The Butler Did It! Seriously

You can't make this stuff up. The butler did it.
Pope Benedict XVI’s trusted butler was busted yesterday by Vatican police for allegedly stealing the pontiff’s personal papers and sparking a five-month scandal that embarrassed the Holy See.

Paolo Gabriele, 40, was caught red-handed — with secret Vatican documents — when he arrived for work at the papal apartments near St. Peter’s Basilica, Italian media reported.

His arrest comes a month after Benedict appointed a special commission of three senior cardinals to find who has been leaking Holy See secrets — including letters to the pope about alleged Vatican corruption and power struggles.

Benedict was described as shocked and saddened by the scandal, dubbed “Vatileaks.”

Gabriele, known as Paoletto (Little Paul), has been the lay person closest to Benedict for six years.


  1. So, when will the movie come out? Will it be a comedy or a drama?

  2. The Butler is a scapegoat. This goes higher, much higher.

  3. Colonel Mustard, in the study with a candle stick..

  4. Bertone and Sodano are behind this. I know they are not friends, there's no love among demons, but they are behind this. Just wait...

  5. Jeeves, in the library, with a toxic fruitcake.

    We are so blessed in our Holy Father Benedict, and as the Holy Father and as a good man he deserves better of every one of us.

    -- Mack

  6. no more scandals !

  7. The Vatican moves ASAP when a corrupt lay person is involved, yet nothing is done about corrupt cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns. Who is more expected of...a lay person or a bishop or priest? With out a doubt this butler is a pawn for some powerful players in the Vstican, probably some power hungry bishops. Does anyone think for one moment that any bishops involved will be arrestes like the butler was? No. Why isn't the butler treated like a cleric would be? He should be promoted, given an increase in pay and free housing for life. That's what is done for corrupt priests and bishops. They usually go away on vacation for a year to recover from being publicly found out. Nothing is done to the hundreds of priests in Vienna who are allowing lay people to say "Mass", nothing is done to the Cardinal who allows it, nothing is done to Hans Kung, nothing is done to the LCWR, nothing is done about "Fr. Michael Phlager, nothing is done to the Primate of why is this lay person being prosecuted. Treat him like a cleric would be treated, let him go and just ignore everything.


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