardinal Wuerhl do???? I wonder.

  3. ^
    He'll fiddle whilst Georgetown burns.

  4. “What is wrong with these people?” Obama took thirteen trillion dollars of our money. Consider that one trillion dollars stacked up would reach the moon. There is no way Obama can’t place himself in office of president. This is the playbook. When someone complains that they are encroaching on the truth, they claim secular humanism, the right to deny our Creator for themselves and for me, to impose their choice of belief on all persons. When people complain that we are a free people, they claim their right, their civil right, to change our government from a democracy to a totalitarian state by using our laws, by ignoring the will of the people and ratification by two-thirds of the people. Pelosi’s “Pass it, so we can learn what is in it” explains it all. Informed consent and the will of the people is nowhere. We say religion, they say civil rights. We say civil rights, they say religion, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum.
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations says that the human person is endowed with sovereign personhood and all inalienable rights by the state at birth. This would explain China’s One Child policy. They do not guarantee freedom of religion unless it is their religion, which is atheism, a belief in no God, but they deny to us a choice to practice our religion, a response to the gift of Faith from God. Government is an expression of the soul of man. The government does not give man his soul. God does. Anyone who denies his soul is damned, anyone who denies my soul is a criminal, a perjurer and a traitor. Yes, women can be traitors. There is Tokyo Rose, Ethel Rosenberg, Jane Fonda, Kathleen Sebelius, Victoria Kennedy, everyone who denies the rational, immortal soul endowed by our Creator at conception in Life and human existence. Give us back our form of government constituted by the sovereign person’s soul.

  5. I think a trillion dollars will only reach about halfway to the moon; there are just under 92 dollar bills in a centimeter. The moon is 221,463 km away at its closest approach, and a trillion dollars is only 109,000 km tall.

    Then again, 109,000 km is still 8.5 times the earth's diameter. So if you stacked a trillion dollar bills, it would be eight and a half times as "tall" as the planet it was resting on.

  6. Time to call it a day for Georgetown. They do think we are all STOOPID.

  7. Warren AndersonMay 8, 2012 at 2:51 AM

    Words mean nothing nowadays. Or rather, they can mean whatever you want them to, which is to say, words mean nothing at all to those without honour.

    Language has been so emptied of meaning by the language revisionists, i.e., principally the radical feminists and their allies in the social sciences and humanities departments in universities, that there is no such thing as a lie anymore. Thus, a lie uncovered is merely an opportunity to refine what was meant by the originator of the lie, a misperception due to inefficiencies of language, for example.

    It's not surprising, then, that the prevaricators of newspeak at Georgetown think they can lie their way out of this situation. An organization founded on the pretence that it can serve two masters will have little difficulty with the obvious contradiction of claiming allegiance to the Church while betraying everything for which the Church stands.

    It's fairly safe to say that Georgetown is a den of liars.

  8. This will blow over just as the 2009 thing at ND did. The bishops prefer to not make too many waves. Silence is safe. Critical statements without action are safe. Academic freedom survives again. The spineless Catholic Church(in America)survives again. We,the faithful, go on with our day to day lives wondering if we will ever live to see courageous leadership in the Church. We need an American JP II.

  9. Well, on the one hand, it is probably correct that the ceremony to which Sebelius has been invited is not the university's commencement exercise. My impression and experience is that the term is not generally used for program-specific diploma ceremonies.

    On the other hand, who cares? The response makes it sound as if the key element of the objection is "commencement." But that's sophistry: nobody gives a flying fig what, precisely, the event in question is. Georgetown can attempt to plead on the basis that the event is not university-wide, but that only reveals that the administration cannot or will not control the various campus satrapies. No explanation assuages the outlandish and unspeakable impropriety of the whole situation.

  10. ND's commencement speaker is a former swim team member and an author. Wow! No controversy there, except that a film based on her book is about to be released. A really safe play for the Irish this time.

  11. It is a scandal and a sin that Cardinal Wuerl and the other bishops are allowing this to continue. Why is the faith not being upheld in a "Catholic" "Jesuit" institution? Why are the Jesuits allowed to promote and teach heresy decade after decade. The Jesutis are constantly in open defience of offical Church teaching and nothing is done. Why. The Jesuits would never tolerate one of their lay employees to disregard one of their demands. Just imagine a janitor in a Jesuit instution week after week refuse to mop the floors because they don't think it's needed. Does anybody think the Jesuits would allow this. No. That janitor would be fired in the blink of an eye. Not to mention that the Jesutis should be mopping ther own floors, but thats another topic of discussion. These bishops and priests who allow this scandal are going to have much to answer for when they stand before Christ to be judged.

  12. the Jesuits were dibanded before, many times in the past Time to not diband them but turn them over tp FSSPX after regularization to learn basic Catholic-Christian Theology

  13. Cardinal Wuerl...WHERE ARE YOU?????
    You are missing a most advantageous opportunity for moral teaching here. Please, for the Love of God, speak up, Cardinal Wuerl!!
    Why are you sitting back without any statement to us who are "fighting" in the trenches?


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