Cardinal Wuerl is Right

The media has all but ignored the fact that dozens of Catholic institutions, including dioceses, are suing for their religious liberty.

But they've certainly found a Catholic story they like as Cardinal Donald Wuerl noticed.

As of right now, there are 120,000 mentions in Google News of the Pope's butler leaking the Pope's papers but only a little over 3,000 mentions of the 43 lawsuits against the HHS mandate filed by 43 Catholic dioceses and institutions including Notre Dame.

"Well, it is puzzling, particularly since they’re focusing so much attention right now on the Pope’s butler," said Cardinal Wuerl. "It seems to me that somehow they’ve missed the boat. They’ve missed the story."

Cardinal Wuerl got this right.

The Church gets the double whammy because not only is the media committed to protecting Obama, they also despise the Catholic Church.

You can read more at Newsbusters.


  1. Millions of employers or potential employers, Catholic and otherwise, ought to be suing the U.S. over the patently unconstitutional HHS Mandate that would encroach on their fundamental rights and freedoms. The principle flouted by the State affects everyone, singly and corporately, not just those organisations that are a part of a religion's formal structure. The issue is being portrayed, wrongly, as an institutional one, rather than primarily an issue of human rights and civil liberties.

  2. Cardinal Wuerl can get headlines anytime he wants. He could simply deny communion to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, and rest of the pro-abort "Catholics" attending mass in his archdiocese.

  3. Paul beat me to that. Are crocodile-tears purple if they come from a (weak and spineless) Cardinal?

  4. The "real" story is that Catholic bishops and colleges are suing the federal government (w/someone else's money) for policies written and implemented by Catholics with whom they are in full communion (and whose consciences they formed).

    Wuerl's just publicly showing his bud ben which side he's on - whether because the pope asked for some defense or it was his own idea.

  5. @most recent anonymous: speaking of "bud", I'm guessing you've been hitting a bit of the gentle herb?

    No, wait, cannabis doesn't cause paranoid delusions. What do you mean, "someone else's money", dickweed? The bishops and other groups are doing this with their own money.

    As opposed to the tax money of the people of the United States that's being used to screw the church fully a quarter of them belong to?

  6. When Cdl. Wuerl implements Canon 915 and repents of his discipline of a visiting priest who denied the Eucharist to a Buddhist lesbian, then I will take him seriously.

    Wuerl is nothing but a mealy-mouth careerist who likes rubbing shoulders w/the powers that be (i.e., Biden, Pelosi, et al). That's why he's "publicly showing his bud ben (as in Benedict)" where he stands. I seriously doubt whether that public display is genuine.


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