Bishop Morlino Defends Paul Ryan

If you've been paying attention lately to some priests and bishops, you might think that Congressman Paul Ryan had been caught beating old women, kicking dogs, and cutting in front of your kids in the cafeteria line.

This lunacy has everything to do with Ryan's budget which is hardly draconian but actually deals with the issue of the insanely high deficits we're running to fund this ongoing party we're throwing ourselves.

I have to wonder where's the USCCB press release on the immorality of putting our grandchildren in debt?

Bishop Morlino is Paul Ryan's bishop and he said in this video from EWTN that Ryan is "a fine Catholic gnetleman." He said he trusts Ryan and he's a "very responsible lay Catholic" and "makes his judgement very much in accord with all the teachings of the Church."

I, for one, am very glad to see this.

The part pertaining to Ryan starts at about 3:45 seconds in.


  1. I have found as a new catholic, that "social justice" for the poor really means begging the govt to take care of the poor. It's the churches job to take care of the poor and needy, not the govt.

  2. Paul Ryan. Very sad individual

  3. The physical well-being of our brothers and sisters is a legitmate concern and a work that individual Christians should be doing.

    But what good have we done if we have fed every hungry mouth but neglected the salvation of their souls?

    Some further food for thought:
    For Missionary Servants of the Poor it is a great privilege to represent the Church and the Holy Father in the midst of the poor. When the missions of the Third World are spoken of, many think that the best way to help the poor is to address their material needs: clothing, medicine, food, etc. In my life as missionary, after forty-six years, I have realized that the greatest gift we can give the poor is God and His divine grace through the Sacraments of the Church." – Father Giovanni Salerno, Founder



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