Biden Calls Romney "President Romney"

This guy.

In lieu of reasoned debate on the merits of Joe Biden's argument for same sex marriage on Meet The Press today on CMR we're going to do something slightly different. We're going to point and laugh instead. Oh wait, that's what we do all the time here. Well enjoy this gaffe where Biden calls Romney "President Romney."

HT The Blaze


  1. Joe Biden: Always good for a laugh.

  2. Hey, he might as well put his hat in the ring...

  3. Thank you for a laugh at a stressful time....and please pray for my cousin, Mary, who just found out she has very advanced breast cancer. Thanks.

  4. I suspect we won't hear that much after November.

  5. Elle,
    I will pray for the intercession of Saint Agatha, the Patron of Breast Cancer, for your cousin Mary.


  6. Just more proof we have a one (The Government Party) party political system.


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